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Tyler was supposed to be in high spirits since it was his big day today.

Still, the losses incurred from his failed investments made him, a young man in his twenties, seem like he had aged by several decades all of a sudden.

Additionally to the investments he made in the failed companies, he lost a lot of money this week in other investments.


He had lost all the money he invested in stock index futures, commodities, and even underground gambling bets.

A young man who had a best mans corsage in hand was standing beside Tyler.

He said, “Tyler, did you offend someone From the way I see it, it seems that you are being targeted by someone.

Even if you invested blindly, the failure rate cant be 100%!”

Tyler rubbed his extremely dark under-eye circles and nodded.

“Turns out its really possible! It must be that someone is f**king targeting me on purpose! It cant be a mistake with my judgment!”

“However, I havent offended anyone in the past two years, except for Haileys ex-husband, Jordan Steele.

I even made him a cuckold.

Well, he might be good at fighting, but he knows nothing about business.

Hes just a good-for-nothing bodyguard, and theres no way he can do anything to me when it comes to business.”

The best man fiddled with the corsage in his right hand.

He said with a smile, “Tyler, Hailey is the most beautiful girl in Orlando, and Jordan Steele is not the only one who fancies her.

Not to mention others, even I find it difficult to stay calm in front of her.

Yet, you managed to win her heart.

Which man in Orlando wouldnt be jealous of you”

Tyler thought about it carefully and felt that there was indeed such a possibility.

“F**k, it must be some old lecher in the business circle of Orlando who has taken a liking to Hailey.

Thats why hes targeting me! Hailey Camden is such a jinx.

We havent even had our wedding yet, and Ive already lost 75 million dollars because of her!”

The best man said with a playful smile, “You cant say that.

Your family is not short of those 75 million dollars, and you can totally afford to lose it.

Since youve lost all your money, you can just leech off your father and go work at his company.”

“But the gorgeous Hailey Camden is now yours, and you can do whatever you want to her.

That old lecher may be a powerful businessman, but youve beaten him in terms of love.”

Tyler laughed loudly after hearing that.

“Jake, youre right! How dare that damned love rival of mine make me lose 75 million dollars! Hahaha!”

With that thought, Tyler immediately called Hailey.

Hailey was already up and was having her makeup done.

She quickly answered, “Hello.”

“Honey, what are you doing”

“Im doing my makeup and trying on the wedding gown.”

“Hehe, Honey, youd better get some more sleep now!”

Hailey hung up with some disgruntlement.

“Was that Tyler What did he say”

Haileys best friend, Rachel Quinn, was right beside her and watching her do her makeup.

Hailey tossed her Apple cell phone to the side and barked, “Some lewd things! Tyler is so tacky! If it isnt because he has a wealthy family, I wouldnt have married him! Jordan is so much better than him.

Hes so mellow and soft-spoken.”

Rachel laughed and teased, “Sweetie, its not very appropriate of you to compliment your ex-husband while getting ready for your wedding to another man.”

Haileys emotions became complicated when she thought about Jordan.

“Rachel, Jordan doesnt want to be my standby lover.

What should I do What if hes already married when I get divorced a few years from now”

Rachel didnt answer and instead asked Hailey to stand up.

Standing in front of a mirror in a white wedding dress, Hailey looked like an ethereal fairy.

Her beauty was angelic!

Rachel touched Haileys delicate face and said while looking into the mirror.

“Look at your beautiful face.

Which man can resist you Trust me, youll get him! Jordan is destined to be a standby lover for the rest of his life!”

One hour later, in a luxurious villa cluster in Orlando.

The villas here were top-notch and were priced at over 20 grand per square meter.

In one of the villas, Tylers parents, Leonard Collins and Rosie Huxley, were getting dressed up in front of the mirror too.

Rosie was dressed in a red dress, looking rather dignified and elegant.

Among women in their forties in Orlando, she could be considered the best in terms of figure and appearance.

Not only was she charming and attractive, but her character and upbringing were also considered exemplary in the upper-class circle.

While helping Leonard tie his tie, she said, “Leonard, I think the companys recent expansion plan is too risky because it involves the investment of all the companys capital, and we even had to take up a large loan.

You shouldnt be so trusting of Paul.”

Leonard barked furiously, “If I didnt trust Paul back then, our company wouldnt even have had the chance to be listed! What are you so worried about I didnt use a single cent of yours!”

Rosie said slowly, “Thats not what I mean.

If youre really confident about this, I can ask the Huxleys for some money for you.”

“I dont need it!” Leonard suddenly became extremely furious.

“The Huxleys have always looked down on me, so this time, Im going to show them how I can make a comeback!”

Seeing how worked up Leonard had gotten, she quickly patted him and said comfortingly, “Okay, okay, lets drop the subject.

Its our sons big day.”

“Lets talk about something else.

I heard that Tyler also invited Hailey Camdens ex-husband to the wedding with the intention of humiliating him in public.

I dont think its a good idea.

Try persuading Tyler not to do that.

I heard that Hailey Camdens ex-husband is good at fighting and not to be trifled with.”

Leonard humphed coldly.

“What for Her ex-husband is just a lowly bodyguard.

If Tyler wants to humiliate him, let him be.

Whats wrong with that”

“Itd be amusing since he can fight.

There will be many government officials at the wedding today.

Lets see if he dares to do anything!”

Rosie shook her head.

‘Like father, like son.

Theyre both so stubborn.

However, Leonards expression changed.

He suddenly said, “Dont bother about Haileys ex-husband.

However, there is a guest we ought to pay attention to.

I heard from Victoria that Mr.

Steele, the president of Ace Corporation, will be attending the wedding today.

You know how mysterious this Mr.

Steele is, and I heard that hes the owner of those new restaurants like Cloud Cafeteria and the newly established karaoke joints and nightclubs.”

“He is now the giant in the food, entertainment, logistics, and business industries! Many people call him the king of Orlando!”

Rosie frowned.

“Victoria The way you say her name is so affectionate, huh”

Leonard smiled and cajoled her.

“Well, were just old friends, dont think that much about it.

Theres nothing between Miss Clarke and me.

Dont vent your jealousy and disgruntlement on Mr.

Steele later.

We cant offend him.”

Rosie said, “Im not an insensible woman.

Okay, I will definitely serve Mr.

Steele well when I see him later.”

A few more hours passed.

It was now ten in the morning.

Victoria arrived at the Rose Garden villa area where Jordan lived.

Jordan had already washed up and gotten dressed in a handsome suit long ago.


Steele, you look so… dashing today.”

Victoria said, genuinely complimenting him from the bottom of her heart.

Jordan straightened his tie and said, “Lets go.

Im going to let everyone in Orlando find out today that the president of Ace Corporation is me, Jordan Steele, the abandoned son-in-law of the Camdens!”

Victoria walked behind Jordan, her hands trembling with excitement!

This day is finally here!


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