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Dragon realized that this would not be an easy battle and became even more serious.

If it was just him and his opponent, Dragon wouldnt be worried, but Lota was also in the car.

Dragon was worried that Yamamoto Kazuo would take her hostage.

However, Yamamoto Kazuo seemed to be here for Dragon today.

After getting into the car, he went one-on-one with Dragon and barely paid any attention to Lota.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Yamamoto Kazuo kept punching Dragon.

Every punch was at full strength, but Dragon dodged them all.

His powerful fists hit the seat of the bus again and again.

Holes instantly appeared on the cheap plastic seat.


Lota stood up, shocked.

The bus driver quickly slowed down and was about to stop the car.

He exclaimed.

“Hey, why are you guys fighting Dont fight.

If you dont stop, Ill call the police!”

However, Yamamoto Kazuo and Dragon did not take the drivers words seriously.

The two of them continued to fight.

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Yamamoto Kazuo attacked ruthlessly, wanting to defeat Dragon.

However, almost none of his attacks landed on him.

On one hand, Dragon was wary of the other partys strength and had to dodge every attack.

On the other hand, the other partys defense was also very strong.

Dragon would not be able to subdue him in a short period of time.

At this moment, Yamamoto stopped and smiled at Dragon.

“Youre a professional! Ive never seen someone with such rich combat experience and such strong evasive abilities! Your combat skills are almost perfect.

You dont need to be groomed any further.

Very good.

This way, as long as I strengthen your physique, you can immediately be put to use.”

Yamamoto Kazuo was not angry but delighted at Dragons skills.

He was still evaluating Dragon for the Miyamoto family.

However, all of this was an insult to Dragon.

While the two of them were fighting, Yamamoto Kazuo was still in the mood to make sarcastic remarks.

Dragon wanted to quickly finish off his opponent.

Just as Dragon was about to charge at Yamamoto Kazuo…

There was a loud bang!

Yamamoto Kazuo suddenly took out a pistol and shot Dragon in the leg!


Dragon cried out in pain and fell onto the seat.

He had thought that this Japanese would fight him with his bare fists.

He never expected him to suddenly use a gun.

This was too despicable!

Lota was also heartbroken.

She scolded Yamamoto Kazuo, “Youre cheating! You dont have the spirit of a samurai!”

It was already very difficult for Dragon to defeat Yamamoto Kazuo.

Now that his leg was injured and he had to protect Lota, there was no way he could fight this person.

Yamamoto Kazuo smiled at Dragon.

“Im sorry, sir.

I really want to continue fighting you, but youre too strong.

I dont have the confidence to completely defeat you before the police arrive.

I can only resort to this.

Dont worry, there wont be any problems with your leg injury.

Ill apply medicine for you later.

Youll recover quickly and be as good as new.

I promise you!”

Dragon was not worried about his leg injury.

He knew that the Steele family had medical technology that was decades ahead of the world.

To him, being shot was like having a cold or a fever.

He would be fine after taking their medicine.

However, he did not understand why this Japanese man would say that.

Yamamoto Kazuo said, “I dont want to attract attention.

If we stay any longer, this driver will call the police.

Let me bring you away.”

With that, he grabbed Dragon with both hands and threw him out of the window!


Lota ran over in a panic.

She thought that this Japanese man wanted to throw Dragon onto the road and kill him.

But Dragon landed in the back of a pickup truck.

The people driving the pickup truck were the two men who had teased Lota last night.

Yamamoto Kazuo had planned to jump into the pickup truck through the window and leave, but when he glanced at Lota, he couldnt help being attracted by her fairy-like appearance.

It suddenly occurred to him that his master was a man who liked beautiful women very much.

If he offered Lota to him, he might be handsomely rewarded.

“Not only is this woman beautiful, but she also has a good figure.

Lord Miyamoto will definitely like her.

I have to bring her to Japan.”

With this thought in mind, Yamamoto Kazuo said to Lota, “Miss, do you want me to throw you into that pickup truck, or do you want to get out of the car and walk over with me”

Lota knew that she was doomed, so she could only compromise.

“Dont throw me out.

Im afraid.

Ill go with you.”

Yamamoto Kazuo knocked out the bus driver and brought Lota into the pickup truck.

They soon arrived at a hotel called the Watergate Hotel.

This was a five-star hotel in the suburbs, and Yamamoto Kazuo was staying in a presidential suite.

It could be seen that although he kept a low profile, he knew how to enjoy life.

He had the best in both food and accommodation.

After bringing Dragon and Lota into the room, Yamamoto Kazuo ordered someone to handcuff Dragons hands and feet.

After confirming that he could not escape, Yamamoto Kazuo took out a medical kit and personally removed the bullet from Dragons leg.

After taking it out, Yamamoto Kazuo took out a bottle of medicine and said to Dragon, “Hero, dont worry.

As long as I sprinkle this medicine on your wound, you will be able to move normally in two to three days.

In less than a week, you will be completely healed, as if you have never been shot!”

The tattooed man and his friend were in disbelief.

“No way What medicine is so powerful that he can walk so soon after being shot”

Leon scolded, “What do you know Master Yamamoto has the best healing medicine.

Its much more awesome than any hospital in the country!”

Dragon was also very shocked.

He was not a country bumpkin like the tattooed man.

He knew that there was indeed such medicine in this world, but only the eight great families had them.

It had not been released to the market at all!

Dragon asked Yamamoto Kazuo, “How did you get this medicine”

Yamamoto Kazuo didnt hide anything from Dragon.

He smiled and said, “This medicine isnt mine.

It belongs to my master, Lord Miyamoto.”

Dragon thought to himself:Lord Miyamoto Hes from the Miyamoto family!

Only then did Dragon understand that these people were working for the Miyamoto family! The Miyamoto family was also one of the eight mysterious families.

Everything made sense now!


Yamamoto Kazuo began to apply medicine on Dragon.

The wound stung a little.

After applying the medicine, Yamamoto Kazuo smiled at Dragon.

“Dont worry.

Youve already been chosen by me.

In the future, you will work for Lord Miyamoto.

I will definitely not let your wound have any lingering effects.

Soon, I will bring you to Japan and offer you to Lord Miyamoto!”


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