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It was Jordan who had kicked the door open!

Dressed in a white suit, he looked very handsome.

He was decked out like a dignified and refined gentleman.

However, his eyes were filled with killing intent!

All this time he had been searching for the orange cat at the mosque and had even offered a lot of cash to entice the public to help him in his search.

It was only five minutes ago that Jordan finally found the orange cat that had stolen the divine medicine.

Fortunately, it was enclosed in a plastic bag so the orange cat couldnt swallow the medicine.

Jordan took the bag and sniffed it.

It turned out that this medicine had a smell similar to dried fish.

No wonder the cat suddenly snatched it.

After obtaining the divine medicine, Jordan rushed over to participate in the meeting.

He had taken some time to compose himself and suit up before entering the hall.

He wanted to appear in front of the other secret families in the most dignified and refined manner.

But he didnt expect to witness such a cruel scene enacted by the other families!

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Everyone was staring at Jordan now.

Apart from Park Chan-young and Park Anya, this was the first time the others were seeing Jordan.

Park Anya, who was dressed in an elegant white suit, looked at Jordan, who was also wearing a white suit.

Her heart surged.

“Jordan… he really came!”

Previously, Park Anya thought that Jordan was a coward and did not dare to attend the meeting.

She did not expect him to appear, and make such a domineering entrance.

This was his first time attending a meeting, but he actually kicked the door open!

Park Anya looked at Jordan and realized that they were very compatible.

The two of them were the only ones in white suits among all the people present.

They looked like a perfect couple!

Her heart rippled like a young girl in love.

In addition, Jordans looks matched Park Anyas taste in men.

Jordans looks were considered top-notch.

Even the most handsome male celebrities in Korea could not compare to him.

In terms of appearance, aura and character, Jordan perfectly met Park Anyas requirements.

It was unfortunate.

After all, the Steele family was finished!

Jordan was furious.

Facing the other families, his first sentence was, “Whoever dares to provoke my grandfather, Ill ensure that they die here!”




Everyone was shocked by Jordans words.

Jordan hurried over to his grandfather.

His heart ached when he saw the blood.

Jordan wished he could tear these people apart!

“Grandpa, dont worry.

Im here!”

Jordan held his grandfathers hand tightly.

Charleston squeezed Jordans hand, feeling very comforted.

He had always been the one to protect this child.

He did not expect that one day, this child would stand up to protect him.

But Park Chan-young shouted at Jordan, “How dare you! You arrived so late, and the first thing you say is that you want to kill us Do you have any respect for us! For Chairman Rong and Madam Geng!”

Miyamoto Masaki also looked at Jordan fiercely.

“Youre Jordan Are you the one who fought with me in the game”

Jordan snorted coldly.

“You two pieces of trash, Ill deal with you after I treat Grandpa!”

Park Chan-young shouted, “Who are you calling trash!”

Miyamoto Masaki raged.

“Idiot! Youre courting death!”

Jordan ignored them.

His grandfather collapsed because he had been too agitated earlier.

He needed to calm him down now.

But just as Jordan was about to treat his grandfather, Jesse said, “Jordan, go back with grandfather.

Leave this to me.

Ill plead with the other families.”

Jesse wasnt trying to help Jordan.

It was just that if Jordan stayed, he would offend the other seven families.

Jordan said bluntly, “Plead with them! No way! You can get lost!”

Pushing Jesse away, Jordan lifted Charlestons shirt, pressing his right hand against his back.

Suddenly, a mysterious white mist appeared on Charlestons body.

It slowly rose into the air and drifted around the conference room!

“Oh, hell! Where did that white mist come from How is he doing it”

“Oh God, this is something only God can do!”

“Is this an immortal technique Does Jordan know some immortal technique”

The families were completely dumbfounded.

In their worldview, it was impossible for the mist to appear on a persons hand.

Even the most technologically advanced Rong and Geng families had never seen such a thing.

The Schmids were also dumbfounded!

“Damn, Jordan… does he know sorcery like us”

Tom Schmid was secretly shocked.

Park Anya should have been surprised and filled with admiration at the sight, instead, her face was filled with confusion.

“Jordan… how did he know this too”

Park Anya had clearly seen this “immortal technique” before.

Likewise, Park Chan-young had seen Jordan play this trick before, but he had not told Park Anya about it.

Jesse had never seen Jordans voodoo trick before and his eyes widened in shock.

Jordan made use of the voodoo trick to temporarily numb Charlestons consciousness, allowing him to relax.

This continued for a few minutes before Jordan let go.

Charlestons complexion had a rosy tint to it now, and he looked normal and healthy.

Chairman Rong hurriedly asked, “Jordan, what kind of medical technique did you use to treat your grandfather Why havent I heard your family mention it before”

The other families were full of questions about Jordans medical skills.

Jordan said disdainfully, “This is just a minor medical technique for our family.

The Steeles grasp of traditional medicine is complex and profound.

Many of our techniques have reached the point of perfection! We just couldnt be bothered to mention it to you! To think that you guys are so arrogant and think that youre the best.

You actually dare to look down on the Steeles! In terms of medical skills, the Rong family is just our junior!”

Chairman Rong was shocked.

Had the Steele family been hiding their strength

The other families were also whispering amongst themselves.

They had just worked together to target the Steeles!

At this moment, Park Chan-young hurriedly said, “Everyone, dont listen to his bragging.

This move of his is just a voodoo trick.

Its a deceptive technique that only confuses the patient and makes them feel that their illness has been cured.

In fact, it has no real effect at all.

Some time ago, I asked him to treat my third aunt.

I was deceived by him then!”

Park Chan-young pointed at Jordan.

“You are a liar.

Dont even think about getting your way today.

If you dare to continue showing off, Ill expose your true colors!”


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