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Jordan smiled and pressed her head through the soft blanket.

“Have a good rest, silly girl.

Dont think about going on a hunger strike.

Ill come and wake you up for breakfast tomorrow morning.”

He did not have much time to comfort her.

After all, he had more important things to do and returned to his room.

After returning to his room, Jordan sent a message to Dragon.

“How are things progressing”

It had been days but Dragon had yet to obtain the divine medicine that could strengthen the body of the Miyamoto family! He hadnt even laid eyes on the Mirakuru serum!

According to Dragon, Miyamoto Masaki had become increasingly trusting of him.

But even so, Dragon still did not know the location of the divine medicine.

Miyamoto Masaki had only given it to Dragon once to test the upper limits of his combat powers.

After that, he had never given it to him again.

As a result, Dragon was unable to secretly bring this divine medicine to Jordan.

The great meeting was coming.

By then, Jordan and Miyamoto Masaki would definitely have a head-on confrontation in Morocco.

Jordan did not want to be beaten up by Miyamoto Masaki!


At five oclock the next morning, Jordan still did not receive a reply from Dragon.

In Japan, it was 10 pm.

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Just as Jordan and Lota finished their little flirtation at the Steele Castle, the night was just about to unfold.

In Japan, October was the best month for “perverts”.

This was because Japan was regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world during autumn, and October was the best time to appreciate the red autumn leaves.

At this moment, at Miyajima in the southwest of Hiroshima, one of the best spots in Japan to view the red autumn leaves, a stunning woman wearing a shawl was admiring the autumn scenery.

Although it was nighttime, there were thousands of fireflies on every maple tree, lighting up the lovely red leaves.

And the red leaves were continuously drifting down from the trees.

They landed on this womans delicate body and her smooth black hair.

Behind her stood a tall, long-haired man.

It was Dragon!

The woman was Miyamoto Masakis wife, Matsushima Rika!

Matsushima Rika turned around and smiled at the tall and handsome Dragon.

“Its too quiet here.

Lets play a song.”

Dragon immediately took out his phone.

“Yes, Madam.

What song would you like to hear”

Matsushima Rika said charmingly, “Play the theme song fromLove In Japan.”

Love In Japan!

This was a romantic movie produced in a collaboration between the US and Japan.

Dragon had heard of this film before.

He also knew that it was not just any romantic film, it was a film about an affair between a Japanese man and an American woman!

It was about an intense 24-hour love affair between a married American actress and a married Japanese architect while the actress was filming on location in Japan.

The theme song was beautiful and melancholic.

Dragon pondered this carefully.

‘I wonder if theres a hidden meaning as to why Matsushima Rika chose this song

Recently, he had been secretly currying favor with Matsushima Rika.

Making use of information that Jamie had sent him about her, he had tried to get on her good side.

Over time, Matsushima Rika was becoming increasingly friendly toward Dragon.

She often summoned him to be her bodyguard.

As Dragon was not very good at seducing women, he could not tell if Matsushima Rika was interested in him.

Dragon found the song and pressed the play button.

[You should have rejected me a long time ago.

You shouldnt have let me pursue you.]


[I dont have enough time to love you properly.

I should have stopped playing games long ago.]


[Over the borders of morality, we walk through the forbidden zone of love.]


As Matsushima Rika listened to the theme song, she reached out to catch the red leaves that fell from the tree.

Wrapping her arms around her cold body, a sigh left her lips.

“I am only 25 years old and should be skiing in Switzerland with the man I love.

We should be riding hot air balloons in Albuquerque.

We should be making desserts together and then feeding each other.

Instead, here I am alone in the cold night, watching the falling red leaves.”

Matsushima Rika suddenly looked at Dragon with an alluring gaze.

“Dragon, do you know why I havent had children after being married to my husband for so long”

Dragon maintained his usual serious expression.

“Is it because you have another man in your heart”

Matsushima Rika smiled.

“Are you talking about Jamie Ive long stopped thinking about that bad man.

I was indeed very happy when I was with him, but I also know that he wont marry me.

We were just playing around.

I havent given birth to Miyamoto Masakis child because in his heart, I will always be second place.

He only has eyes for that damn Mirakuru serum! I am actually inferior to some lousy drug!”

Matsushima Rikas words shocked Dragon.

The Mirakuru serum was a miracle that could affect all of humanity.

She was just a beautiful woman with a good figure.

There were many women like her in the world.

How could she compare herself to the great Mirakuru serum If it were Dragon, he would definitely not hesitate to rank the serum before a woman, even if this woman was his wife.

Matsushima Rika suddenly walked towards Dragon.

As she approached, her fragrance assaulted his nose.

She asked charmingly, “Do all men in the world value combat strength and world domination more than anything else Are you the same”

Matsushima Rika took the initiative to reach out and hook one finger onto Dragons white shirt.

This was an extremely provocative move!

Dragon realized that Matsushima Rika was flirting and he hurriedly said, “No, Im not.

I would put you first!”

Matsushima Rika was very happy when she heard this.

She couldnt hide the joy on her face.

“You dont want to rule the world”

Dragon said, “You are my world! I only want to rule you!”

“Hahaha.” Matsushima Rika laughed charmingly.

“If my husband hears this, youll probably be executed.

My husband has been praising you recently and even said that he wants to promote you to become his most trusted general.

But now, you are saying that you like your masters woman”

Dragon had already learned from Jamie what kind of woman Matsushima Rika was, so he was certain that she would never report him.

Otherwise, Matsushima Rika would have been angry instead of smiling so happily after hearing Dragons confession.

Taking the initiative, Dragon grabbed her slender waist and whispered, “I can work my life away for Lord Miyamoto, but the person I am actually doing it for is you, Madam Miyamoto!”


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