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Jordan was now very intrigued by the Schmid family! He wanted to take this opportunity to take Lota away and find out what the Schmid family was up to!

Every one of the eight families had their own secrets that the others did not know about.

For example, the Steeles traditional medicine and the Park familys medical aesthetics technology made people 10 years younger.

If he could find out the trump card of the Schmid family today, he would have more say in dealing with them in the future.

Jordan said to Dragon, “Dragon, you leave first.

Tim and the others will pick you up at the door.”

Dragon was unwilling to let Jordan venture on alone.

He hurriedly said, “Master, I… ahem, Im fine.

I can do it!”

Jordan said, “Youre good at combat but not with this kind of trickery.

Leave it to me.

You, Tim, Salvatore and the others will monitor my situation at all times.

If anything happens to me, just rush over immediately.”

Anyway, Jordan had a plane, drones and other high-tech equipment.

It would be very easy to save him.

In fact, Jordan could even order Dragon to blow up the entire castle with a single missile like the last time he threatened Park Chan-young.

At the very most, he would just die together with whatever opponent awaited him inside.

He was certain that no one from any of the eight families would be willing to die with him.

Jordan didnt waste any more time.

He looked at the location sent by Lota and quickly ran in that direction.

When he reached one of the tall castle towers, Jordan leaped up and climbed up the wall with his bare hands.

Climbing a castle wall with their bare hands was something the three brothers liked to do since they were young boys.

To ordinary parkour enthusiasts, this was not difficult.

To Jordan, it was a piece of cake.

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Soon enough, Jordan reached the highest floor.

Lota lived on the highest floor.

Jordan only needed to break the window and climb in.

He would be able to see Lota soon.

However, at this moment, a violent wind suddenly blew! Like a hurricane, the strong wind swept toward Jordan.

It was as if it was coming directly for him, wanting to blow him off the castle wall!

Grabbing onto the wall with both hands, Jordan looked down.

If he fell from this height, even if he didnt die, his legs would break!

Whoosh… whoosh…

The bitter wind continued to wreak havoc!

However, Jordan did not panic at all!

“Hmph, when I reached the first and second floors just now, the wind wasnt so strong.

But it suddenly became so much stronger after I arrived at the top level.

This is clearly man-made.

Its targeting me!”

Jordan finally understood why the weather here was so strange.

The weather forecast clearly said that there were no strong winds today, but there was a constant cold wind here.

The winds were man-made and designed to drive outsiders away.

“How dare you play such an insignificant trick on me! You want to blow me down and kill me with just a little breeze Im afraid youre looking down on the Steeles!”

Jordan patted his own back.


A pair of wings suddenly emerged from Jordans back.

He let go of the wall and drifted in the air!

Of course, this was also one of the Steeles gadgets.

However, this was not something super advanced.

It just allowed one to maintain a certain altitude and stability in mid-air.

Many countries and companies had already invented this gadget.

Jordan shouted out a challenge, “Didnt you want to blow me down Come on, turn up your wind!”

Interestingly, seeing that Jordan could float safely in mid-air, the wind started to die off.

It was as if it had a mind of its own.


Seeing that the other party was no longer causing trouble, Jordan kicked open the window, retracted his “wings”, and entered.

However, just as Jordan stepped onto the top floor of the castle, an old lady in her 80s suddenly appeared in front of him!

The face of this old lady was covered in wrinkles and she looked very scary!

“Child, you shouldnt be here.

This will be your grave!”

The old lady said in a very gloomy tone.

Jordan was not frightened.

Instead, he carefully sized up the old lady in front of him and asked in confusion, “You are American”

This old lady spoke American-accented English.

Why did the Schmid family, a white European family, have so many Americans at their residence

Jordan asked, “Who are you Whats the relationship between the Schmid family and the US”

The old lady looked at Jordan.

She was surprised to see that he was so calm in such a sinister place.

His legs were not trembling and his words were firm.

“Young man, Ive never seen someone as bold as you in my life.

Youre the first person at your age to not wet your pants in fear.”

The old lady smiled sinisterly.

Jordan said very seriously, “Answer my question!”

The old lady smiled.

“This is not a question you should ask.

Today, you have seen too much and know too many secrets.

In order to prevent you from leaking them, I have no choice but to kill you!”

This petite old lady actually threatened to kill Jordan, who was twice her height!

Jordan was not afraid at all.

He smiled.

“Oh, you want to silence me I have to remind you that Im not the only one who knows the secret of your Schmid family.

The Park family from South Korea also knows.”

The old lady was shocked.

“What The Park family from South Korea One of the hidden families”

Jordan said, “Yes, that Park family.

The second generation of the Park family, Park Chan-young, came to the castle grounds with me.

He already knows all your secrets.

He will probably tell his father when he gets back and let everyone from the other families know too.

Are you going to silence him too Ill give you a photo of him so that you can find him more easily.”

With that, Jordan printed out a photo of Park Chan-young from his iPhone 18 and handed it to the old lady.

“I dont know his address in South Korea.

If you cant find it, you can look for Park Anya.

Shes his sister.

But dont hurt her, because she is the woman I like.”

The vicious old lady was dumbstruck by Jordans actions.

Was he trying to use her to get rid of Park Chan-young

The old lady looked at Jordan and his iPhone 18.

“This phone… you also know about the eight great families.

Youre from one of the eight families!”

Jordan replied, “Sorry for my lack of manners.

Im Jordan from the US.

I saw a Ford leaving with two American-looking folks.

Since were all from the US, may I be so bold as to ask what their names are They might even know my grandfather!”

The old lady snorted.


Jordan replied proudly, “Thats right!”

The old lady revealed a strange smile.

“Hehe, that old fellow is about to die!”


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