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After locking onto the location and landing safely, Jordan called Jamie to come out.

Jamie had already informed his comrades not to attack the jet.

He brought his men to the small forest beside the base.

There was no one here, and it was relatively safe.


Park Sora pounced on Jamie excitedly the moment she saw him.

Jamie had been on the battlefield for a month and had not seen such a fair and tender woman since.

When he saw the lovely Park Sora, he was extremely excited and hurriedly kissed her twice.

“Baby, did you miss me”

“Yes, yes.

I missed you every minute of the day!”

The two of them started to exchange sweet nothings.

Jamie looked like he couldnt wait anymore.

He said to Jordan, “Wait for me for a while.

Let me settle this first.

Well talk later!”

Knowing Jamies personality, Jordan just waved him away.

Jamie brought Park Sora deep into the forest to settle their private affairs.

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At this moment, Lota walked toward Jordan.

“Where did Jamie and that girl go”

Jordan wondered how he was going to answer such an awkward question.

He didnt know if Lota really didnt know or was asking this on purpose.

In the end, Jordan didnt answer but just patted Lota on the back.

This kind of thing could only be experienced but not described!

Half an hour later, Jamie and Park Sora walked over holding hands sweetly.

Jamie saw Lota and immediately let go of Park Soras hand.

He exclaimed.

“Oh my god, theres actually such a holy and perfect beauty in this world! F*ck, thats impossible.

Ive spent so much money searching all over Europe for top-notch beauties.

Pretty girl, where are you from”

Jordan knew what a playboy Jamie was.

He was not surprised that he had taken a liking to Lota.

Although Jordan did not have any romantic feelings for Lota, he respected her as a person.

Such a pure and innocent girl could not be ruined by someone like Jamie.

Jordan hurriedly shoved Jamie aside.

“Shes Lota from the Swiss Schmid family.

Dont have any ideas about her.”

Jamie smiled.

“Look how nervous you are.

I do have my limits, okay Would I touch your woman If I were such a b*stard, I would have already taken Hailey and Lauren!”

With that, Jamie smiled at Lota.

“Hello, Miss Schmid.

Im Jamie.”

“Hello Jamie, pleased to meet you.” Lota greeted Jamie in perfect American-accented English.

Jamie was slightly taken aback.

It was not common to hear an European speak with such perfect American-accented English.

Where did she learn it from

Taking Lotas hand, Jamie kissed the back of it in a European aristocratic manner.

Jamie turned to Park Sora.

“Sora, go back to the plane first.

I have something important to discuss with my brother.”

Park Sora glared at Lota with hostility before hugging Jamies arm tightly.

“No, I dont want to be separated from you.

Lets not stay in this lousy place.

Lets leave together.”

It hadnt been easy to convince Jamie to come to the battlefield to train.

Jordan couldnt let Park Sora ruin it.

Jordan spoke up.

“Miss Sora, I do have some private things to discuss with Jamie.

You cant be present.”

Park Sora was a little afraid of Jordan and did not dare to object.

She obediently followed Salvatore to the plane.

Once they were alone, Jordan and Jamie walked to the side and sat beside a collapsed tree.

Each of them lit a cigarette.

Jamie had just enjoyed himself with Park Sora and was now smoking happily.

He said, “Jordan, its only been a month since we last met.

I feel that youve aged so much since.

Youre always sighing and frowning.”

Jordan sighed.

“Youve been training on the battlefield and dont know about many things on the outside.

The great meeting will be held in about two weeks.

The other seven great families will kick our family out then.

The Steeles are in danger now!”

Jamie exhaled a lungful of smoke and said disdainfully, “Whats there to be afraid of! So what if were kicked out In any case, the eight families dont help each other.

We each do our own thing.

The Steele familys weapons and military strength are no weaker than the others.

They wont dare to do anything to us!”

Jordan shook his head.

“I used to think so too, but ever since I learned about the other families, I realized how terrifying they are.

The Schmid family is powerful, right But do you know that they are now controlled by an American family who dabbles in sorcery Even with the Schmid familys powerful weapons, they are helpless!”

“What” Jamie was shocked.

There was such sorcery in this world

Jordan continued.

“Also, the Park family from South Korea has already developed a medicine that can make people 10 years younger.

The Miyamoto family from Japan is developing the Mirakuru serum.

It can increase a persons physical ability by leaps and bounds.

When they succeed, the serum can give an ordinary person the ability to instantly kill Dragon and Phoenix.”

Jamie became increasingly shocked.

So many things happened in the month while he was away on the battlefield

“Oh yes, where did Dragon go Why dont I see him”

Jamie knew that Dragon should have come with Jordan to the battlefield as it was a very dangerous place.

Jordan replied, “I sent him to Japan to spy on the Miyamoto family.

By the way, did you have sex with a very beautiful woman in Japan before”

Jamie said, “Ive played with several women from Japan before.

Which one are you talking about”

“Shes now the wife of the Miyamoto familys second-generation heir, Miyamoto Masaki.

Her name is Matsushima Rika.”

Jordan had just learned of Miyamoto Masaki and Matsushima Rika from a report Dragon had recently sent him.

Previously, in the virtual game, it was this Miyamoto Masaki who had fought with Jordan.

Miyamoto Masaki had said in the game that Jamie had taken his wifes virginity.

When he heard that, Jamie laughed out loud.

“Rika Thats right.

Shes my woman.

I didnt expect the Miyamoto family to marry a woman Ive played with before.

Haha, couldnt Miyamoto Masaki find a pure woman to be his wife Why did he have to marry her But Matsushima Rika does have her unique charm.

Now that we are talking about her, I am starting to miss her!”

Jordan said, “I usually dont approve of you fooling around outside, but you did well with Matsushima Rika!”

Jamie laughed again.

“Dont praise me.

Im not used to it.

Besides, I wasnt the one who chased after Matsushima Rika.

She deliberately seduced me.

Jordan, if you hate Miyamoto Masaki that much, you can sleep with his wife.

Haha, she is very easy to seduce!”


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