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Jordan was furious.

“You despicable old woman! How dare you curse my grandfather! If not for the fact that you are from the Schmid family and you are old, I would have slapped you!”

It was all thanks to Grandpas nurturing that Jordan could have his current all-rounded abilities.

His feelings for Grandpa far exceeded his feelings for his parents!

Therefore, he would never allow anyone to be disrespectful to his grandfather.

The old lady smiled.

“Curse Hehe, I didnt curse your grandfather.

No one from the eight great families can live past 80 years old.

They all died before 80 years old.

Even the Deity was no exception.

Your grandfather should be 79 years old, right Haha, this is a fate that no member of the eight great families can escape.

“Child, you should be happy.

If your grandfather can live to be 100 or even 200 years old, you wont get to be the head of the Steele family for a long time, hehe.”

Jordan was a little shocked.

This old woman actually knew so much about the eight great families.

Jordan did not know that no one in the eight great families could live past 80 years old.

In todays society, old people beyond the age of 80 were everywhere.

Moreover, the eight great families had the best medical care.

Logically speaking, they should be able to live past 80 years old.

Why couldnt Jordans grandfather escape this fate

The old lady looked at Jordan and chuckled.

“Since youre from the Steele family, its a pity to kill you like that.”

Jordan saw the old lady extend her hands as if she was about to attack.

He immediately asked, “What are you trying to do”

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The old lady said fearlessly, “I will control you and make you a puppet of the Handley family.”

“The Handley family Your surname is Handley The two people in the Ford just now are also Handleys Whats the relationship between the Handley family and the Schmid family” Jordan hurriedly asked.

He couldnt think of any prominent family by the surname of Handley in the US.

None that would be powerful enough to come into contact with the eight great families.

The old lady said, “Youre about to be controlled by me anyway.

Theres no harm in telling you!”

“Thats right.

Like you, Im from the US.

The Handleys are not a major family.

Were just a small family who has always hidden our identities.

However, the great Schmid family, one of the eight secret families in the world, has already been controlled by us! Hahaha…”

The old ladys laughter was extremely terrifying, giving people goosebumps.

However, Jordan was more concerned about the information she had just revealed.

“You said that you control the Schmid family Are you also controlling Lotas parents”

The old lady stopped answering and reached out a hand toward Jordan.

“You, as well!”

Suddenly, multiple black cats leaped at Jordan.

Jordan knew that these cats were bad for him.

Therefore, the moment he heard their meowing cries, he quickly took out a small “smoke bomb” from his pocket and threw it on the ground!

An extremely pungent smell instantly filled the air.

The black cats all fainted from the smell.

“Cough, cough, cough… brat, you have so many tricks up your sleeves.”

The old lady coughed and used her hand to fan away the smoke.

Jordan was a little surprised.

Not only could his “smoke bomb” knock out animals, but it would also make humans would feel dizzy.

Why wasnt it working on this old lady

The old lady held a string of prayer beads in her hand and muttered to herself.

She then removed one of the beads and flicked it onto Jordans leg.


Jordan fell to one knee in pain.

He didnt expect the old ladys strike to be so painful! Indeed, the strength of every hidden family could not be underestimated.

Such power must have been achieved with the help of the Deity back then.

Unfortunately, the Steeles focused on traditional medicine while the Park family focused on making people younger.

If Jordan was the forefather of the Steele family, he would have definitely chosen to specialize in physical combat.

He would strive to let the Steele family develop the ability to fly over roofs and walk on walls, constantly pushing past the upper limits of the human body.

“Child, accept your fate!”

The old lady floated over like a gust of wind and pressed her hands on Jordans head.

Jordan immediately felt a splitting headache as images kept appearing in his mind!

“Stop it! Damn old woman, what are you doing to me!”

Jordan shouted.

However, despite his strong body and strength, he could not break free from the restraints of an old lady.

The old lady smiled sinisterly.

“Im invading your mind.

This is the power bestowed by the Deity back then.

Soon, your mind will be under my control.


Countless images flashed across Jordans mind.

There were scenes of Jordan playing with Jesse and Jamie when they were just boys.

There were also scenes of a little girl he didnt know playing with sand in an old village.

“Is this mind-sharing”

Jordan guessed that this unfamiliar-looking little girl must be the old lady in front of him.

At this moment, there was a close connection between their minds.

Jordan was not the only one who could see these scenes.

The same scene probably appeared to the old lady as well.

“Oh no, Ive already been invaded by her.

She already knows all my memories.

And her memories are also being instilled into me.”

Jordan had a bad feeling.

He knew that technology in the future was very terrifying.

Switching minds would not be some impossible fantasy.

And the Handley family seemed to have focused their efforts on this type of advanced technology!


Jordan kept struggling.

However, it was useless.

Those images continued to appear in his mind.

Scenes from Jordans memories were things he had already experienced.

So there was nothing new there.

But watching the scenes from the old ladys memories, Jordan roughly understood that she had grown up in a small village in the northwest of the US.

Her ancestors had studied the evil arts.

Decades ago, a group of them had come to Switzerland and taken control of Lotas parents, becoming the mastermind behind the Schmid family.

“Damn it! You killed so many people from the Schmid family! You even controlled Lotas parents.

You deserve to die! You dont deserve to be called human!”

Jordan looked at those brutal scenes and his heart couldnt help aching.

The “Holy Maiden of Switzerland” was too pitiful.

More than half of her family had died, and her biological parents were completely controlled by the Handley family.

However, he did not see them using their evil technique on Lota.

The old lady smiled sinisterly.

“Youre about to become a puppet of our Handley family, yet you still have the mood to stand up for the Schmid family! Hehe, this little vixen, Lota, is indeed charming.

No wonder my eldest son insisted on waiting for her coming-of-age ceremony before controlling her mind.

“Very good.

in just half a month, on the day of Lotas coming-of-age ceremony, Ill let you see with your own eyes how your beloved girl will become a cheap slave of our Handley family.



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