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“What are you doing here”

Jordan looked at Madam coldly.

He had already spotted Park Anya and knew that she was the same as him.

This was their first time attending the great meeting.

However, he did not care about what she might think and slapped her father.

When Park Anya saw Miyamoto Masakis abnormal strength, she was very worried that Jordan would die in his hands!

Park Anya said, “Jordan, youre very brave.

Youre the bravest man Ive ever seen in my life! But sometimes, being too fearless is not a good thing.

Apologize to Mr.


I dont want to see you die at his hands or become a cripple forever!”

Park Anya knew that Jordan had liked her since four years ago.

Park Anya also liked him, but she had never treated him as a potential partner.

Nevertheless, she really couldnt bear to see him become a cripple.

Park Sang-jun was furious.

“Anya, what are you doing Come back! Youre not allowed to talk to that beast!”

Park Sang-jun and Park Chan-young never expected Park Anya to take the initiative to talk to Jordan.

Moreover, the two of them seemed to know each other.

Geng Anli teased Park Sang-jun.

“Look at how nervous your daughter is.

Maybe she and Jordan are a couple.

The two of them look very compatible.

The Steeles and Parks can become in-laws!”

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Park Sang-jun retorted.

“Madam Geng, you must be joking.

How can we become in-laws with the Steele family! Theyre not worthy!”

Park Sang-jun regretted bringing Park Anya along.

He felt that she was embarrassing the Park family.

But when Park Anya saw that Jordan was in trouble, she had no choice but to step up.

After all, he had saved her life before.

Jordan was very touched that Park Anya dared to step up and say those words to him.

However, he said, “Madam, if I were to kneel and beg Miyamoto Masaki and your father for mercy today, would I still be your ideal man”

Jordan knew that Park Anya had high expectations for her other half.

If Jordan knelt and begged for mercy today, his image in her heart would definitely be ruined.

She would never choose such a lowly man.

Park Anya avoided his gaze and did not respond directly.

“You dont have to be my ideal man.

Instead, you should worry more about your life and death.”

Jordan laughed out loud.

“After kissing you last time, Ive missed you so much.

I always think about how to carry you to a big bed and make you submit to me.

How can I spoil my image in your eyes”

Actually, Jordan did not really want to pursue Park Anya now.

He only said those words to anger the Park family.


Park Sang-jun was so angry that his hands were trembling.

This young man had slapped him and was now claiming that he wanted to sleep with his daughter!

“Anya, get back here immediately! Havent you embarrassed yourself enough!”

Park Anya looked at Jordan unhappily.

“Since you insist on being so stubborn, I wont pity you after you are crippled!”

With that, Park Anya turned around and walked out of the alley.

However, after she returned to her familys side, her father slapped her!


Park Sang-jun slapped Park Anyas smooth face.

“You only know how to embarrass the family! Why did you go up to him!”

Park Sang-jun had always favored boys over girls.

Park Anya was already so old but this was the first time he had allowed her to come to the great meeting.

Park Anya was humiliated in front of the other secret families.

She was an extremely proud woman.

In all his life, Jordan had never met a woman as proud as Park Anya! How could she tolerate being slapped in front of the other great families!

Tears instantly rolled down her face, filled with grievance.

Seeing this, Jordan couldnt endure it.

He took out a card from his pocket and sent it spinning through the air.


The card sliced Park Sang-juns old face, leaving a trail of blood.


Park Sang-jun covered his face in pain.

Jordan warned him.

“Who allowed you to hit my woman!”


Park Sang-jun was about to explode.

He was teaching his daughter a lesson, but Jordan dared to intervene!

At this moment, Miyamoto Masaki was a little impatient.

“Jordan, stop daydreaming.

The Steeles are about to be finished.

How dare you even think about marrying the daughter of the Park family Are you worthy Take this!”

Miyamoto Masaki attacked Jordan again.

However, Jordan was extremely agile even in the narrow alley.

He used the wall to dodge.

The other party could not hit him at all.

After a few exchanges, everyone could tell that Jordan was as agile as a monkey, while Miyamoto Masaki was as clumsy as a pig.

Miyamoto Masaki was furious.

“Jordan! You cowardly brute! Stop jumping all over the place! Stand there like a real man and exchange punches!”

Jordan asked, “Exchange punches”

Miyamoto Masaki said, “Thats right.

Fist against fist.

Lets see whos stronger.

Do you dare”

Jordan smiled.


Miyamoto Masaki clenched his fists and attacked Jordan again.

This time, Jordan did not dodge.

Instead, he stretched out his right fist.


Their fists collided head-on!


Park Anya let out a soft cry and covered her eyes.

She did not want to see Jordan being defeated and his fist being smashed.

Everyone at present believed that Jordan would lose.

After all, Miyamoto Masaki was too strong.

However, something unexpected happened!

Jordan stood there unscathed, while Miyamoto Masaki cried out in pain and was forced backward!

“What! How did this happen!”

Miyamoto Chujiro, Park Sang-jun and the others could not believe their eyes.

Jordans strength actually surpassed Miyamoto Masakis


Jordan immediately stretched out his right foot and kicked Miyamoto Masaki, who was sent flying away!


Miyamoto Masaki lay on the ground in a sorry state.

“Thats impossible!”

Miyamoto Chujiro shouted.

He knew that his son had taken the familys divine medicine.

His strength and defenses should be extraordinary.

It was impossible for him to be defeated so easily.

What they didnt know was that Jordan had also taken the divine medicine!

Miyamoto Masakis natural-born strength was far inferior to Jordans.

The two of them had taken the same medicine, which was just an amplifier of their natural strength.

As a result, Jordans enhanced strength and defenses were much greater than Miyamoto Masakis.

“Oh my God…”

Park Anya covered her mouth, pleasantly surprised.

Refusing to back down, Miyamoto Masaki shouted angrily, “Idiot! I dont believe that a mortal like you can defeat me!”

Getting up from the ground, he exchanged punches with Jordan again.



Miyamoto Masaki was no match for Jordans enhanced strength! Jordan broke through his opponents defenses.

After a few punches, Miyamoto Masaki was already bleeding!


Miyamoto Chujiro shouted.

A few people suddenly jumped down from the roof of the building, aiming their guns at Jordan.

If no one stopped him, Jordan would have probably beaten Miyamoto Masaki to death!


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