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By now, Miyamoto Masaki now completely believed in Jordan and acknowledged the Steele familys strength.

He looked at Park Chan-young in disdain.

“Your Park family still has the cheek to look down on the Steeles Just in terms of secret research, the Steeles are superior to you! You guys only know how to research superficial things like improving a persons appearance.

So basic and crass! The Steele and Miyamoto families have the same aspirations.

We choose to focus on improving the human physique, on combat skills!”

Miyamoto Masaki had always looked down on the Park family.

But as the two families had a long history together, he was too polite to voice out his disdain.

Park Chan-young was young and impetuous.

How could he tolerate Miyamoto Masaki insulting his family like this

Almost jumping to his feet, Park Chan-young immediately retorted, “Ha, what a joke! The Park family is basic Youre the one who can only see the surface! Our current medicine can only make a person look young.

But once we manage to have a breakthrough, we can make a persons full bodily functions return to their youth!

“Do you know what this means We dont have to worry about getting old anymore! Athletes will always be at their peak! Michael Jordan, who is about to turn 60, can return to his peak.

He can beat LeBron James and Zion Williamson until they call him Daddy! He can win the seventh championship of his career! How dare you say that this isnt great!”

Miyamoto Masaki snorted.

“Whats the big deal about returning to your youth! Once our familys Mirakuru serum is successfully developed and the side effects are eliminated, any athlete will become Superman after being injected! I can let Michael Jordan do a slam dunk from the three-point line! Tell me, between our two families, whose research is greater!”

The two juniors began to argue with flushed faces, each refusing to give way.

At that moment, Lotas parents, Mr.

and Mrs.

Schmid, walked in.

Tom Schmid smiled as he approached them.

“Haha, I heard you two families arguing the moment I entered.

Havent your families always gotten along”

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Park Chan-young said, “Mr.

Schmid, you came at the right time.


Miyamoto thinks that our Park familys research is basic and crass.

Be our judge.

Between our two families, whose research is greater”

The eight great families had always been unwilling to tell others about their private research.

However, after Jordans reveal yesterday, everyone already knew about the research conducted by the Park and Miyamoto families.

Tom Schmid gave a strange smile.

“Do you want me to tell the truth I dont think the research of either of your families can be considered the greatest.”

“What did you say!”

Park Chan-young and Miyamoto Masaki both looked at Tom Schmid.

Park Sang-jun suddenly spoke up.


Schmid, tell us then, what kind of research can be considered great”

Miyamoto Chujiro also looked very serious.

“Im willing to listen to Mr.

Schmids opinion!”

Tom Schmids words had offended both families.

Tom Schmid smiled proudly.


Park and Mr.


The research of your two families is equal.

Both improve the physical body and make it more perfect.

However, in my opinion, this goal is not good enough.

No matter how strong and invincible the body is, its still controlled by the mind.

No matter how perfect and invincible your body is, if your mind is controlled by someone, hehe…

“Wouldnt all that strength just go to benefit that someone”

The Park family members immediately gulped in fear.

They knew that the Tom Schmid in front of them was actually Shaun Handley! And Shaun Handley had used some kind of sorcery to control Tom Schmid.

The Miyamoto family, on the other hand, knew nothing about this.

They were confused by Tom Schmids words.

Soon, the other families also arrived.

The Steeles were the last to arrive!

Jesse had wanted to come earlier, but Jordan deliberately delayed until the very last minute before letting his grandfather appear.

After all, Jordans grandfather was the most senior among the eight great families.

It was only right for him to be the last to appear!

At 9:59, the Steeles finally arrived “late.” No one criticized the Steele family for arriving at the last minute.

Instead, they were very polite.

Especially the Miyamoto family.



Miyamoto Masaki walked up to Charleston and bowed low!


Steele, I was rude to you yesterday.

Please be magnanimous and forgive me!”

Charleston was a little surprised.

He didnt understand why Miyamoto Masaki would apologize to him.

“Of course, of course,” Charleston replied politely.

Miyamoto Chujiro also walked over.


Steele, my son and I have specially prepared some tea for you.

Please have a cup.”

Miyamoto Chujiro took the initiative to pick up a teacup for Charleston.

Charleston was not used to this sudden change in attitude.

“Oh, you shouldnt have!”

Miyamoto Chujiro said, “Mr.

Steele, youre my elder.

Of course I should!”

Chairman Rong, who was sitting at the far end, also said, “Thats right, Mr.


Have some tea first.

Theres no hurry for us to start the meeting.

We can all wait for you.”

Holding up his teacup, Charleston looked as excited as a child!

It had been too many years since members of the other secret families had shown him such respect at a secret meeting!

“Thank you, thank you!”

Charleston happily drank the tea in one gulp.

This was the sweetest and most fragrant tea he had drunk in recent years!

Seeing his grandfather so happy, Jordan also felt very happy!

Yesterday, Grandpa was so angry that he vomited blood.

Today, Jordan wanted Grandpa to feel a million times happier!

After taking their seats, the meeting officially began at 10:10.

Chairman Rong continued to host the meeting.

“Lets talk about the current world war.”

Suddenly, Park Sang-jun raised his hand.

“I have something to report! I received news that some time ago, Jordan from the Steele family flew his Zephyr Three 3 to the India-Pakistan battlefield and even used an advanced weapon to destroy a drone on the battlefield! Our rules clearly stipulate that we are not allowed to interfere in wars.

The Steele family has violated the rules.

I request to punish the Steele family!”

Charleston frowned.

It seemed that the Park family was still unwilling to let the Steeles off!

There was indeed such a rule for the eight great families.

They could not use their advanced weapons to interfere in any of the current wars.

It was just like how there were tigers and sharks in this world.

Tigers and sharks could kill people and were a threat to human lives.

However, humans didnt drive them to extinction because of this.

There was a natural order to the circle of life in this world.

The eight great families unanimously agreed that they should not intervene in any of the current wars.

They would let nature take its course, as long as it wasnt a threat to their own safety.

Chairman Rong did not immediately rebuke Jordan.

Instead, he looked at him kindly.

“Jordan, can you tell everyone what happened Why did you destroy the drone on the battlefield Was the drone threatening you”


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