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The moment was too romantic.

Although the cold wind here was endless, the two of them were flying in midair, their bodies pressed against each other.

Jordan was like a hero who had broken through three levels and killed six generals to save the suffering princess.

In an extremely short period of time, the two of them had established a deep relationship.

In her life, Lota had never met anyone willing to treat her so sincerely.

Because she was restricted by the Handley family, she had never been in a relationship before.

She had never even interacted much with the opposite sex.

As such, it was no surprise that her requirements for her other half were idealized, just like those heroes in movies.

And Jordan was such a hero today!

Soon, Jordan flew over to Zephyr Three with Lota.

Salvatore and the others were stunned by Lotas appearance.

As Salvatore took in Lotas fairy-like appearance, he couldnt help but drool.

“Damn, this woman is even more beautiful than Emily!”

Tim also scrutinized Lotas face and figure.

“Is there really such… perfection”

When Lota saw the two of them, she greeted them graciously.

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Its nice to meet you!”

The two men just smiled foolishly in return.

Lota continued smiling kindly.

“Thank you for helping save me!”

Previously, Jordan had been surprised to hear Lotas American-accented English.

He thought she might have an American English tutor.

Now, he knew her family was being controlled by the American Handley family.

Therefore, Lotas American-accented English was not at all surprising.

Dragon was not interested in beauties.

He looked at Jordan.

“Master, are you alright”

Jordan waved his hand.

“Its fine.

This place is too strange.

We must leave immediately!”

Dragon nodded and ordered.

“Enter stealth mode immediately and fly out of Switzerland at full speed!”

Jordan had just killed an old lady from the Handley family.

If her son returned and attacked them with their advanced technology, Jordan would have no chance of winning.

20 minutes after Jordan flew away from the castle, the Ford car returned to the castle.

A man and a woman quickly got out of the car.

The man was at least 40 years old, but his true age was unclear.

He had a beard and long hair, which was pulled back in a braid.

As for the woman, she was dressed in black and had a fierce gaze.

She was slender and looked very unhealthy.

The two of them arrived at the lawn and saw the red-dressed womans corpse.

The man narrowed his eyes and said nothing.

He immediately walked into the castle and took the elevator to the top floor.

It was where he found the old ladys body.


The man became agitated and ran over to kneel in front of the old ladys corpse.

“Who was it! Who killed my mother!”

The man roared.

When the woman saw the old ladys corpse, she did not overreact.

She said calmly, “Ill go check the surveillance cameras.”

The woman pulled out the surveillance videos.

The surveillance cameras of the eight families were well-hidden and very difficult to detect.

Ordinary people would not know where they were.

The man stood up and looked at the video with a fierce expression.

He saw Jordan.

And heard the conversation between Jordan and the old lady.

The woman said, “Hubby, hes actually from one of the eight great families!”

The man narrowed his eyes and became cautious.

“The Steele family… why did they come here”

The woman said, “Could it be because of Randall Steele”

The man immediately shook his head.


I did a very clean job of killing Randall Steele.

They would never suspect us.”

Randall was the brother of Jordans father, Rowan.

The two of them continued to watch the surveillance video.

The man smiled.

“So it was Lota who led him here.”

Immediately after, they saw the old lady controlling Jordans mind with her hands.

The couple was very curious.

They both knew the old ladys strength.

Ordinary people could not hurt her at all, and she already had Jordan under control.

How did she die

They all believed that a third person would appear.

However, that did not happen.

In the video, Jordan suddenly erupted with a powerful energy that pushed the old lady against the wall!


The couple was shocked.

They heard the old lady point at Jordan and say, “You… are… a…Deity!”

The couple was flabbergasted!

“Deity! What did Mom see Why did she call that kid Deity!”

The man no longer cared about his mothers death.

Everyone had to die eventually.

He was more concerned about whether Jordan was a Deity!

Greed appeared on the womans face.

“A new Deity has finally appeared Hehe, and hes American.”

The man also smiled.

“The previous Deity helped us to level up from a weak bewitching trick to a powerful mind-control technique.

But even if the Schmid family is our puppet, I dont like the feeling of hiding in a dark corner.

I want to come out to the light! I want to rightfully participate in the meeting of the eight great families and rule the entire world with them!”

The woman was also excited.

“Me too! I hate my sickly and ugly body! I hate seeing myself like this!”

The man hugged the woman and said, “Its a pity that the Deity died too early.

She died before she could help us figure out how to swap minds.

But now, a new Deity has appeared.

If he also has the ability to predict the future, he can help us in this aspect.

By then, we wont have to hide behind the scenes and can directly occupy the bodies of the Schmid family members!”

The woman was very happy.

“Hubby, I want to take over Lotas body! All these years, youve nurtured Lota into such a perfect woman.

Shes perfect with such a good figure.

After I take over Lotas body, Ill serve you well…”

The man looked at her affectionately and nodded.

“Okay, and Ill take over Lotas fathers body.

By then, we can go wherever we want and do whatever we want!”

“Sh*t, Lota!”

At this moment, the man suddenly realized that since Jordan was here to find Lota, she might have already gone.

Sure enough, when they rushed to Lotas room, it was empty.

“Ah! Damn Jordan, you killed my mother and stole the girl Ive been nurturing for 18 years! Ive been nurturing Lota for so many years so that I can enjoy my perfect creation when she turns 18! But Jordan ruined everything!

“Jordan, Im going to annihilate you!!”


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