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Instead of sitting back and waiting to be expelled by the other families, it was better to take the initiative to attack them first!

Having been married to the Camden family for three years, Jordan learned one thing: Instead of trying to get someone to like you by being nice, it was far better to have that person fear and respect you.

Wasnt Jordan good to his wife, Hailey Wasnt he good to his mother-in-law, Sylvie

What was the result

Sylvie treated Jordan like trash every time she saw him!

It was the same for the families here.

It was useless to curry favor with them.

Instead, it was better to act tough and make them afraid.

This way, they might think that you really had a secret trump card.

Seeing how arrogant Jordan was, even Chairman Rong was somewhat nervous.

He thought to himself:Have I underestimated the Steeles What does this fellow have that he dares to behave so arrogantly”

Each of the families had its own secrets.

None of them knew the true strength of the others.

Miyamoto Masaki said angrily, “Jordan, this is a sacred meeting.

I dont want to deal with you here and ruin it.

Do you dare to go out with me Lets fight one-on-one!”

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Park Chan-young quickly added.

“Thats right.

A one-on-one fight with Mr.

Miyamoto! You agreed to this in the game.

Dont be a coward now!”

In Park Chan-youngs mind, he knew that since Miyamoto Masaki dared to go one-on-one with Jordan, he was confident of winning.

Jordan snorted.

“Alright, Ill fight you one-on-one! This time, Ill make you admit defeat! Its also a good opportunity for the other families to see the strength of the Steele family descendants!”

Anyway, Jordan had already obtained the divine medicine.

He was not afraid of fighting anyone one-on-one!

“Alright!” Miyamoto Masaki became serious.

“Everyone, please follow me outside.

Ill teach this arrogant fellow a lesson on behalf of everyone!”

Park Chan-young said, “Mr.

Miyamoto, please help avenge Dad and me!”

Park Sang-jun also believed in Miyamoto Masaki.

“Miyamoto Masaki, Im counting on you.”

Miyamoto Masaki nodded.

“Dont worry, Mr.


Jordan attacked you just now.

I will definitely teach him a lesson for you and make him kneel and kowtow to you to apologize!”

Park Sang-jun laughed.

“Good, good!”

Jordan looked at them in disdain.

They wanted him to apologize to the person who made my grandfather vomit blood

Dream on!

Before heading out, Miyamoto Masaki and Jordan each went to the toilet.

It was not because they had to go to the toilet but because they both wanted to consume the strength-enhancing divine medicine first.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at an alley outside the building.

The houses here were all blue and white.

The blue was like the sea, and the white was like snow.

One could easily fall into a daze with this combination of colors.

The other family representatives stood at the side, ready to watch the show.

Miyamoto Masaki said, “Jordan, lets fight in this alley.

How about it”

Jordan looked at the location.

Enclosed by walls on both sides, the alley was very narrow, just enough for two persons to walk shoulder to shoulder.

Jordan knew why he chose such a place.

After taking the divine medicine, Miyamoto Masakis strength and defenses were beyond that of an ordinary man.

However, his actual skills, speed and agility were the same.

He was worried that Jordan was good at dodging.

If they fought in a very spacious place, Miyamoto Masaki might not be able to touch him.

Jordan smiled.

“This feels like in the movies.

I like it very much.”

Miyamoto Masaki also laughed.

“Alright, I wont hold back now so you take care of yourself!”

With that, Miyamoto Masaki suddenly attacked Jordan!

He charged down the narrow alley and threw a heavy punch at Jordan!

Jordan did not counterattack.

Instead, he just dodged.

Miyamoto Masaki was very indignant that his punch missed.

He immediately threw a few more heavy punches!





Jordan managed to dodge to the side the first time.

But he ended up being pressed against the wall.

As Miyamoto Masaki threw the second punch, Jordan no longer had space to dodge.

However, this was not a problem for him.

Like a martial arts superstar, he stepped off the wall and leaped behind Miyamoto Masaki.

All of Miyamoto Masakis four subsequent punches landed on the blue and white wall!

“Oh, my God!”

The spectators exclaimed in shock.

Miyamoto Masakis four punches left deep holes in the wall!

“How terrifying! How can a persons strength be so terrifying He created a hole in the wall with a single punch!”

“This is definitely not the power of an ordinary person!”

“The Miyamoto family must have developed some superhuman technology.

Jordan would have died or been crippled if any one of those punches landed on him!”

At this moment, the members of the Miyamoto and Park families were all overjoyed.

However, Schmid and his wife were frowning.

They were worried about Jordans safety.

They did not want anything to happen to him.

‘Hes the Deity!

Just as Miyamoto Masaki was about to wave his fist at Jordan again, Geng Anli suddenly called out.


Miyamoto Masaki quickly withdrew his fist and looked at Geng Anli.

“Madam Geng, whats wrong”

Geng Anli had a serious expression.


Miyamoto, your strength is too great.

Its not something an ordinary person should have.

Such a competition is unfair.”

However, Chairman Rong said, “I dont think so.

Anli, look at Jordan.

Hes not surprised by Miyamoto Masakis strength at all, and theres no fear on his face.

Perhaps he already expected this”

Geng Anli glanced at Jordan.

He was indeed standing there without any fear on his face, still looking very refined and dashing in his white suit.

Miyamoto Masaki said, “Dont worry, Madam Geng.

I wont kill him.

I just want to teach him a lesson and make him apologize to me and the Park family.”

But Miyamoto Masaki was inwardly annoyed:Has that old woman fallen for that b*stard Jordan Why is she always speaking up for him!

Miyamoto Masaki was very disgusted.

Someone had disturbed their match!

Jordan remained silent after Miyamoto Masakis assurance.

Geng Anli had no choice but to refrain from further comments.

However, at this moment, another woman stood up and walked between Miyamoto Masaki and Jordan!

It was Park Anya!

Park Anya went to Miyamoto Masaki first and bowed politely.

Miyamoto Masaki asked politely, “Ms.

Park, what are you doing”

Park Anya ignored him and walked toward Jordan.

At this moment, the sun was shining brightly, and the breeze was a little chilly.

Fallen leaves filled the ground.

In this blue and white fairytale world, Jordan and Park Anya stood together in their elegant white suits, looking very much like a prince and princess in a fairytale world.

Even Geng Anli couldnt help teasing.

“These two look very compatible!”


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