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“Lets go!”

Leon quickly brought them upstairs.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When they arrived at room 301, the tattooed man quickly knocked on the door.

Lota, who was in the room, thought that Jordan had returned to look for her.

She skipped over excitedly and opened the door without checking.


Lota called out happily, not expecting that the person outside the door was not Jordan, but the man who had teased her just now.

Leon was surprised by Lotas fairy-like appearance.

However, the three of them thought that Jordan was still in the room, so they ignored Lota and rushed inside.

“Wheres that kid Come out!”

However, after walking around, they realized that there was no one else in the room.

“Wheres your boyfriend”

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The tattooed man asked angrily.

Jordan had kicked him and now that he had Leon to help him, he had to return the favor.

Now, the desire to beat up Jordan was even stronger than enjoying this beauty in front of him.

When Leon saw that Lota was alone in the room, he sized her up with a wicked smile.

“That kids guard dog, Salvatore or something, must have called him.

He must have been afraid that I would find him and so took the opportunity to escape.

He slipped away, leaving his girlfriend behind.

Do you know what that means”

The tattooed man understood and laughed.

“Leon, that kid must have left his girlfriend for us for compensation.”

Leon laughed.

“Since that kid is so sensible, lets not stand on ceremony!”

Leon couldnt hold back anymore and immediately wanted to ravage Lota!

Lota had always been well-hidden away by the Handley family and had never interacted with anyone from the outside world.

She did not know the dangers of society.

The naive girl did not know that these three men were going to assault her.

At this moment, Dragon appeared!


He threw a dart through the air!

The dart flew over at lightning speed and hit one of Leons hands.


Blood spurted out!


Leon cried out in pain.

“Who is it!”

The tattooed man was shocked.

When he saw Dragon, he was a little afraid.

However, he knew how strong Leon was and maintained his arrogance.

“Another one has come to die.

Leon, punch his face!”

Leon was also very angry.

“How dare you injure my hand Do you know that my hands are worth more than the hands of a world-class pianist!”


With that, Leon rushed towards Dragon, waving his other fist at him.

However, his speed was like slow motion in the eyes of Dragon.

Dragon quickly dodged and punched him!


The other party did not fall.


Dragon punched Leon again at the same spot.

He remained standing!


Dragon was a little surprised.

He didnt expect the other party to be so extraordinary.

In this world, not many people could take two punches from Dragon and remain standing.


Dragon used all his strength and threw another punch.

If this punch landed on an ordinary person, it would be fatal!


Leon spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.


“Leon was… defeated”

The other two men seemed unable to believe this fact.

At this moment, Salvatore and Harry walked up with more than 10 subordinates behind them.

When Leon saw this, he knew that he couldnt win no matter what.

He said to Dragon, “If it werent for your speed, you would definitely lose to me in pure strength! Thats it for today.

Ill come looking for you again!”

With that, Leon rushed to the window and smashed the window of the hotel room with a punch.

The glass was shatter-proof but it still broke into pieces!


Leon shouted and jumped out of the window first.

The other two quickly jumped down as well.

Salvatore hurriedly apologized to Lota.

“Miss Lota, Im sorry.

I failed in my duty and let these hooligans disturb you.

Please punish me!”

Lota scratched his head foolishly.

“Actually, I still dont know what happened… I saw that person smash the thick glass with one punch just now.

He looked so powerful.”

Dragon looked at Lota.

“Miss Schmid, that person just now is not an ordinary hooligan.

He is very strong and has a strong defense.

If I had come a little later, you might have met with misfortune.

For your safety, I will personally guard you tonight.

Please rest assured.”

Dragon was still mulling over Leons extraordinary strength.

“This fellows combat skills are only at the beginner level.

But why is his strength so astounding”

Dragon could not understand.

An hour later.

Leon and the other two arrived at a forest outside the capital.

Under the night sky, a figure stood in front of a large tree.

Suddenly, he threw a punch.

The tree collapsed!

Such a huge tree probably took decades to reach this size, but it was knocked down by a single punch from that man!

Anyone who witnessed this power would barely believe their own eyes.

“F*ck, is this real He knocked down a tree with one punch”

The tattooed man and his friend were flabbergasted.

Actually, this was the first time they had come here.

It was the first time Leon had brought them to see this person.

However, Leon was already used to the scene.

Leon rushed over, clutching at the spot where Dragon had hit him.

It was still hurting, causing him to move unsteadily.

“Lord Yamamoto! I was beaten up.

Please avenge me!”

Leon knelt in front of the man.

When the other two saw this, they immediately knelt as well.

“Greetings, Lord Yamamoto!”

“Greetings, Lord Yamamoto! We are friends of Leon.

We heard that Lord Yamamoto is very powerful.

Please help us!”

This person called Yamamoto was clearly Japanese.

His full name was Yamamoto Kazuo.

Yamamoto Kazuo looked at the three of them as if they were slaves.

He then said to Leon, “You took my medicine to improve your physique.

Your current strength is not something ordinary people can compare to.”

“Yet, you were still beaten up Trash!”

Leon was very ashamed.

“That person was too fast.

He dodged my attack.

His own attack was like lightning.

The moment I raised my hand, his fist was already flying over.

If we were to compete purely on strength, I definitely wouldnt lose to him!”

Yamamoto Kazuo laughed out loud.

“When it comes to fighting, speed is king.

Would I wait for you to attack first You are useless! I regret wasting that precious pill on trash like you!”

“Cough, cough…”

Leon was very upset by his words.

He was now both physically and emotionally injured.

He kept coughing until blood came out.

“Oh Youre injured How did you get injured You ate the divine medicine given by the noble Miyamoto family.

Your defenses have long surpassed that of an ordinary person.

Even if that person is fast, its impossible for him to break through your defense!”

A shocked expression was on Yamamoto Kazuos face.


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