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Jordan put on a conflicted expression.

“Miyamoto, its not that I want to hide things from you or that I dont want to help you.

But I cant decide on this matter on my own! My grandfather has the final say in our family.

Without his permission, no one would dare to share our technology.

Today, your family joined forces with the Park family to humiliate my grandfather.

I dont think he will want to help you!”

When Miyamoto Masaki recalled what happened at the meeting today, he couldnt help feeling extremely regretful!

“Its all because of the damn Park family.

They tricked our Miyamoto family into going against yours! Jordan, Ive always respected Mr.


I was in the wrong today.

I swear that there wont be a next time! Please give me a chance to make up for my mistakes!”

Jordan said indifferently, “Looks like youre quite sincere.

Apologize to my grandfather during tomorrows meeting!”

Miyamoto Masaki said, “Of course, of course! I wonder what Mr.

Steele likes Ill give you a gift as an apology.”

Jordan said, “Theres no need for gifts.

My grandfather doesnt lack anything.

However, my grandfather likes to drink tea.

Make some tea for him tomorrow morning.

Perhaps my grandfather will have a better impression of you.”

Jordans grandfather had been humiliated today.

He was clearly the oldest and most experienced person across the eight great families, but he had been disrespected by so many juniors! Therefore, Jordan wanted to help his grandfather regain his dignity!

The others had been so disrespectful to Charleston today.

But tomorrow, they would have to bow and serve him tea!

Miyamoto Masaki immediately agreed.

“Alright, I will definitely brew some tea in advance and wait for Mr.

Steele to arrive!”

Jordan nodded.


My sister and I still have to go star-gazing.

Well leave first.”

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Miyamoto Masaki bowed and watched them leave.

“Jordan, Miss Jodie, please take care!”

The two of them walked into the distance.

Lota burst out laughing.

“Jordan, youre so good at lying! You fooled Miyamoto Masaki.

And I thought he was very smart!”

During the previous two great meetings, Lota had felt that Miyamoto Masaki was very shrewd and looked a little scary.

She did not expect him to be played like a fool by Jordan and Dragon today.

Jordan hurriedly made a “shushing” gesture.

“Shh, be careful.

The walls have ears.

Well talk about this when we get home.”

Jordan was very cautious.

Lota looked around.

“This is a mountain.

There are no walls.

Also, why did you put your finger on your mouth If you dont want me to speak, shouldnt you put your finger on my mouth”

Jordan was a little exasperated by Lotas naivety and ignorance.

He couldnt be bothered to explain.

“Alright, Illshush you again then.”

This time, Jordan placed his index finger on her lips.

However, she suddenly opened her mouth and bit his finger.

“Hahaha, you are so stupid.

Youve been deceived!”

“Silly girl, how dare you bite me! Dont run!”


While the two of them were playing around and admiring the stars, Park Anya changed into a black dress and went to the Steele familys house.


Park Anya knocked on the wooden door.

She had very good manners and would not enter without being invited.

Jesse heard the knock and went to the door.

He immediately put on a very courteous manner when he saw that it was Park Anya.


Park, why are you here Please come in!”

Park Anya bowed politely to Jesse and clasped her hands together in front of her.

“Im here to look for Jordan.

I wont disturb Mr.

Steeles rest.

Can you call Jordan out”

“Unfortunately, Jordan just went out,” said Jesse.

Park Anya asked, “Where did he go”

Jesse shook his head.

“I dont know.

He doesnt report his comings and goings to me.”

Park Anya replied politely, “Sorry to disturb you.”

Park Anya turned to leave.

Just as she was about to leave in disappointment, she suddenly saw Jordan holding hands with a brunette girl and walking back happily.

Jordan also saw Park Anya.

“Madam You came to find me”

“Hello, Sister Anya!” Lota greeted Park Anya as well.

Park Anya glanced at Lota and asked, “And you are”

Lota took off her wig.

“Im Lota.

Dont you recognize me Looks like my makeup skills are really good.


Park Anya smiled and greeted her as well.

Jordan could tell that Park Anya was looking for him for something, so he asked Lota to go in first.

After Lota left, Jordan asked Park Anya again, “Why are you looking for me Weve known each other for so long but this is the first time youve taken the initiative to look for me.

I hope its for something interesting.”

Park Anya looked at Jordan and felt admiration for the first time.

This man was younger than her, and he was not as mature as her.

In fact, she had thought that his status was far inferior to hers.

As a result, although Park Anya had always liked Jordan, she never seriously considered him as a potential partner.

But today, Jordans performance was too outstanding!

He had single-handedly saved the Steele family from being expelled!

Not only that, he had even made the Rong and Geng families look at the Steeles in a different light!

Although he had done it using deception, Park Anya still admired Jordans ability!

This was the first time in four years that Park Anya felt that Jordan was a real possibility!

She wanted Jordan to be her man!

Park Anya crossed her arms and smiled charmingly.

“What would be interesting”

Jordan said, “Star-gazing, treating me to coffee, or watching a movie.

Theyre all very interesting things.”

Park Anya was very direct.

“Why dont we go straight to the bedroom”


Jordan was shocked by Park Anyas words.

Damn, this woman sure moved fast.

He was caught off guard!

Jordan composed himself.

He teased her.

“What Am I finally qualified to be your man”

Park Anya nodded.

“There is a little hope for you, but it will take time and effort for you to completely conquer me.”

Jordan smiled.

It was not easy to make Park Anya relent and say that he could become her man!

“Alright, Ill continue to work hard.

Sooner or later, Ill completely conquer you! By then, Im just worried that youll drag me into a hotel room, tie me to the bed and not let me out.”

Park Anya did not mind Jordans suggestive joke at all, even though she was currently someone elses wife.

This meant that Jordans status was becoming increasingly high in Park Anyas heart.

Park Anya said, “Alright, stop joking.

My father asked me to come.

Today, you took credit for our Park familys research and even pretended to be a generous person, giving our medicine to Chairman Rong and Madam Geng.

You owe us an explanation, right”


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