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One couldnt blame Leon and his friends for being so tempted by Lota.

In the capital, with their social status, they could only afford low-end hookers and had never seen such a classy European beauty before.

And Lota was indeed a top-notch beauty across all nationalities.

She was perfect in terms of face, figure and bearing.

In fact, Yamamoto Kazuo was also tempted by this girl.

He didnt want to let her go just like that.

Yamamoto Kazuo thought for a moment before saying to Dragon, “Your name is Dragon, right Im sorry, Mr.


Our great Lord Miyamoto likes beautiful women very much.

His wife is the number one beauty in Japan! Therefore, I have to bring this lady back to Japan and offer her to Lord Miyamoto!”

Dragon felt very conflicted.

He was willing to go to Japan with this fellow because he could gather information there.

If he was lucky, he could even be injected with a serum and become an extraordinary human.

However, if Lota went to Japan, she could only suffer at the hands of men.

It had not been easy for Jordan to save Lota from Switzerland.

Although Lota was not Jordans woman, Dragon could tell that she liked him.

He knew that Jordan was a man who was easily moved by women.

Perhaps after some time, their relationship would improve and they would become a couple.

Therefore, Dragon was unwilling to let his masters future woman fall into the hands of another man.

However, Dragon couldnt think of a good reason to stop them.

At this moment, the tattooed man couldnt wait any longer.

He drooled at the tied-up Lota.

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“Lord Yamamoto, why dont you enjoy her first Well come back when youre done”

Yamamoto Kazuo was furious and slapped the tattooed man on the spot.


The tattooed man spat out a mouthful of blood.

If Yamamoto Kazuo had not controlled his strength, the tattooed man would have been knocked unconscious!

“Idiot!” Yamamoto Kazuo berated the tattooed man.

“What nonsense are you spouting! This beautiful and noble lady is dedicated to our Lord Miyamoto.

How can we enjoy her first!”

The tattooed man was in pain.

He thought to himself, “Damn it, you hypocritical Japanese.

You clearly like this woman too, but you dont dare to admit it!”

The tattooed man was very smart.

They were all men.

He could tell at a glance that this Yamamoto Kazuo also had designs on Lota.

However, he could not reveal it in front of everyone.

This was because in Japan and within the Miyamoto family, it was a serious crime for subordinates to covet their masters items, including women.

If it were only Leon and his friends at the scene, it would still be safe.

They wouldnt be going along to Japan and wouldnt get to meet Lord Miyamoto.

But Dragon was present.

He would likely become Lord Miyamotos future favorite!

What if Dragon gained Lord Miyamotos favor in the future and told tales about Yamamoto Kazuo

The tattooed man understood why Yamamoto Kazuo slapped him even though his desire for Lota was evident.

He had an idea.

“Lord Yamamoto, does Lord Miyamoto like to swim”

Yamamoto Kazuo said angrily, “B*stard! Youre just a subordinate.

What gives you the right to ask about your masters lifestyle!”

The tattooed man hurriedly said, “Lord Yamamoto, please calm down.

What I mean is, if Lord Miyamoto likes to swim, then wed better teach this lady how to swim.

If this lady doesnt know how to swim, then she wont be able to entertain Lord Miyamoto, right”

Yamamoto Kazuo found it strange.

“Teach her to swim”

Yamamoto Kazuo realized that if they were going to swim, they would definitely have to change into swimsuits!

“If she wears a swimsuit…”

Yamamoto Kazuo looked at the curvaceous Lota and immediately became excited.

Lota had such a good figure.

If she wore a swimsuit, it would be a great view!

Yamamoto Kazuo immediately understood what the tattooed man meant.

Since Lota was dedicated to Lord Miyamoto, as his subordinate, he could not touch her.

But he could still feast on her with his eyes, right

Yamamoto Kazuo immediately said, “Lord Miyamotos favorite sport is swimming! His requirement for his women is that they must know how to swim!”

Seeing that Yamamoto Kazuo understood what he meant, the tattooed man quickly added.

“Oh, in that case, we have to work hard.

Before sending this lady to Japan, we have to teach her at the hotel pool!”

“Thats right, thats right! Teach her how to swim.

Teach her step by step.


The others also became excited.

At this moment, Lota sensed their ill intentions and hurriedly said, “I can swim! I know all the strokes.

I dont need you to teach me!”

Leon stood up and chuckled.

“Oh Are you good at it Change into a swimsuit and swim back and forth in the pool.

Prove to us that you know all the strokes.


Lota felt defeated.

It didnt matter what she said, she couldnt escape.

She had to put on a swimsuit and accept their roving eyes.

It would be fine if she wore a swimsuit and they just gawked over her.

What she was afraid of was that once she revealed her impressive figure, these men would not be able to resist taking advantage of her!

Yamamoto Kazuo instructed.

“Call the concierge to prepare a female swimsuit.”

The tattooed man stepped forward and said, “No need, no need.

How would the concierge know what to choose Ill personally get this ladys swimsuit.

Ill definitely find something beautiful, hahaha.”

Yamamoto Kazuo smiled evilly.

“Lets not delay then.

Lets get ready and go to the swimming pool.

I heard that the swimming pool in this hotel is very luxurious.

Ive always wanted to take a look.”

With that, they were about to take Lota away.


Dragon suddenly spoke up.

Yamamoto Kazuo looked displeased.


Dragon, I advise you not to waste your breath.

Youre my captive now.

You have no right to ask me to do anything.”

“No way I will let this girl go!”

Dragon knew that these men were lusting after her.

No matter what he said, it was useless.

He said, “Alright, you can bring her to swim, but before you leave, can you remove my handcuffs If you handcuff me like this, I wont be able to go to the toilet.”

Leon said cautiously, “We cant uncuff him! What if he escapes”

Yamamoto Kazuo thought for a moment and said, “Ill remove the cuffs on your hands.

You can do it on the spot.

I wont mind the smell.”

With that, Yamamoto Kazuo removed the cuffs from Dragons hands.

However, Dragons ankles were still cuffed and he couldnt move from his spot.

“I have to search him for a phone.

Itll be troublesome if he calls someone!”

Leon took the initiative to search Dragons entire body, but they did not find a phone on him.

But Dragon did have a phone on him.

It was only the size of a chocolate piece.

It was an iPhone 18 that only the eight great families had.

Leon didnt recognize it!


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