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Jordan shrugged and the smile on his face slowly faded.

“This is what I would classify asnot interesting.”

Park Anya knew that Jordan did not want to talk about this, but she insisted.

“Jordan, in order to save your family today, you deliberately deceived the other family representatives.

The medicine you presented cant make anyone 20 years younger.

Your family didnt successfully develop the serum either.

You lied to us all, right”

Park Anya was asking the obvious!

As a part of the Park family, she knew the backstory behind this entire matter, including Scarlett Johanssons part in it.

So she shouldnt ask such a stupid question.

It would be like if the two of them were sitting on a plane and she turned to ask Jordan, “Hey, we are on a plane now, right”

No one would ask such an obvious question unless she had an ulterior motive.

Jordan snorted softly.

He could see through this womans motive with a single glance!

Turning toward Park Anya, he approached her swiftly, reaching her in mere moments.

He pressed his body against hers.

Her fragrance wafted over him.

Jordan circled his arms around Park Anyas waist.

“What are you doing”

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Park Anya backed away nervously.

“Not here.”

Jordan had no intention of taking advantage of Park Anya.

If he was that kind of man, he would have already done this four years ago on the battlefield.

In fact, Jordan was actually looking for something.

A recording device!

When he couldnt find it at her waist, Jordan searched her back again.

“Its not here either.”

Park Anya did not dare to move.

She knew how strong Jordan was.

Even Miyamoto Masaki, who could punch a hole in the wall, was not his match.

In the end, she was a weak woman.

It was useless for her to resist.

Park Anya pretended to be pitiful.

“Jordan, dont be like this.

I know you like me, but if others see you doing this to me in public, they wont have a good impression of us.

I have a husband.

For his sake, please show me some respect!”

Park Anya kept talking.

But Jordan ignored her.

Soon, a smile appeared on his face.

“Found it! So it was hidden in your hair.

Youre really something.”

Jordan found a small black clip in Park Anyas long black hair.

There was a small recorder on it.

Jordan removed the recording device and threw it out.

“You wanted to record my words and play them for Chairman Rong, right” Jordan asked with a smile.

Park Anya no longer pretended to be a weak woman.

She smiled back.

“Youre so young but so vigilant.

I have to admit that I like you a little.”

“Do you like me Kiss me then.”

Jordan moved again and quickly kissed Park Anya.

When he was looking for the recording device earlier, Jordan kept inhaling Park Anyas fragrance and was finding her hard to resist.


Park Anya was shocked.

Although she felt helpless and somewhat indignant, a smile was on her face.

Jordan said, “Im a gentleman.

When you said that I wasnt worthy of you in the past, I didnt even touch your hand.

Now that you say you like me, I can kiss you.

You wont be angry, right”

Park Anya smiled.

She really wasnt angry.

She continued, “Actually, I know that even if you didnt realize I was secretly recording our conversation, you still wouldnt admit what happened today.

I came because I have something else to ask you.”

Jordan extended a finger and said, “One question, one kiss.”

Park Anya reached out and pressed his hand down.

“Seriously, stop joking.

This matter is really important to me.”

Jordan had never seen Park Anya talk to him like this, so he nodded.

“Alright, ask away.

What is it”

Park Anya asked, “When you treated your grandfather in the conference room today, you used the voodoo technique.

Its the thing that can create white mist on a persons back… who did you learn it from”

Jordan said, “My familys traditional medicine expert.

Why Do you want to learn too You would have to marry into the Steele family.

I already have two wives.

So I dont think you have a chance unless youre willing to be a mistress, haha.”

Park Anya still looked very serious.

“Then do you know of anyone else who knows this technique”

Jordan thought for a moment and said, “This thing was invented to help my father pick up girls in the past.

In the family, only my father and I know it.”

Park Anya was instantly excited.

“How old is your father”

Jordan replied, “He should be 50 years old this year.


“50 years old…”

Park Anyas eyes flickered as if she was in a daze.

No one knew what she was thinking.

“Hello Hello”

Jordan poked her soft arm.

“Whats wrong Do you want to know my father”

Park Anya shook her head.


When she looked at Jordan again, her gaze had completely changed.

Previously, it was tender and sweet, like a woman looking at the man she liked and admired.

But now, her gaze was a little distant.

“Its late.

I should go back,” Park Anya said expressionlessly.

“Arent we going to my bedroom” Jordan joked.

Park Anya said sternly, “Please dont make such jokes again!”

With that, Park Anya turned around and left angrily.

Jordan couldnt help feeling depressed.

“She fell out with me just like that.

She was fine when I kissed her earlier, but now, I cant even make jokes.

Anyway, she was the one who talked about going to my bedroom first…”

Nevertheless, Jordan did not have time to worry about Park Anya.

The safety and honor of the Steele family were the most important to him!


The next day.

The Park and Miyamoto families were still the first to arrive at the conference hall.

After Park Sang-jun led his children in, he saw Miyamoto Chujiro and Miyamoto Masaki setting up tea on a table.

The two of them were making the tea very carefully.

Park Sang-jun walked over with a smile on his face.


Miyamoto, Masaki, you guys are really in a good mood.

Youre actually making tea.

Can I have a cup”

Park Sang-jun reached out to take a teacup.

However, Miyamoto Masaki shouted, “Stop! This is tea for Jordans grandfather!”

Everyone in the Park family was shocked.

Park Chan-young said angrily, “Masaki, are you crazy Yesterday, Jordan beat you until your face was swollen.

Today, you actually came in early to make tea for his grandfather Ive already told you.

Jordan was just bragging yesterday.

Their medicine was stolen from our family.

The Steeles are nothing.

Theyre just a trash family!”

Miyamoto Masaki said, “Enough! You in the Park family are too ignorant! I wont believe you anymore.

You almost made me offend the great Steele family!”


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