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Dragon said, “I heard from Yamamoto that theirMirakuru has yet to be officially developed.

It has side effects on the human body.

It seems that their technology has yet to reach perfection.”

Jordan smiled.

Although he did not know what the Miyamoto familys plan was, he knew why they had not succeeded yet.

Because the Deity was dead!

If the Deity was still alive, they could rely on her foresight to resolve their obstacles.

However, the Deity was dead and this was not something that could be done in a year or so.

Dragon continued.

“I know that this thing will have a huge impact on the Steele family.

It just so happens that they want to capture me and offer me to the Miyamoto family.

Therefore, I plan to beat them at their own game and follow them to Japan.

Then, Ill take the opportunity to snatch their special drug and Mirakuru serum!”

Jordan nodded.

“Thats right.

This matter is very important to our family.

Alright, Ill let you go to Japan, but you must be careful.

Also, theMirakuru serum will unlikely be completed in the near term.

If they want to inject it into your body, you must not agree.

Otherwise, you will end up as their experimental subject!”

Dragon nodded.

“Thank you for your concern, Master.

Ill be careful.”

Salvatore also encouraged Dragon.

“Dragon, youre really the best.

You are even going to Japan to be a spy.

If they succeed in developing Mirakuru, you have to bring more back.

At the very least, you have to bring back enough for me Tim!”

Tim was also very fascinated by this serum.

He said, “Thats right, Dragon.

I want to be like you and fight 10 people alone! This way, I can protect Mr.

Jordan better!”

Dragon smiled.

“No problem.”

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As they chatted, Harry drove closer and closer to their destination…

25 minutes later.

The Watergate Hotel, top floor swimming pool.

It was an infinity pool on the top floor and more than 400 square meters in size.

The view from the top was very beautiful.

This was also a rather popular hotel pool in the capital.

Rich second-generation heirs often came.

People could swim here even if they didnt stay in the hotel.

However, they had to apply for an annual membership card.

The annual membership fee was very expensive at 20,000 dollars.

At this moment, there were about 20 men and 10 women in the swimming pool.

Originally, everyone was either swimming, resting in the jacuzzi, or admiring the scenery with a drink in hand.

But the moment Lota arrived, she instantly attracted everyones attention!

“Oh my God! What a hottie!”

“F*ck! Goddess! An absolute goddess!”

“Oh my god, with that figure, Im going to have a nosebleed.”

“Oh my god, quickly take a photo of her with your phone!!”

Lota was wearing a revealing yellow swimsuit! She was already as beautiful as a Hollywood actress.

Now, her good figure was up on display.

No man could remain calm!

Even Yamamoto Kazuo and his gang were all stunned!

“Oh my God, I cant believe this girl is not even 18 yet!”

Yamamoto Kazuo no longer had his previous domineering aura.

Standing in front of Lota, he was like a fanboy.

Lota was a very shy girl.

She didnt like the attention.

Being made to change into a swimsuit, she was furious and she said angrily to Yamamoto Kazuo and his gang, “Ill go down and swim for you now.

If I prove that I can swim, you have to let me go.”

With that, Lota jumped into the swimming pool with one beautiful leap.

Instantly, all the men present cheered!

Then, with the level of a professional swimmer, Lota swam in the pool using various strokes.

Everyone in the crowd stopped what they were doing and watched her swim.

“Ah! I love her! Shes so beautiful and has such a good figure.

She can actually swim so well! I want her to be my swimming coach!”

“Oh my god, what kind of man is worthy of her!”

“Who can help me find out whats the jail sentence for rape I must have her.

I dont mind going to jail!”

Lotas charm was simply incomparable to those other women at the swimming pool!

All the other women paled in comparison to her!

Lota swam back and forth before finally stopping in front of Yamamoto Kazuo and his gang.

She said, “Look, I can swim, and Im very good at it.

I dont need you to teach me.

Can I leave now”

With that, Lota wanted to leave the pool.

However, the tattooed man stopped her.

The tattooed man was very close to Lota and he had a good view of her figure.

He was extremely excited and smiled evilly.

“Beauty, youre not bad at swimming.

Now, we want to test your diving ability.”


Lota felt that they were up to no good!

The tattooed man smiled evilly.

“Lord Yamamoto, why dont compete with this lady, see who can hold your breath longer underwater”

Leon chuckled.

“Thats right.

Teach her under the water, hahaha.”

Knowing something was wrong, Lota struggled.

“No, I dont want to dive!”

However, how could a weak girl like her resist these men

Leon did not pity her at all.

He pressed her head into the water.

“Grab her arms!”

The other two men grabbed Lotas arms.

Just like that, Lota was forced underwater, with her arms held up.

Leon smiled evilly.

“Please teach her well, Lord Yamamoto.”

Yamamoto Kazuo was very excited.

“Good, good, good! Hahaha, if there are any benefits in the future, I will definitely not forget you!”

With that, Yamamoto Kazuo jumped into the pool.

Lota was at the mercy of those men.

She could not resist at all.

She saw Yamamoto Kazuo extending his evil hands toward her.

Lotas tears mixed with the water in the pool.

At this moment!


A person quickly swam over from the other side and kicked Yamamoto Kazuos head!

“Ah! Idiot! Who interrupted me!”

Yamamoto Kazuo was furious.

With his strength, he did not need to fear anyone.

If anyone dared to provoke him, he would teach them a lesson with his fists.


When Lota saw Yamamoto Kazuo reaching out to her, she closed her eyes, not wanting to witness his act.

But when she heard Yamamoto Kazuos cries, she opened her eyes again and saw Jordan!

It was Jordan again!

He had come to save Lota again! He was once again just in time!

“Oh my God, hes my guardian angel!”

Lota cried tears of joy!

Meanwhile, men from all directions came over and kicked Yamamoto Kazuo in the face!

“Idiot! Whose smelly feet was that! Theres even dirt on it!”


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