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A terrifying scene appeared in both Jordan and the old ladys minds…

The old lady was lying on the floor in front of a fallen wall lamp.

The environment was dark, just like where Jordan and the old lady were now.

Lit by the wall lamp, the tragic scene of the old lady was illuminated.

She had extended a finger to point at something in front of her.

However, the corners of her mouth were streaked with blood.

She was clearly dead!

The old lady had just said that all the scenes in the mind-sharing had to be real.

Now, two puzzling scenes had appeared.

One was Jordan and Haileys wedding on the beach, and the other was the old ladys death.

These two events had not happened!

The old lady immediately felt that something was wrong.

“Oh no! Those scenes are not from the past, but the future!”

The old lady widened her eyes and stared at Jordans face in disbelief! She was looking at him as if he had turned into a completely different person.

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“Could it be…”

The old lady quickly removed her hand from Jordans head and stopped controlling him.

However, it was already too late!

Jordan had been tortured by the old lady for a long time.

He was already on the verge of breaking down!


Jordan roared as a huge amount of energy erupted from his body.

“Oh no!!”

The old lady finally realized that Jordan was an extremely dangerous person.

She hurriedly stretched out her right hand and took out a sharp silver hairpin from her head.

She stabbed it straight at Jordans head!

She wanted to take Jordans life!


At this moment, Jordan suddenly erupted.

His body seemed to be filled with immense power.

A force burst out from his body and slammed the old lady against the wall!


The old lady flew out and hit the wall, knocking down a lamp hanging on the wall.

Coincidentally, it landed in front of the old lady.

“This scene…”

He noted where the wall lamp landed and where the old lady was lying on the ground.

Jordan was shocked.

Hadnt he just seen this scene! The difference was that the old lady was already dead in the earlier scene.

Now, she was still on her last breath.


The old lady spat out a mouthful of blood.

She was severely injured!

Jordan did not hit her directly.

She had probably suffered a backlash from trying to control Jordans mind!

Although Jordan didnt know what technology she used to control other peoples minds, he knew that the more advanced the technology, the greater the danger.

Just like how everyone used to ride bicycles and later invented cars, which were many times faster than bicycles.

But at the same time, it was also many times more dangerous.

The old lady fell to the ground.

She suddenly pointed at Jordan with her right hand.

Seeing her actions, Jordan was even more certain now that everything would play out like what he had just seen.

The old lady said, “You… are… a…Deity!”

With that, the old lady died on the spot.

Her arm flopped down but her finger was still pointing in Jordans direction.

The current scene was exactly the same as what Jordan had seen when he was being controlled by the old lady! It was too miraculous!

Jordan actually saw what would happen a few minutes into the future!

“Im… a Deity”

Jordan was stunned.

Why did this old lady say that

Was he really a Deity

Deities could predict the future.

Without the Deity, the eight great families would not be as prosperous as they were now.

Did Jordan predict the death of the old lady just now

If he was really a Deity, wouldnt the scene of Jordan and Hailey getting married become a reality

What about Victoria getting shot

Would these events come true


Jordan! Mr.

Jordan! How are you!”

Suddenly, a beetle flew in.

This beetle was fake and not a real insect.

It was equipped with a loudspeaker, from which came the anxious voices of Salvatore and Tim.

Of course, this beetle was also an invention of the Steele family.

As Jordan had entered in a hurry and did not bring a walkie-talkie with him, they could only see Jordan through the thermal imaging screen and could not communicate with him directly.

And even if they used the slingshot chair, they would not be able to arrive in time.

Therefore, they sent out this speedy beetle.

Jordan said to the beetle, “Im fine.

Im going to save Lota now.

Be prepared to come to fetch us at any time!”

Salvatores voice came from the beetle.


Jordan looked at the old ladys corpse and sighed.

He didnt have the time now to think about whether he was a Deity.

He had to save Lota first.

Such a beautiful and pure girl could not be tainted by the treacherous Handley family.

Looking at the location sent by Lota, he ran to her room.

Jordan pushed open the door and his vision instantly lit up!

Bright lights, multi-colors, various toys, stickers and dolls filled the huge room.

The feeling here was completely different from the eerie vibe of the rest of the castle!

It seemed that the Handley family was not totally mistreating Lota.

They still let her live in such a nice room.

However, this made Jordan feel that the head of the Handley family was even more terrifying.

He had raised Lota to be so perfect, so innocent, so holy.

Then, when she was 18, he would ravage her and satisfy his beastly desires.

Wasnt that even more pitiful

Since he had groomed her into such a perfect girl, why did he have to ruin her

The room was huge, bigger than any presidential suite Jordan had ever been to.

He took two steps forward before seeing the back of a graceful woman.

The woman had a pink bow on her head and her long hair reached her waist.

Her figure was graceful.

Although she was not wearing tight clothes, it was obvious that her figure was exceptional!

When the woman heard the noise, she turned around.

It was Lota in the virtual game!

“Oh my God…”

Jordan couldnt help crying out in surprise.

Her subsequent image in the game was really identical to her looks in real life!

At first, Jordan thought that Lota must have enhanced her looks in the game.

She definitely looked worse in real life.

Just like some internet celebrities, they would appear very different after putting on makeup and other enhancements.

However, Lota didnt!

She was completely gorgeous!

Even Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, and Emma Watson combined would not be a match for Lota!

Not only was she beautiful, but her figure was also amazing!

The last time they met in the game, Lota was wearing a bikini.

Jordan could hardly believe that she really had such an exaggerated figure.

But now that he was seeing her in person…

“Hell, she really wasnt lying to me!”


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