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In Old Mrs.

Camdens villa.

A convoy of luxurious wedding cars was driven, and Tyler temporarily forgot about the frustration of his failed investments.

He happily went over to receive Hailey.


When he arrived at the first floor of the villa, he ran into Elle before even going forward to pick up Hailey.

Elle wasnt a bridesmaid, but she was similarly dressed in white and had dolled herself up gorgeously.

“Wow, Elle, you look so pretty today.

I almost thought you were my bride.”

Tyler teased when he saw Elle.

Elle fiddled with her hair with her right hand and said, “Psht, my groom-to-be is the esteemed president of Ace Corporation.”

Tyler exclaimed in a moment of epiphany, “No wonder youre dressed to the nines today, Elle.

It turns out its all for Mr.


Elle nodded and said, “Of course, I heard that Mr.

Steele is definitely going to attend your wedding today.

Tyler, I didnt expect that Mr.

Steele would show up for the Collins sake.

He has always been mysterious and unwilling to meet anyone.”

Tyler said with a smug smile, “Haha, that goes without a word.

The Collins are a top-tier family in Orlando.

Its only right for Mr.

Steele to do us a favor.”

“Elle, from today onwards, we will be a family.

We must keep in touch.”

Elle said, “Okay, I will remember what I promised you.

Now go pick Hailey up.”

Elle couldnt wait to go to the wedding venue, but of course, it wasnt because she was looking forward to the wedding itself.

She was looking forward to meeting her Prince Charming, Mr.

Steele, the president of Ace Corporation!

An hour later.

In Ritz Carlton Hotel Orlando.

As expected of a wedding held by a top family in Orlando, a continuous line of luxury cars belonging to the invited guests streaming into the hotel.

Leonard and Rosie were busy receiving the guests.


Sanders! Its really a great honor for my son that youre here to attend his wedding!”

“Chief Brown! Welcome, welcome, you must drink more water.”

“Vice-Mayor Dyer! Welcome, please pardon me, I havent been able to entertain you well.

Ill punish myself by toasting you later.

Haha, please have a seat quickly.”

Watching Leonard and Rosie greet the dignified officials, Hailey, who was now clad in a white wedding dress, was just as elated.

She secretly thought to herself,The Collins have such an impressive social circle! Many of the guests here werent even present at Grandmas birthday banquet.

Theyre probably the bigwigs of the business and political circles of Orlando.

Its great to be married to such a powerful family.

The wedding is so grand, unlike when I married Jordan.

At that time, the guests who attended our wedding were only there for our family! There wasnt even a proper guest!

Hailey actually fancied Jordan more than Tyler.

Nevertheless, Tyler, in her opinion, had a much better family background and could provide her with a lot of material comfort that would satisfy her vanity and make her happy.

Hence, she felt that Jordan was way inferior to Tyler in those aspects.

At this moment, she didnt feel the slightest bit of regret for divorcing Jordan.

Instead, she was thankful that she had done so.

All of a sudden, the crowd got into an uproar.


Walton! Oh my gosh! Mr.

Walton is here!”

Leonard got a great shock, and he hurriedly strode over to give Mr.

Walton a handshake with both hands.

“Welcome, Mr.


Its such a huge honor for me to have you here!”

Tyler, Hailey, and the rest of the Camdens covered their mouths in astonishment.

‘The Collins are acquainted with one of the richest men in the country

The Collins were only a top-tier family in Orlando.

Meanwhile, the Waltons were among the top 20 richest families in the country!

They were on completely different levels!

Leonard said loudly, “Who helped me to invite Mr.

Walton Ill definitely thank you greatly later!”


Walton shook hands with Leonard and said with a smile on his face, “Mr.

Collins, youre too polite.

I hope you wont mind that I came here uninvited today.”


Walton didnt actually know the Collins at all, and he didnt have an invitation to the wedding either.

Hence, he managed to enter entirely because of his status.

Leonard said, “Mr.

Walton, youre standing on ceremony with us.

Its my sons honor, and also mine, to have you here! Did you make a special trip here because of something important”

Leonard, who was also a businessman, was well aware of Mr.

Waltons busy schedule, and knew that he frequently travelled for business to meet powerful businessmen and politicians.

He wouldnt have the time to attend a strangers wedding at all.

Hence, Leonard guessed that Mr.

Walton must have gone to the wedding for something important.


Walton said with a smile, “To be frank, I came here to give the newlyweds my blessings and also to meet Mr.

Steele, the president of Ace Corporation.”

His first reason could be ignored because it was merely said out of courtesy.

However, the latter half of his sentence gave Leonard a great shock.

‘Even one of the richest men in the world yearns to see Mr.


‘In that case, this mysterious Mr.

Steele might be even richer than Mr.


At this point, everyone had even more respect for the president of Ace Corporation.

Leonard hurriedly said, “Mr.

Walton, please take a seat quickly.

Ill call the deputy president of Ace Corporation immediately and ask them where they are now.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Mr.

Walton thanked with both hands.

He greeted the other businessmen smilingly without putting on airs at all.

However, he was one of the richest men in the country.



Hailey was filled with great curiosity about the president of Ace Corporation when she saw that.

“What kind of girl would be worthy enough to be Mr.

Steeles wife How pretty must she be, and what should her family background be like Ah, Id better not think about it.”

Unlike Elle, who kept harboring unrealistic fantasies, Hailey admitted that she wasnt worthy of being the president of Ace Corporation.

Leonard arranged for Mr.

Walton to be seated, he immediately called Victoria.

“Victoria, have you and Mr.

Steele left yet”

Victoria answered, “Were going to reach the entrance of the hotel soon.”

“What Youre already at the entrance Ill go out to receive you guys now!”

Leonard was overjoyed and immediately rushed to say to his wife and children, “Mr.

Steele and Mr.

Steele have arrived at the entrance.

Come with me to greet them!”


Tyler, Hailey, and the others tagged along.

“Ah! My dear Mr.

Steele is here! Grandma, Dad, lets go over there too!”

Elle jumped up in excitement.

Diana nodded and said, “Mr.

Steele is our business partner, so we naturally have to go.”

When the other guests heard what they said, they immediately got up from their seats as well.

“I heard that Mr.

Steele, the president of Ace Corporation, has acquired many restaurants and entertainment joints.

Hes also monopolizing many industries in Orlando now!”

“Thats not all, I also heard that he has just destroyed dozens of companies and pushed them to bankruptcy in the past month, for no rhyme or reason!”

“Quick, look, even Mr.

Walton has gone to the entrance.

Lets all go see who this amazing Mr.

Steele is!”

“I must take the opportunity to befriend Mr.

Steele today!”


At the hotel entrance, a white Maybach Landaulet, which was priced at 1.8 million dollars and was once known as the “worlds most expensive car”, was driven over slowly and stopped in front of the entrance.

The hotel service staff opened the door, and Victoria stepped out of the car in a white dress.

Everyone knew that the next one to get out of the car would be Mr.


Next, Jordan alighted from the car in a white suit!

Victoria held Jordans arm and introduced him to Leonard, “Mr.

Collins, this is Mr.

Steele, the president of Ace Corporation!”


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