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Thinking of the painful experiences that Lota had suffered over the years, Jordan felt pity for her.

After all, Lota had been raised to be a “plaything” for the evil Handley family.

She was groomed to be beautiful, innocent and possess a perfect figure.

Previously, Jordan had used psychology to analyze that a fair, rich and beautiful woman like Lota couldnt possibly have a perfect figure like Elle.

Because of her status, she didnt need to please any man.

Only now did he understand that she didnt want to maintain such a perfect figure either.

It was the evil Handley family who forced her to be perfect in every way.

He must have made Lota eat a lot of papayas when she was 14 or 15 years old… Of course, papayas were just an example.

As one of the most advanced families, they probably had all sorts of drugs and methods to help Lota develop well.

Jordan knew that Lota was most definitely not allowed to eat whatever she wanted, just like those female celebrities.

Therefore, Jordan told her to relax and eat as much as she wanted.

No matter how much weight she gained, it was more important to be happy!

Hearing Jordans words, Lota smiled brightly.

When she smiled, she looked like a Disney princess on the run.

Although she was wearing ordinary clothes out on the common streets, her noble aura could not be concealed.

After finishing the hotdog, Jordan brought Lota to eat tacos.

The tacos were filled to bursting with grilled beef, cheese, salsa and guacamole.

Lota was not prissy at all and used her bare hands to eat the messy tacos, digging in with relish and a beam on her face.

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Lota was extremely satisfied with the delicious tacos.

“Its so delicious!”

Lota kept eating non-stop.

Jordan smiled at her.

At this moment, Lota attracted the attention of two young men in their 20s.

One of the men had tattoos on his arms.

He whispered, “Hey, look at that beauty over there.

She can really eat.

She just ate five whole tacos.”

The other man was scrolling through his TikTok and didnt notice Jordan and Lota at all.

He replied casually, “F*ck, which woman doesnt like to eat Whats so special about that Dont distract me from watching TikToks beauties.”

The tattooed man smiled.

“F*ck, the ones on your phone are all fake.

When you see them in person, each one is uglier than the other.

Look at the one over there.

She looks European and is a real beauty.”


The mans interest was piqued.

He glanced at Jordans table and immediately exclaimed, “F*ck! Why didnt you tell me sooner that there is such a beauty here! And you used the wordbeauty to describe her Not good enough! She is a f*cking heavenly angel! A stunner! A stunning European goddess!”

The tattooed man took a sip of beer.

“Youre exaggerating.

There are female American celebrities who are even more gorgeous and sexy.

Like Angelina Jolie.”

The man was speechless.

“What do you know! Such a woman is definitely one in a million! Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Shes really beautiful and has a good figure.

But I dont understand why shes scarfing down those tacos as if she hasnt eaten in days.”

The tattooed man smiled.

“Its obvious that woman doesnt have any money.

Look at her clothes.”

The other man carefully sized up Lotas attire.

She was wearing casual sportswear, all without any brand names.

“Its good that shes poor.

I love women who are poor and beautiful.


The man gave a wicked smile as if he had a plan.

20 minutes later.

Jordan and Lota walked back to the Hampton Inn after having their fill.


Lota couldnt help releasing a burp.

Jordan couldnt resist a chuckle.

“If your parents know that you are so infatuated with American fast food, they will definitely laugh at you for being useless.”

At the mention of her parents, Lota looked a little sad.

Jordan thought of Lotas tragic background and reached out to hold her little hand.

He comforted her.

“Lota, I know about your parents.”

Lota was shocked.

“You… do”

Jordan nodded.

“On the way back, I saw that you were so happy to escape, so I didnt have the time to ask you.

How much do you know about the Handley family What are their names”

Lota said, “I dont know much.

I only know that the old lady called her son Shaun.

His name should be Shaun Handley then.

Hes really scary.

He always smiles at me, but his smile is so sinister and terrifies me.

He said that he would have me on my 18th coming-of-age ceremony.

Fortunately, you saved me.

Otherwise, I would have…”

Jordan thought for a moment.

Shaun Handley should be part of the couple who left in the Ford car before Jordan barged into the castle.

Jordan asked, “Does he have a wife Whats her name”

Lota said, “His wife…”

Just as Lota was about to answer, two figures suddenly appeared in front of them and blocked their way.

They were the men from the taco shop earlier.

The tattooed one looked at Jordan with a smile.

“Yo, young couple, where are you going To a hotel”

Jordan and Lota had already arrived at the entrance of Hampton Inn.

The other man smiled at Lota.

“Beauty, this man beside you is too useless.

He only brought you to a trashy hotel like the Hampton.

Why dont you come with me Ill buy you Louis Vuitton stuff and let you stay in a five-star hotel.”

Jordan was very angry.

But not because of their provocation.

Jordan could tell with a glance that these two brats were ignorant and incompetent.

They had neither money nor ability.

They were no threat at all.

He was angry that these two pieces of trash had interrupted their important conversation!

“Get lost if you dont want to die!” Jordan said angrily.

The tattooed man was enraged.

“Oh, you little brat.

Youre quite arrogant.

Do you think youre very cool for picking up a European girl Youre embarrassing us American men by bringing her to a lousy hotel like the Hampton!”

“Ill give you 200 dollars to let us have this girl.



Jordan kicked the tattooed man to the ground.

It was a forceful kick and the tattooed man clutched at his stomach.

His expression was pained, and it was difficult for him to breathe.

The other man was furious.

“F*ck you! Youre courting death! This is the capital! Even I wont dare to beat up someone.

You… you actually dare to hit my friend! Let me tell you, we will never let you go without compensation! You need to cough up 10,000 dollars!”


Without another word, Jordan punched the mans face before he asked calmly, “How much does this punch cost then”


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