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The famous “Black Widow” Scarlett Johansson from Hollywood!

Everyone knew who she was.

But now, Park Chan-young was so angry that he nearly couldnt breathe.

He stammered in rage.

“You… you… you are bullsh*tting! I… I was the one who treated Sca… Scarlett Johansson! I… I was the one who made her younger! You… you are taking credit for the P… Park familys achievements.

You… youre shameless and… and despicable!”

Park Chan-young had always lived the comfortable life of a young master from an elite wealthy family.

He had never suffered this kind of setback and frustration.

He was so furious that he could hardly get his words straight.

In response, Jordan was the picture of calm.

“Youre really interesting.

You copy whatever I say.

Do you like to imitate me so much”

Park Chan-young was hopping mad.

“You… you…”

Jordan retorted, “What about me Slow down, kid.

Dont choke on your own saliva and then blame me for it.”

“F*ck you!”

Chairman Rong frowned in displeasure when he heard Park Chan-young curse.

Park Sang-jun hurriedly reminded his son.

“Dont curse!”

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To curse at such an elite meeting was an insult to the others and lowered their status.

Chairman Rong said, “We know Scarlett Johansson and it wont be difficult for us to get her contact information and ask her personally.”

Jordan said, “Theres no need to go through so much trouble.

I have her number.

I can call her now and let her tell you personally who treated her.”

A few taps of his cell phone later, Jordan immediately started a video chat with Scarlett Johansson.

As he was using an advanced phone, Jordan projected the screen into the air so that everyone could see it.

The moment Scarlett Johansson appeared, everyone was shocked.

“Oh my god, Scarlett Johansson has really become more than 10 years younger!”

“I thought Jordan was joking.

But he really did it!”

“The Steele family is really amazing.

This is simply a blessing for all women who love beauty!”

Jordan greeted Scarlett Johansson.

“Hi, Scarlett.

How have you been”

Scarlett Johansson smiled.

“Im fine, Jordan.

How about you”

Jordan replied, “Im still the same.

Your face has recovered quite well.

Youre already 12-13 years younger.

In a month or two, youll be 20 years younger.”

Scarlett Johansson chuckled.

“Thank you.

This is all thanks to the Steele familys medicine.

Thank you for treating me and letting me return to the peak of my appearance.

The Steeles are really great!”

Scarlett Johansson personally admitted that she had taken the Steele familys medicine and was treated by their medical team! Of course, this was because Jordan had instructed Scarlett Johansson to say this.

Back then, Jordan had saved Scarlett Johansson from South Korea.

She was very grateful to him, so of course she helped him.

Park Chan-young was furious.

He shouted at Scarlett Johansson.

“Scarlett Johansson, youre lying! You hypocritical woman! I was the one who gave you the medicine! I was the one who made you young!”

Jordan hurriedly said, “Scarlett, this person insisted that he cured you.

Do you know him”

Scarlett Johansson looked at Park Chan-young and shook her head.

“Sorry, Ive never seen this man before.

I dont understand why he is making such claims.”

Scarlett Johansson was an actress and acting was what she was best at.

She immediately convinced the other family representatives.

Park Chan-young was fuming.

He pointed at Scarlett Johansson and said, “Bullsh*t! Ive even touched your…”


Jordan slapped Park Chan-young when he saw that he was about to say something rude.

“B*stard! How dare you insult my friend!”

Chairman Rong and the others also felt that Park Chan-youngs behavior was out of line.

He actually said such vulgar words to a big star like Scarlett Johansson.

Jordan hurriedly apologized to Scarlett Johansson.

“Im sorry, Scarlett.

Dont take this lunatics words to heart.”

Scarlett Johansson remained calm and gracious.

She was not triggered by Park Chan-young, even though he had really taken advantage of her when she was in the Park familys private hospital.

Instead she only smiled.

“Its alright, Jordan.

I often get losers like him fantasizing about me.”

Park Chan-young immediately retorted, “Im a loser I have so much money that their combined weight can crush you!”

Scarlett Johansson was still smiling calmly.

“Kevin Durant is also my fan.

He has a lot of money too, but no amount of money can erase his trailer trash character.

Sir, you dont look any better than him.

You look like a small-time Korean gangster.”


The other family representatives all laughed at Scarlett Johanssons remark.

Jordan did not let them continue the conversation.

“Alright, thank you, Scarlett.

Well talk again next time.”

Now, everyone believed that there was indeed a drug in this world that could make people younger by more than 10 years.

And it was the Steele family who developed this drug.

The Steeles status in the eyes of the other families had risen significantly!

Chairman Rong was very happy as he held Jordans gift in his hands.

“Jordan, thank you for giving me such a precious gift! And thank you for being willing to tell us about your familys secret research.

We should all learn from your honesty!”

All the families had their own secret research and hidden motives, which they kept concealed from the others.

Jordan was willing to present his familys long-time research to everyone now.

It was very admirable.

However, Jordan was not really presenting the Steeles long-time research.

It was the Park familys!

Park Chan-young was so angry that his face turned green.

“This is not the Steele familys secret research at all.

It belongs to our Park family! The Steeles are f*cking shameless thieves!”

Chairman Rong said angrily, “Mr.

Park Chan-young! Im warning you! If you continue to speak so rudely to the other members, dont come to the meeting next year!”

Seeing that Chairman Rong was angry, Park Sang-jun hurriedly apologized on behalf of his son.

“Sorry Chairman Rong, my son didnt mean it.

I will discipline him properly.”

Thoroughly chastised, Park Chan-young didnt dare to speak anymore.

He clenched his fists and looked very indignant.

Geng Anli walked towards Jordan and asked, “Darling, can you give me one of those pills”

Jordan looked at Geng Anli.

This was the first time they had met, but she was already calling him “Darling”.

Jordan could tell that Geng Anli was friendly toward the Steele family.

Jordan nodded.

“Madam Geng, you were the only one who didnt raise your hand just now.

I can give you a pill.

I wish you a successful return to your youth!”

Jordan handed the pill to Geng Anli.

Geng Anli was overjoyed.

“Thank you.

Our families should interact more in the future.

The Geng family has much to learn from the Steeles.”

Seeing that Jordan had gotten close to the Geng family, Park Sang-jun immediately walked forward.

“Madam Geng, I also have a pill here that can help you return to the peak of your looks.

Please accept it!”

But Geng Anli refused on the spot.

“Thank you.

I already have the Steele familys medicine.

I dont need yours.

The Steele familys medicine can make me 20 years younger, its better than yours!”


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