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Park Sora was at a loss.

Every time she looked at Jordan, she would feel very uncomfortable and not dare to look directly at him.

Embarrassment was only one of the reasons.

Another main reason was that Jordan was too handsome.

Just like how some men found it difficult to make eye contact with beautiful girls.

Park Sora had fallen in love with Jamie not just because of his charm.

After all, girls her age were very easily attracted to the opposite sex.

Park Sora hesitated for a moment before saying, “I… I dont want to see him.”

Jordan did not force her.

“Alright, since you dont want to see him, Ill leave.”

With that, Jordan turned around to leave.


Park Sora jumped down from the sofa barefooted and grabbed Jordans arm.

She was very afraid that Jordan would really leave just like that.

Park Sora said, “You… youre leaving just like that How are you going to explain this to Jamie”

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Jordan said, “I didnt agree with his request to do this in the first place.

He wont even let an underage girl off.

Dont worry, if youre unwilling, I definitely wont force you.”

How could Jordan bring himself to force a 15-year-old girl

Park Sora said, “No, dont go.

I… Im willing to go with you.”

Jordan asked, “Are you sure”

Originally, Park Sora wanted to pretend to be more aloof and reserved.

After all, she had given Jordan a very bad first impression.

However, Park Sora realized that Jordan was not buying her act at all, so she did not continue wasting her efforts.

Park Sora nodded.

“Yes, I miss him so much.

Over the past month, Ive been thinking about him every day.

Quickly bring me to him!”

Jordan shook his head helplessly.

Another girl who had been bewitched by Jamie.

But since they were both willing parties, Jordan could not say anything.

“Lets go.”

Jordan and Park Sora did not sneak away.

Instead, they walked out of the room openly.

Jordan continued to pretend to be a bodyguard and escorted her out of the door.

Along the way, they encountered many people.

However, they were all servants.

When they saw Park Sora, they bowed and did not say anything.

Upon arriving at the entrance, Jordan thought that the matter would be completed smoothly.

However, at this moment, a familiar womans voice sounded behind them.

“Sora, where are you going so late at night”

It was Park Anyas voice!

Given that Park Anya was Jordans former goddess, he would never forget her voice.

This kind of intellectual woman, even her voice was enough to make people dream.

At this moment, Park Anya was wearing a black dress and had her arms crossed over her chest.

She stood behind Jordan and Park Sora, looking very imposing.

Park Sora was so frightened that her face turned pale.

Her mother had always been against her dating.

If her mother knew that she was going to meet her lover, she would definitely break her legs!

Turning around in a panic, Park Sora said nervously, “Mom, its so late.

Why are you still up”

“Answer me,” Park Anya ordered sternly.

Park Sora said, “I… I feel very cooped up in my room, so I asked someone to bring me to the park next door to take a breather.

Ill be back soon!”

Park Anya noticed the man in a bodyguard uniform standing beside Park Anya.

It was Jordan.

At this moment, Park Anya could only see Jordans back profile.

“This back profile…”

Park Anya found it both familiar yet strange.

“Which guard are you Turn around and let me see,” Park Anya ordered Jordan.

Jordan sighed inwardly.

“Damn, am I going to be discovered”

Park Anya would definitely recognize him the moment he turned around.

However, Jordan had no choice!

At this moment, a familiar figure jumped out.

Lota walked over from outside the entrance with her kitten in her arms.

She greeted Park Anya.

“Hello, Ms.


Jordan was flabbergasted.

Why wasnt Lota in the car Why did she come out! Lotas sudden appearance instantly put Park Anya and her bodyguards on high alert.

The guards drew their guns in case anything happened.

Park Anya sized up Lota and realized that she was just a young girl, but very beautiful and classy.

She was obviously not from an ordinary family.

In addition, Lota seemed to know her, so Park Anya was very polite.

“Little girl, who are you What are you doing here”

Lota said, “Ive always heard from Park Chan-young that youre very beautiful.

Ive always wanted to meet you!”

Park Anya was shocked.

“You know Park Chan-young”

Lota smiled.

“Thats right.

I met Park Chan-young, Park Sang-cheol and Park Sang-jun at the great meeting!”

“The great meeting! You are…”

Park Anya exclaimed in shock.

Lota smiled.

“Im Lota.

Lota Schmid.”

Park Anya hurriedly asked her subordinates to put down their weapons.

She said very respectfully, “So its Miss Schmid.

Please come in!”

Park Sora noticed the change in Park Anyas manner.

She knew that her mother had always been cold and aloof.

Even in private, she was high and mighty towards her father.

So why was she so respectful to a little girl who was only about her age

Park Sora asked, “Mom, who is she What great meeting What is that”

Park Sora was still too young and Park Anya had yet to tell her about the family secret.

No longer in the mood to care about Park Sora and the bodyguard, Park Anya said instead, “Sora, after your walk, find a hotel nearby and stay there.

Dont come back tonight.”

Park Sora was surprised.

Her mother was usually so strict with her.

Why was she chasing her away just because of Lotas presence

Park Sora was very angry.

“No! Why dont you tell me anything!”

But Park Anya ignored her daughters tantrum and smiled as she invited Lota into the mansion.

Park Sora stomped her feet angrily.

Jordan glanced at Lota and Park Anyas backs and thought to himself, “Lota is too reckless.

I hope she can deal with Madam.”

After that, Jordan and Park Sora quickly got into the car and left.

Once they were inside, Park Anya asked all her subordinates to retreat and wait outside after inviting Lota to take a seat.

Some things could not be overheard by others.

Park Anya personally made a cup of coffee for Lota.

Lota accepted it and thanked her.

“Thank you.

Can I call you Sister Anya”

Park Anya was delighted.

“Of course.”

Lota asked curiously, “Sister Anya, why havent I seen you at the great meeting over the past two years Shouldnt you already be eligible to take on the family business”


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