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A week later.

At two oclock in the afternoon, the pedestrians on the streets of Orlando had their sunglasses on and their umbrellas in hand to shield them from the scorching afternoon sun.


At this moment, Tyler, who was waiting for Hailey in his BMW, was boiling with fury.

“What Enigma Co.

has shut down too Damn it, how can it wind up when its doing so well”

Tyler was speaking on the phone in the drivers seat, looking extremely vexed and troubled.

Enigma Co.

was the most profitable one of the 70 companies that Tyler had invested in.

However, for some reason, the companies he had been profiting from were suddenly targeted by companies in the same industry and had to wind up for some reason.

When you factor in Tylers losses from his failed investments in 40 to 50 companies, he had lost almost all his money.

“Damn it! Im so unlucky!”

Tyler slapped the steering wheel in exasperation before calling his father again.

“Dad, Ive been out of luck lately, and some of the companies that I invested in, which have been generating the most profit for me, have suddenly folded.

Can you lend me another 15 million dollars”

Leonard said, “The family company is also in need of money lately.

Two days ago, I spoke to the international hotel magnate, Paul Dubrule, and he told me to reopen all the hotels that weve closed down in the past.

He also told me to set up more branches in the third-tier and fourth-tier cities.”

Tyler asked in bewilderment, “Dad, didnt he used to oppose vehemently when we expanded rapidly like that in the past”

Leonard said, “You dont know anything at all! Times have changed! Even migrant workers can afford to stay in hotels these days.

There is no longer a pressing demand for high-quality services.

Quantity is now the most important! Were planning to invest most of our money in this.”

Tyler was stunned.

If they were going to invest most of their family assets, that would amount to at least a few hundred million dollars!

If they profited from it, it would be fine, but if they incurred losses…

It would be over for the Collins.

Tyler said, “Dad, I disagree with that! We shouldnt put all our eggs in a single basket! What if Master Dubrules advice is wrong this time We are at the risk of going bankrupt!”

Leonard said, “Youre right.

We should diversify our investments.

Okay, I see youve done well in investing in the past year.

I shall give you 75 million dollars! Go ahead and invest boldly! Even if we fail this time, we can still count on you.”

“Thanks, Dad! Im going to turn 75 million dollars into 750 million dollars!” Tyler said excitedly.

At this moment, the alluring Hailey got into the passengers seat.

Noticing how Tyler was beaming with joy, Hailey asked, “Whats making you so happy”

Tyler said, “My father gave me another 75 million dollars! Haha, Hailey, how does it feel to be Mrs.

Collins These 75 million dollars will soon become 750 million dollars!”

Hailey was overjoyed to hear that, and she secretly thought,The Collins are so rich, Tylers father actually just gave him 75 million dollars so casually.

Hailey took the initiative to hold Tylers hand and said, “Tyler, Im so happy to be married to you.

Ive never had so much money before.”

Tyler said proudly, “That goes without a word! Jordans good-for-nothing father probably couldnt even give you a few thousand dollars, haha!”

“By the way, since weve already registered our marriage, shouldnt you be changing the way you address me”

Hailey hesitated for a moment before saying, “Hub… Hubby.”

This was the first time she had ever called another manHubby because she used to only address Jordan that way in the past.

At this moment, she suddenly missed Jordan and all the times when she called himHubby in the past three years.

Jordan was a live-in son-in-law who had a low status in the family.

Hence, Hailey would only address him asHubby when she was in an excellent mood.

Hence, she would be smiling whenever she did that.

However, Hailey wasnt smiling when she called Tyler Hubby; instead, she felt a little morose.

‘Maybe, this is the destiny of my relationship with Jordan.

After being emotional for a moment, Hailey quickly snapped back to her current role.

Hailey said, “Hubby, send me to Ace Corporation.

Id like to personally deliver the wedding invitations to Mr.

Steele and Miss Clarke.”

Haileys and Tylers wedding was held on the 12th of May, which was in a week.

The Camdens and the Ace Corporation were now in cooperation for a project namedHailey Residences.

Hailey was the deputy director of the project.

Tyler said, “Sure.

By the way, are you going to invite Jordan”

Feeling a little awkward, Hailey said, “Hes my ex-husband.

Why should we invite him”

Tyler laughed and said, “Thatll make things interesting.

Do you have any unused invitation cards Give me one.

Im going to invite him!”

Tyler took out an unused wedding invitation card from Haileys bag and a pen, after which he wrote Jordans name on it.

At the bottom of the card, he wrote: “If youre a man, turn up for the wedding so you can see what a grand and lavish wedding is like!”

After writing on the card, Tyler shoved it to Hailey.

Hailey knew that Tyler intended to put Jordan to shame that day and let all the guests see that there was a world of difference between Haileys former husband and his current one!

“By the way, Hailey, come sleepover at mine tonight.

Ive been really vexed the past couple of days.

The companies that Ive invested in have closed down.

I need you to relieve my stress.”

Tyler held Haileys hand.

By right, Hailey could totally move in with him since they had already registered their marriage.

However, Hailey refuted, “My grandmother said that I cant stay over at your place before we get married.

Just wait a little longer.

Were going to have our wedding in a week anyway.”

Feeling a little displeased, Tyler snapped, “Your grandmother is so conservative! Ugh, weve known each other for such a long time, but Ive only slept with you once.

But I still beat Jordan because he hasnt gotten a chance to sleep with you at all, even though he was married to you for three years.


Hailey lowered her head and said, “Okay, lets not talk about him.

Start driving.”

The engine was started quickly, and the speed soon went up to 80 mph.

Hailey looked out of the window and pondered to herself.

‘Jordan, you cant blame me for not letting you get intimate with me in the past three years.

Actually, I have feelings for you too, but if I really gave myself to you, Tyler would definitely love me a lot less than he does now.

He wouldnt want to marry me either.

‘If you must, just blame it on the fact that we met at the wrong time!

More than twenty minutes later, Hailey arrived at Ace Corporation.

Haileys long hair was draped over her shoulders, and she was wearing a pair of square-shaped earrings, a white shirt, and a pair of black, high-waisted trousers.

She looked clean, beautiful, and exuded the mature aura of a married woman.

Bang! Bang!

Hailey knocked on the door of Victorias office.

“Come in.”

As soon as Hailey entered, Victoria stood up immediately and said, “Mrs.

Collins, you look gorgeous today.

You married a rich man, and now, you look even nobler than before.”

Hailey could hear the sarcasm in Victorias words and smile.” Thank you for the compliment.

I still need another ten years to catch up to your sartorial sense and elegance, Miss Clarke.”

“By the way, Im here today to deliver my wedding invitations to you and Mr.


Victoria was a little shocked.

“Have you settled on the wedding date”

Hailey said, “Yes, its on the 12th of May, which is a week from now.”

Victoria was instantly stunned.

“The 12th of May Isnt that Jordans birthday”


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