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The mans sinister face was very terrifying.

He smashed the things in Lotas room.

The woman held the mans arm and said, “Hubby, even if Jordan took away Lotas first time, you cant kill him.

Hes a Deity!”

The man said disdainfully, “So what if hes a Deity! Jordan obviously hasnt realized his ability yet.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have been almost controlled by Mom!”

The woman nodded with a wicked smile.

“Thats right.

We can use this opportunity to capture him and use him for our purposes!”

The man calmed down and said, “Jordan is from one of the eight great families.

It wont be easy to capture him.

However, the Park family called some time ago and asked the Schmid family to agree to kick the Steeles out during the great meeting in two months.

Ive already asked Lotas father to agree.

The moment the Steeles are kicked out and their advanced technology is confiscated, capturing Jordan will be as easy as taking candy from a baby!”

The woman smiled.

“From the surveillance cameras just now, the Park family seems to have been here too.

It looks like they might have guessed something about the Schmid family.”

The man snorted.

“Im not afraid.

Ill have Lotas father call Park Sang-jun.

Park Sang-jun is a smart person.

Even if he realizes something is wrong, he wont tell the other families for the sake of benefits.

As for what the Steele family claims, hehe, would anyone believe them”

The man looked out of the window at the night sky and muttered to himself, “Jordan, Ill let you enjoy Lota for two months.

Take it as your reward for working for me in the future!”

On Zephyr Three.

/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

Jordan called Charleston.

“Grandpa, I just went to Switzerland and encountered a lot of strange things! So the Schmid family…”

Jordan narrated what he had seen and experienced in the castle.

However, he did not tell his grandfather that he might be a Deity.

His grandfather had once taught him that he must never reveal everything to anyone, even family.

Moreover, Jordan was not sure if he was a Deity.

He wanted to confirm it first.

Also, Jordan was worried that Jesse would harm him and his wives if he knew this now.

Charleston was shocked by Jordans story.

“What The Schmid family is being controlled by Americans No wonder the Schmid family has rarely appeared all these years.

I wondered what they were doing.

The Handley family… Ive never heard of this family.

“I heard your great-grandfather mention some occult families when I was young.

They are indeed powerful, but they are not upright.

I didnt expect them to be able to borrow the help of a Deity to improve their evil techniques.

Not only is their combat strength astonishing, but they can also control peoples minds.

“How terrifying.

As one of the eight great families, the Schmid family has the most shocking technology and power in the world, but they were actually reduced to slaves.

Jordan, you have to be careful.

You killed a member of the Handley family.

They will definitely take revenge on you!”

Jordan said, “I know, Grandpa.

Ill be careful.

I have very advanced technology and it wont be easy for them to capture me.

Im worried about you, Grandpa.

That old woman said that no one from the eight great families can live past 80 years old.

She said that you cant escape this fate.

Im really afraid that what that old woman said is true.

You have to take care of your health.

Also, try to stay home over the next year.

Jesse and I will go to the next great meeting.

You dont need to go.”

Charleston chuckled.

“Grandpa is very happy that youre worried about me.

Thats right.

No one from the eight great families can live past 80 years old.

Even the Deity was no exception.

If the heavens want me dead, something will happen even if Im at home.

Im in good health now.

You dont have to worry.

“Now that we know the secrets of the Park and Schmid family, it would be great if we can also know the secrets of the Miyamoto family.

By then, I will be very confident of fighting against them at the great meeting!”

Jordan said, “Grandpa, dont worry.

Ill definitely find out the Miyamoto familys secret as soon as possible!”

Charleston was very gratified.

“Jordan, youve always been my favorite child.

Your talent is much more outstanding than your two brothers.

The Steele family will be handed over to you sooner or later…”

There was not much to say to that, so Jordan hung up soon after.

A few hours later, the plane arrived at the capital.

The moment they got off the plane, Lota jumped up happily.

“Ive never been to the US before! I have often dreamed of coming to this country!”

Lota was very happy.

Although she was Swiss, she knew a lot about the US.

She had read so much about the culture, the famous sights, the delicious foods.

Jordan had promised that he would bring her out to have fun after arriving at the capital.

However, Jordan could not bring her home.

Lota was really too beautiful.

If he brought her home, Victoria and Lauren would definitely be jealous.

Even though Jordan treated Lota as his younger sister and did not have any improper thoughts about her… as long as she was not wearing a bikini!

Jordan said, “Lota, choose a villa.

Ill give you a villa as a gift.”

Now that Jordans assets had been released, he could use his money as he pleased.

However, Lota shook her head and said, “I dont want to live in a villa or a mansion.

Im tired of such places.

I want to live in a place with a more common vibe!”

“Common vibe”

Jordan frowned and said, “Do you want me to arrange for you to stay in a mid-range hotel”

Lota nodded vigorously.

“Yes, yes, I like that kind of place! I want to interact with many ordinary people.

I want to talk to them!”

“Alright, you will stay at the Hampton Inn then.”

Jordan booked a room for her on his phone.

After arriving at the Hampton Inn, Jordan bought a few cheap clothes for Lota.

The clothes she brought with her were all expensive and custom-made.

In such an ordinary place, it was better to wear more common attire.

At night, Jordan brought Lota out for some food.

Lotas astonishing appetite shocked Jordan.

Jordan looked at Lota, who was eating a hotdog with relish.

“Lota, if you eat like this, youll become fat in less than a month.”

Lotas right hand, which was holding the hotdog, immediately stopped.

“Do you not like fat girls”

“Uh…” Jordan didnt understand why his opinion mattered.

“I do!”


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