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The three of them were young and impetuous.

After being beaten up, they had to regain their dignity in front of a stunning beauty.

Leon said, “The two of them must have been afraid that you would get reinforcements, so they changed to another hotel.

Use the GPS to see if there are any hotels nearby.”

The tattooed man opened the GPS on his phone.

“Theres a couples hotel called Love Nest not far ahead.

Its in the direction they traveled.”

Leon put a cigarette between his lips.

“That must be it.

Lets go!”

The three of them drove to the Love Nest Hotel.

When they arrived near the entrance of the hotel, they found two shared electric scooters.

“Leon, look, shared electric scooters! It must be theirs!”

As the electric scooter-sharing service had just been launched, it was not that rampant in the capital yet.

There were only two electric scooters in the vicinity.

Unlike the shared bicycles which were more common now, one could see them parked all over the place.

Therefore, the three of them immediately concluded that Jordan and Lota had come here to get a room.

One of the men said indignantly, “F*ck, after this kid beat us up, he checked into a love hotel with that beauty.

How can he have such luck”

Leon smiled.

“I guess the beauty is now howling on a hotel bed.

Lets go and dampen their spirits! I love doing such things, hahaha!”

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With that, the three of them rushed into the hotel.

When they reached the front desk, they immediately shouted at the receptionist, “A man and a woman checked in just now.

The woman is European.

Which room are they staying in Tell us quickly!”

Of course, the receptionist couldnt reveal the information, but those men looked very hostile.

Just as the receptionist was feeling very stressed, Salvatore walked in.

“I am Salvatore.

Who are you young punks Have you never heard of my name Get lost quickly, or Ill cripple the three of you!”

Salvatore had strolled in nonchalantly, not taking the three of them seriously at all.

Having been with Jordan for a long time and having experienced all kinds of trouble.

How could some young hooligans compare to the opponents Salvatore usually encountered

Leon glanced at Salvatore.

“Oh, that adulterous couple has a guard dog”

Salvatore turned serious at the insult.

“Youve lost the chance to beg for mercy.

Lets step out.

I dont want to mess up this hotel.”

Leon smiled confidently.


The three of them followed Salvatore out.

Salvatore specially chose a dark spot with no cameras.

Unexpectedly, the three of them were not afraid at all and followed Salvatore happily.

Leon smiled at Salvatore.

“I say, whats your name again Is itFool You actually chose such a remote place.”

“Hehe, arent you digging your own grave”


The three men laughed confidently.

Salvatore said disdainfully, “I cant be bothered to waste my breath on a bunch of idiots like you.

Men, lets get rid of them quickly and cripple that guys leg!”


Two subordinates rushed out from behind Salvatore, towards the three men.

These two subordinates were specially trained and it was no problem for them to fight multiple opponents at once.

However, to Salvatores surprise, Leon alone easily dealt with these two top fighters!



Leon punched one of the men, who instantly fell to the ground.

He then punched the other mans leg, breaking it!


Salvatore was stunned.

This fellows combat strength was too terrifying!

“Even Dragon wouldnt be able to cause such damage with a single punch!”

Salvatore finally understood why they were so confident.

“Oh no!”

Salvatore was already past his physical peak.

His combat strength was far inferior to the two men he had just sent out.

Since Leon had instantly finished off both of them, he would just be courting death if he attacked.

Therefore, Salvatore immediately turned around and ran.

“Trying to run You fool, dont even dream of leaving until you get down on your knees before me and beg for mercy a thousand times!”

With that, Leon chased after him.

Salvatore called for help through the walkie-talkie as he ran.

“Emergency! Im at Love Nest Hotel.

Come and save me!”

Salvatore ran as fast as he could.

He knew that once he was caught by Leon, he would be crippled by just one punch.

Although the Steele family had advanced medical technology that could easily treat him, it was better not to suffer.

After a few minutes of pursuit, Salvatore was about to run out of gas.

Leon managed to catch up.

Suddenly, a Ferrari sped over at an extremely fast speed.


With a beautiful drifting motion, the tail of the car smacked into Leon and sent him flying.

“Salvatore, get in!”

Sitting in the drivers seat of the Ferrari was the rich second-generation heir, Harry!


Salvatore looked like he had seen his ultimate savior.

He hurriedly sat in the passenger seat.

At this moment, Leon had already gotten up from the ground and was about to punch the window of the Ferrari.

“Go now! That b*stards punch is terrifying!” Salvatore shouted.

Harry was an expert driver.

He sped off and disappeared from sight.

After successfully escaping, Harry asked, “Salvatore, what happened I was nearby when I heard your call for help, I drove over immediately.

Who was that guy just now How dare he attack Jordans men”

Salvatore replied, “That kid is not simple.

Miss Lota is in danger now.

I have to get Dragon to help!”

With that, Salvatore immediately called Dragon.

“Dragon, something happened! Mr.

Jordan asked me to protect Miss Lota.

But some guys came to cause trouble and finished off all my men.

That persons fists are especially ruthless.

Ive never seen such a powerful guy.

Dragon, you have to step in.” Salvatore reported.

Dragon said, “The Love Nest Hotel, right Okay, I understand.

I can be there in two minutes.”

Salvatore said, “Yes, Harry and I will pick you up nearby!”

By now, Leon and his friends had already arrived at the front desk of Love Nest Hotel.

“Hurry up and tell us! Which room is that flirtatious b*tch in now”

Leon pounded the front desk so hard that it felt like it was about to collapse.

The receptionist trembled in fear.

“In… in Room 301.”


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