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An awkward expression instantly appeared on Park Anyas exquisite face!

She was such a proud woman!

Jordan was handsome, skilled in combat and saved her life on the battlefield.

And as far as she knew, he rose from a small-time soldier to becoming a billionaire.

He was such an outstanding man but Park Anya still didnt like him!

Squeezing out a polite smile, Park Anya tried her best to create the image of a gracious madam.

At night, she had to endure her husbands mediocrity and a passionless marriage.

Why did she have to suffer all that All because she wanted to obtain her familys recognition!

However, Park Anya had never been summoned by her family.

She had never been to the great meeting!

Meanwhile, Lota from the Schmid family was also a woman.

She looked like a little girl who had just reached adulthood, but she had already been there several times!

Park Anya felt that Lotas words were filled with hidden daggers.

It was humiliating!

Nevertheless, Park Anya was a mature woman.

She could handle all sorts of situations.

She tried her best to appear indifferent.

But as she reached up to brush her hair to the side, it seemed an action that was somewhat deliberate and unnecessary.

This was because her hair was tied back in a smooth bun.

Not a single strand of hair strayed from it.

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Park Anya said with a nonchalant expression, “Oh, I havent been feeling well in the past few years so I try not to travel.”

Park Anyas heart pounded as she said this.

This was because she didnt know where the great meetings were held.

If any of them had been held in South Korea, her lie would be exposed!

Park Anya did not want to lose face in front of this 18-year-old girl.

Lota was innocent and naive.

She didnt know that this woman, who was a lot older than her, was having such complicated thoughts.

Park Anya smiled.

“Isnt this years great meeting going to take place in less than a month Ill definitely attend it this time.

When the time comes, we can chat and drink together.”

Actually, Park Anya was not sure if she would be able to attend the great meeting this year.

But her family had finally acknowledged her outstanding performance this year.

There was a chance they might relent and allow her to attend.

Park Anya vowed that no matter what, she would ask the familys permission to attend this meeting this year.

Even a little girl like Lota had attended the meeting before.

Park Anya had always prided herself on being the most outstanding woman in the world.

This was a disgrace to her reputation!

But the real reason why Lota could participate in the great meeting despite her young age was not that the Schmid family was very open-minded.

It was because the entire Schmid family was controlled by the Handley family.

Shaun Handley liked Lota and she was very obedient.

That was why he sent her to attend the meeting.

However, Lota just grinned and said, “I wont be going this year.”

Park Anya quickly asked, “Why”

Lota couldnt tell her the real reason so she said, “Im tired of going.

Its meaningless.

Whenever I go, I just end up being a messenger for my family, hehe.”

Tired of going

When Park Anya heard this, she felt like strangling Lota to death!

‘Ive worked so hard to prove to the family that Im qualified to attend the meeting, but you claim that youre tired of it

Park Anya was so angry that her insides hurt.

Lota was younger than her, and her figure was more stunning.

Park Anya could tolerate all of this.

However, she really couldnt stand the nonchalant sense of superiority that Lota exuded.

Lota smiled cutely, the very picture of innocence.

She looked down at the coffee that Park Anya had personally made for her and saw a heart-shaped pattern on the foam.

Lotas childish interest was piqued.

“Ah, Sister Anya, your heart-shaped pattern is so beautiful.

Can you teach me”

Park Anya was strangling Lota in her mind, but she just smiled and nodded.

“Alright, since you like it, Ill teach you now.

I guarantee youll learn it soon.”

“Thats great!”

Lota was very excited.

Park Anya held another coffee cup and began to explain to Lota.

“The coffee cup has to be tilted 15 degrees.

Then position the foam jug 10 centimeters above the cup and pour in the milk foam…”

Park Anya taught Lota patiently, and Lota was also very focused on learning.

Lota was indeed smart.

She mastered the technique in a short period of time.

“Wow, it worked!”

Lota danced with joy as she looked at the foam pattern she had made.

Seeing Lota so happy and dancing without any care for her image, Park Anya began to think that she might have been overthinking things earlier.

This little girl might not have any intention of mocking her.

She was just saying whatever came to her mind.

Park Anya felt a little better and gradually started to like this innocent and cute little girl.

She could tell at a glance that Lota had a sweetheart, so she asked, “You wanted to learn this so that you can make it for your sweetheart, right Do you already have a boyfriend”

Lota blushed.

She wanted to deny it, but she felt like she had been seen through.

“Well… no.

I do like him a lot, but he is already married,” Lota said.

Park Anya smiled.

In her opinion, only commoners cared if the other party was married.

People like them who stood at the top of the world had the right to take anything they wanted.

Whatever caught her fancy, she would just take it.

Whoever caught her fancy, she would have him.

Park Anya smiled.

“A marriage certificate is just a useless piece of paper in my eyes.

The most important thing is whether you guys like each other.

Lota, Im curious.

What kind of man can make such an outstanding girl like you like him”

Lota was very humble.

“Oh, Im not very outstanding.”

Park Anya said, “Your face alone is top-notch and I can tell that youve never had plastic surgery.

And your figure….Ive always been very self-disciplined and maintain my figure strictly every day, but when I see you… even I feel ashamed.

Besides, youve participated in the great meeting, making suggestions and decisions for the fate of the world.

How are you not outstanding”

In Park Anyas opinion, Lota was indeed an extremely elegant and outstanding girl.

She even felt a bit of envy when it came to this girl

Park Anya had never been jealous of another woman.

Lota didnt know how to respond to Park Anyas praise.

Park Anya continued to probe.

“Is your sweetheart… from one of the eight families”


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