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At this moment, Jordan finally understood why Lota, the “Holy Maiden of Switzerland”, wanted to escape from the family on the day of her 18th coming-of-age ceremony.

It turned out that she had been imprisoned for the past 18 years.

The head of the Handley family had raised Lota as an ordinary girl until she was 18 years old.

He would have her only on the day of her 18th coming-of-age ceremony.

She was probably just a toy to him.

Jordans heart ached at the thought of Lota, that stunning and innocent girl, being tainted by a sinister and cunning person like that Handley scum!

At this wonderful age of 18, she should be exploring romantic relationships with her peers and creating wonderful memories with the person she loved.

She definitely shouldnt be bullied by someone who was just waiting to take away her youth.

Unfortunately, Jordan was powerless to stop this…

He couldnt even protect himself now…

Meanwhile, Dragon, Salvatore, Tim and the others outside the castle were watching Jordans predicament.

“Oh no, something happened to Mr.


Using thermal imaging, Salvatore was able to see Jordan kneeling with someone pressing on his head.

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Thermal imaging technology was not something that was beyond this era.

But the Steeles thermal imaging device had been upgraded in some aspects.

For example, the images on the screen were much clearer and more precise than your usual thermal imaging.

One could clearly see the movements of limbs.

Actually, current thermal imaging technology was already very powerful.

One or two years ago, when Jordan and Hailey were still together, Hailey had gone shopping wearing a very sexy short skirt and carrying a Chanel bag.

Coupled with her beautiful face, she was very eye-catching.

Just as they entered the mall, a somewhat wretched-looking man suddenly rushed over and snatched away Haileys expensive Chanel bag.

Not only that, he even smacked her butt.

This lecherous fellow immediately ran away after snatching the bag and taking advantage of her.

Hailey was wearing high heels and couldnt chase after him.

Even if she was wearing sneakers, it was impossible for a fair, rich and beautiful woman like her to chase after a robber.

Unfortunately, Jordan was not there.

Otherwise, he would have taken him down on the spot.

Therefore, Hailey called the police.

The police chased the robber all the way to a cornfield in the countryside.

It was not easy to find someone in the expansive cornfield.

The robber thought that he would definitely be able to escape the police.

Unexpectedly, the Orlando police were very advanced.

They used thermal imaging technology to pinpoint the location of the robber and arrested him.

After being arrested, the robber claimed that he had no intention of snatching the bag at all.

It was purely because he saw that Hailey was too beautiful and sexy, so he became lustful and did something wrong.

Facing Hailey, he knelt on the ground and grabbed her high heels with both hands.

He kowtowed and admitted his mistake while praising her figure.

Hailey had been praised for her beauty for more than 10 years and was already sick of it.

However, she had not been praised for her figure that many times.

Elle had an invincible figure and she had always felt inferior in this aspect.

Therefore, faced with the robbers begging and flattery, Hailey actually chose to forgive him and not pursue the matter!

After Jordan found out about this, he told Hailey not to wear such a short skirt out again.

Otherwise, something like today might happen again.

However, Hailey did not listen to Jordan at all.

Over the next few days, she continued to go out wearing ultra-short skirts.

She didnt seem to be afraid of meeting perverts.

At this moment, Salvatore was watching the thermal imaging screen and realized that something had happened to Jordan.

He immediately said, “Dragon, lets take action!”

Dragons face was pale as he shook his head.

“No, we dont know Masters current situation.

We dont know if Master still has a clear mind and is able to move at will.

If we destroy the castle and Master doesnt rush out in time, well end up killing him.

Give me a gun!”

At Dragons command, his subordinates quickly brought over a gun.

The bullets in this gun could penetrate ordinary walls while the telescope could see through walls in the form of thermal imaging.


Dragon aimed at the old ladys head and fired!

However, a strange scene happened.

When the bullet reached the outer wall of the castle, it suddenly stopped in midair.

It then fell to the ground like a little bird that had been shot.


Dragon was shocked.

This mysterious family was indeed powerful.

High-tech weapons by the Steeles were useless against them!


Dragon knew that Jordan was truly in danger now!

Meanwhile, in the castle.

The old lady looked out of the window.

She seemed to have sensed Dragons bullet.

She chuckled.

“Heh, insignificant tricks.

The castles protective mechanisms were created 20 years ago.

The Steeles havent improved at all over the past 20 years! What a useless family!”

After mocking the Steele family, the old lady continued to focus on Jordan.

Soon, a scene appeared in both their minds…

Seaside, beach, wedding dress, flowers, champagne…

Jordan and Hailey appeared on the beach hand in hand.

One was wearing a white suit, and the other was wearing a white wedding gown.

Apart from that, there was also Elle, who had undergone plastic surgery, as well as Rachel and Cory, who have reconciled.

When the old lady saw this scene, she smiled.

“Child, your wife is really beautiful.

Tsk tsk tsk, my eldest son will definitely like her.

Ive lived for more than 90 years and have seen countless women.

She can be ranked in the top three!”

“Youre very lucky to be able to marry such a peerless beauty.

However, after you become our familys puppet, youll have to offer your beautiful wife to my son.


Jordan no longer had the strength to be angry.

He struggled.

“That… isnt my wife…”

The old lady sneered.

“How funny.

This is clearly your wedding ceremony with her.

Who else could it be but your wife”

Jordan said slowly, “Hailey… is my ex-wife.

We never… held a wedding ceremony.

That scene just now was from my dream.

Its not real…”

The old lady immediately shouted, “Impossible! The Deity said that the scenes shared during mind control are all real.

It cant be from a dream!”

At this moment, a strange scene appeared in their shared minds.

Witnessing that scene, the old lady was so frightened that her face turned pale!


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