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Yamamoto Kazuo was furious.

Lota had been just within his reach but he was interrupted.

If he missed this opportunity, he would never get another one after Lota was sent to Japan and became his masters woman!

He wanted to flare up and use his extraordinary physical strength to retaliate against these troublemakers.

However, he did not expect there to be so many of them!

Jordans men were all well-trained elites.

They were not ordinary fighters but like an elite military force.

Once deployed, they would definitely win.

They attacked swiftly and ruthlessly, not giving Yamamoto Kazuo and his gang any chance to counterattack.



Leon and his friends were pressed into the water.

The tattooed man and his friend were unable to fight back.

As for Leon, he managed to put up a fiercer resistance because of the special medicine.

However, Jordan had assigned four elite fighters to handle him.

It was a challenge for Leon to fight against four people, so he was also pressed into the water.

“No… no…”

“Help… me…”


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The three of them struggled underwater.

However, the crowd in the swimming pool had already dispersed in fear.

One of them was quite bold and didnt run.

Instead, he took out his phone to take a video.

Perhaps he wanted to post it on the internet to gain popularity.

However, one of Jordans men threw a dart over which sliced off his index finger!

The man was so frightened that he didnt dare to stay any longer and fled in panic!

For this rescue mission, Jordan had specially chosen European subordinates.

Dragon had informed Jordan earlier that he told Yamamoto that he worked for a European family.

Therefore, Jordan purposely chose European fighters so that Yamamoto Kazuo would think that they were men sent by Dragons “European boss” to save Lota.

Earlier on, Jordan also instructed his European subordinates.

“Leave Yamamoto Kazuo alive.

Do as you will with the others.”

In other words, they could kill Leon and his friends!

Jordan couldnt be blamed for being so ruthless.

As the Swiss Holy Maiden of one of the eight families, Lotas status was extremely noble.

She came to the capital because of Jordan.

It was Jordan who brought her to eat at common eateries and stay at cheap hotels.

Therefore, if anything happened to her, Jordan would definitely take full responsibility.

As for the tattooed man and his friend, Jordan had already let them off the first time after warning them and teaching them a lesson.

However, they still insisted on targeting Lota.

They even made Lota appear in a public swimming pool wearing such a revealing swimsuit!

How could their eyes be worthy of looking at a noble woman like Lota!

They deserved to die!

Pressed beneath the surface of the water, their expressions turned increasingly ugly.

They believed that they would drown soon!

When Yamamoto Kazuo saw this, he did not save them.

He just wanted to escape quickly!

After being surrounded and beaten up in the water, Yamamoto Kazuo managed to break free and swam away.

“What speed!”

Jordan did not know how fast the worlds top swimming champion was, but he was certain that Yamamoto Kazuos current swimming speed definitely surpassed his!

Yamamoto Kazuo escaped from Jordan and the others.

In fact, Jordan had deliberately let him escape.

Otherwise, with Jordans subordinates in all four corners of the pool, it would have been impossible for Yamamoto Kazuo to escape.

Jordan was annoyed when he saw Yamamoto Kazuo escaping.

‘Despicable fellow.

He came to the US to poach our talents.

He even injured Dragon and wanted to take advantage of Lota.

Letting him escape like this is going too easy on him!”

Jordan could not kill Yamamoto Kazuo because he had to make use of him to bring Dragon to Japan to meet Miyamoto.

However, he could make Yamamoto Kazuo suffer just a little while he was still here.


Jordan shot him in the calf.


Yamamoto Kazuo became even more flustered after being shot.

No matter how good he was at fighting, he couldnt fight against a gun.

Limping faster, he staggered out of the place.


Lota hugged Jordan tightly, tears flowing from her diamond-like blue eyes.

Jordan carried Lota out of the pool and put his shirt on her.

“Lota, its my fault for not protecting you this time.

Its my fault for letting you be scared.” He comforted Lota as he carried her out of the hotel.

Meanwhile, Yamamoto Kazuo had fled back to his hotel room.

Dragon saw blood on Yamamoto Kazuos leg.

Dragon pretended to look anxious as he asked.


Yamamoto, what happened Didnt you go swimming How did you get injured Where are Leon and the others”

As he hurriedly pulled clothes into his suitcase, Yamamoto Kazuo said anxiously, “That beautys parents sent men to save her! Damn it, those men are so ruthless!”

Dragon secretly laughed at him for being an idiot.

He continued to pretend.

“Ah My boss is here If he finds out that Ive betrayed him and joined the Miyamoto family, will he kill me”

Yamamoto Kazuo said, “Dragon, dont worry.

Since youve chosen Lord Miyamoto, the Miyamoto family will definitely not mistreat you.

Come to Japan with me!”

Dragon nodded sincerely.


Yamamoto Kazuo believed Dragon and removed his restraints.

They left the hotel and went straight to Japan.


After leaving the hotel, Jordan carried Lota into the car.

She was still in a daze and Jordans heart ached at the sight.

Even the son of the richest man in the US was not worthy of such a holy and noble lady! Yet, some lousy hooligans nearly took advantage of her!

This dangerous encounter with lowlife hooligans had completely terrified the pure and noble Lota.

Jordan looked at her.

“Lota, listen to me.

Dont stay in cheap hotels or eat at food trucks.

Ill buy you a villa.

Lets stay in a villa.”

For safety reasons, it was better for a noble and beautiful girl like Lota to stay in a private villa and eat at high-end restaurants.

Lota pouted.

“Cant I eat from food trucks like an ordinary person”

Jordan stroked her long hair to comfort her.

“I have an ex-wife called Hailey.

Although I dont agree with most of her views, shes right about one thing.

She said that when a woman is beautiful enough, she can no longer live an ordinary life.

“Previously, like you, she liked to eat at food trucks.

However, she would be hit on and teased by drunk men every time.

Lota, youre just like her.

Youll be like a famous celebrity at places like that.

Im sorry to say this to you, dear Lota.

Please continue living a high-class life!”

Lota said innocently, “But a high-class life is very expensive.

I dont have money.”

“Ill support you!”


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