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Jordan joked, “I am going to kidnap an underage girl like you.

I am going to kidnap Park Anyas 15-year-old daughter and send her to the battlefield for my brother Jamie to enjoy.”

Lota was puzzled.

Wasnt Jordan the best person in the world Why was he doing such a thing

However, Lota was smart and guessed it right away.

“Jamie and that girl must be a couple!”

Jordan hesitated for a moment before replying, “Something like that… I think.”

Park Sora would definitely consider Jamie and her to be a couple.

They might have even exchanged passionate vows.

However, Jordan knew that in Jamies eyes, Park Sora was just a plaything that he would get tired of in less than two years.

Therefore, Jordan was reluctant to call Jamie and Park Sora a couple.

Lota gazed at Jordan with admiration.

“Ah, Jordan, youre so great.

The two of them cant meet for some reason so you are especially rescuing her from her captivity to let her see the man she loves the most.

Youre too nice!”

Jordan: “…”

Lota had somehow misunderstood such a mission to be a good deed Dragging an underage girl to the battlefield for a playboy like Jamie to sleep with, before sending her back

Jordan had always felt that it was a very despicable task.

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Lota said excitedly, “Jordan, let me go with you.

If I had known you when I was 15, I would also hope that someone could bring me out of my castle to meet you!”

Jordan calculated the timeline.

When Lota was 15 years old, Jordan was indeed training on the battlefield in Syria.

The situation was exactly the same as Park Sora and Jamies!

Did she mean that she was willing to come to the battlefield to comfort Jordan

Heavens, did women nowadays not care about their chastity!

However, Jordan still shook his head.

“No, its too dangerous for you to go there.

Itll be troublesome if youre caught by the Park family.”

Lota said with a nonchalant expression, “No, Im very familiar with the Park family.

Ive met Park Anyas father and all her brothers.

They respect me very much! If you bring me there, I might be able to help you if something happens!”

Jordan was in a dilemma.

Suddenly, he heard a cat meowing.

Two days ago, Lota had bought a blue-gray British Shorthair cat on a whim.

Lota had named it “Kitty”.

Looking at the kitten, Jordan suddenly remembered that when he was rescuing Lota at the castle, the woman in the red dress had used a cat to kill Park Chan-youngs most capable subordinate.

Jordan went over to pick up the cat and placed it in Lotas arms.

This cat snuggled against Lotas chest.

Any man who saw this scene would probably feel that his life was worse than a cats.

Jordan smiled.

“Bring this cat along and follow me to South Korea!”


Late at night, South Korea, Seoul.

Jordan, Lota and the others arrived at the entrance of Park Anyas mansion again.

As Jordan had already been there once before, he was familiar with this place now.

“Wait for me at the door.

Ill go in to bring Park Sora out.

Keep in touch at all times.

Remember, dont shoot unless its absolutely necessary.”

Jordan instructed his subordinates.

Dragon was not around and Jordan did not trust the skills of the others, so he planned to go personally.

For safety reasons, Tim would control a drone to observe the situation from the air at all times.

If Jordan met with any mishap, his men could provide support immediately.

Salvatore and Tim said, “Yes! Be careful, Mr.


Lota stuck her head out of the car as well.

“Jordan, you can do it! Save the underage beauty! Give it to her good!”

Jordan was a little exasperated when he saw how excited Lota was and by how she now loved to use that phrase.

He pressed her head down and pushed her back into the car.

Now, Jordan and Lota were getting increasingly familiar with each other.

When Lota was being especially naughty, Jordan would sometimes spank her.

Of course, Jordan still treated her as his younger sister.

Although the two of them often hugged each other, he had no amorous feelings toward her.

However, Lota did not treat Jordan as a brother…

Jordan was familiar with the place.

He climbed over the wall and slipped in wearing the Park familys bodyguard uniform.

He swaggered towards Park Soras room.

The last time he came to Park Soras room, there was a bodyguard guarding the door.

This time, there was no one.

“Looks like they decreased the security now that Jamie hasnt been visiting.”

This was perfect.

Jordan easily pushed open the door and walked in.

The room was lit up.

Park Sora was clearly not asleep yet.

The girls bedroom was spacious.

It consisted of a small seating area, a study area, a private bathroom and a sleeping enclave.

As he slowly walked in, Jordan heard some singing.

There was a full-blown KTV system in here and Park Sora was singing into the microphone.

Jordan happened to have heard this song before when he was in the car with Hailey.

It was called “First Love”.

[You will always gonna be the one in my life]

[So true, I believe I can never find somebody like you]

[My first love]


Park Soras singing was very pleasant.

She danced along with the melody.

It seemed like she had a good sense of rhythm and dancing skills.

No wonder South Korea produced so many music idols.

With Park Soras potential, if she was willing to enter the entertainment industry, she could easily become the next Chungha, one of the top South Korean female singers who were also very popular in the US.

Jordan leaned against the wall.

He did not disturb her but quietly listened to her singing.

After she finished the song, he finally spoke up.

“You sing well, young lady.”

Park Sora had been singing her heart out and had no idea that there was another person in the room.

“Who let you in! Didnt I tell you guys to get lost!”

Park Sora did not panic because Jordan was wearing the bodyguard uniform.

At first glance, she thought that Jordan was a bodyguard sent by her mother.

Jordan smiled.

“Dont you recognize me The last time I came here to look for Jamie, I happened to see him behind you.

He seemed to be doing something with you.”

Park Soras face turned red.

The speed at which she blushed was astonishing!

“Its… its you! What are you doing here!”

Park Sora remembered Jordan now.

Of course, she felt embarrassed.

No matter how open-minded this little girl was, she was just 15 years old.

How could she stand having some stranger witness such a compromising scene

Jordan asked, “Do you want to see your sweetheart I can take you to see him.”

Park Sora was tempted, but she tried to hide it.

“No way.

He hasnt contacted me for a month.

He doesnt love me anymore.”

Jordan said, “Hes on a battlefield now and has no time to contact you.

If you want to see him, I can bring you to him.”


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