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Having received a large gift from Jordan yesterday, Charman Rong was siding with him today.

Even as he was asking Jordan, he had already included an excuse for him inside his question.

‘Was the drone threatening you

If that was the case, then it was understandable that Jordan fired his weapon to protect himself!

For a middle-aged man like Chairman Rong, Jordans youth-enhancing pill was not that useful.

He wasnt as vain as Geng Anli who wanted to return to his younger-looking days.

Chairman Rong would not take this medicine himself.

Instead, he would hand it to the Rong familys medical team and let them study the ingredients of this medicine.

Actually, it was the same for Geng Anli.

She didnt plan to take it herself.

Instead, she would hand it over to her familys medical department for experimental research.

With the Rong and Geng families technology standards, they would be able to successfully replicate the medicine and end up surpassing the Park family!

Jordan said slowly, “Yes.

At that time, the drone was just about to strike me.

I attacked it out of self-preservation.”

Park Sang-jun snorted and said, “You shouldnt have appeared on the battlefield in the first place! You flew a plane right into a battlefield, of course you will be attacked! You should be punished!”

In response to the accusation, Jordan said unhurriedly, “I went to the India-Pakistan battlefield to save a 15-year-old girl.”

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Park Sang-jun said, “Haha, you really know how to find excuses.

What kind of girl is worthy of you, the great Jordan Steele, flying to a battlefield to save her Hahaha.”

Jordan felt his anger rising but he replied calmly, “Your granddaughter.”

“Bullsh*t! You are the one who broke the rules but want to drag our Park family into this!” Park Sang-jun shouted.

Jordan said, “Im not lying.

Your granddaughter, Park Sora, was brought to the battlefield by a bad person.”


Park Sang-jun slammed the table angrily.

“Jordan! How dare you ruin our Park familys reputation! Do you want to die!”

Jordan took out his phone and chose a photo.

He had secretly taken it with a long-range camera lens that day.


There was a major uproar the moment everyone saw the photo!

“This little girl is really good-looking.

Its a pity that we cant see the mans face.

How dare he kidnap a woman from one of the eight great families He must be courting death!”

“This little girl looks like Park Chan-young.

I wonder if shes Park Chan-youngs child”

“The age doesnt seem, right Park Chan-young isnt that old.”

The family representatives started discussing.

Park Sang-jun was speechless the moment he saw Park Sora.

Chairman Rong said, “It looks like Jordan broke the rules by firing his weapon to save Mr.

Parks granddaughter.


Park, you really shouldnt repay kindness with hatred!”

Miyamoto Chujiro also spoke up.

“Thats right.

He saved your granddaughter.

Instead of thanking him, you made a complaint against him Just because he knows about your granddaughters scandal Hehe, I heard that Mr.

Park is very flirtatious.

Hes already so old, but he always has many young women around him.

I wonder if this is a genetic trait.”

Park Sang-jun felt completely humiliated.

He was unable to refute it at all.

He could only vent his anger on Park Anya, glaring at her.

Chairman Rong said, “Alright, I dont think Mr.

Park will pursue this matter anymore.

Jordan, dont do it again, okay”

Jordan nodded.

After that, the families analyzed the situation of the various wars, as well as potential conflicts in the years to come.

At the end of the meeting, Charleston suddenly said, “I have an idea that has nothing to do with todays agenda.

I dont know if its appropriate to raise this now.”

Miyamoto Chujiro was the first to smile and say, “We will listen carefully to whatever Mr.

Steele has to say.

It cannot possibly be inappropriate.”

Chairman Rong also nodded.

“Thats right, Mr.

Steele, feel free to say whatever you want.

We are like family here.

I will try my best to satisfy any request.”

Charleston felt very pleased.

He finally had some prestige among the eight secret families.

And it was all thanks to Jordan! Therefore, he wanted to do something for Jordan, or rather, for his “newly-adopted little sister”!

Lota couldnt return home after running away.

She couldnt even see her parents.

It was pitiful.

In addition, the Steeles had been friendly with the Schmids for decades.

Charleston couldnt bear to see the Schmid family fall into the hands of a despicable sorcerer.

However, it was not appropriate to expose the Schmid family in front of the other families now.

Therefore, Charleston just glanced at Tom Schmid and said, “I want to set the venue for next years meeting in advance.”

Park Sang-jun crossed his arms and snorted.

“Youre already 79 years old, yet you still dare to think about next year.

Youre really confident about your lifespan.”

Chairman Rong said, “Mr.

Steele is our most senior member.

He has the right to decide the venue of our great meetings.

I am sure you will choose somewhere very meaningful.


Steele, which venue do you propose”

Charleston pointed at the Schmids opposite him.

“Switzerland, at Schmids castle!”


Tom Schmids face suddenly turned pallid!

He was afraid!

Jordan also clenched his fists.

Damn the Handley family.

Did they think he would just stand by and watch them control Lotas family

If the other families could gather at the Schmids house next year, it would be very easy to expose the true situation of the Schmid family.

By then, the truth about Shaun Handley controlling the Schmid couple would be uncovered!

Moreover, Jordan and the others would have an entire year to think about how to deal with the Handley family.

Tom Schmid was very nervous.

He said slowly, “My castle is our familys private residence.

Im afraid its not appropriate to hold a meeting in such a private venue, right”

Charleston laughed.

“Tom, your illness must have gotten the better of you.

Your memory has also deteriorated.

10 years ago, you told me that you wanted to invite people from the secret families to your castle for a meeting.

Have you forgotten”

As he spoke, he didnt forget to look at the bootlicker beside him.

“I remember that Miyamoto Chujiro was also there when you said that.”

Miyamoto Chujiro hurriedly said, “Thats right! I heard it with my own ears.

Tom, you did suggest it!”

Chairman Rong and Madam Geng exchanged smiles.

Of course, they also wanted to go to Schmids house for a meeting!

The Schmid family had always been quite mysterious.

The Rong and Geng families wanted to know what technology they were secretly researching! Since the Steeles were very much in Chairman Rongs favor now, he also chimed in.

Chairman Rong said, “Tom, since you mentioned it yourself, its settled then! Well all go to your house next year!”


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