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‘Hes from New Orleans, Louisiana!

Toms American accent became even more apparent and Charleston immediately recognized it.

It was a New Orleans accent! And “kass twa” was a swear word usually heard in that region!

Charleston had done business all over the US so he could recognize all the unique accents.

He did not expect Jordans swearing would end up exposing Shaun Handleys origins!

New Orleans was a place known for the occult.

Charleston was always a little wary when he visited that region.

Charleston said with a serious expression, “Enough.

Jordan, bring Lota back to her room to rest.”

Seeing how upset Lota was, Charleston couldnt deal with her “father” properly if she was present.

Jordan hugged Lota and glared at Tom.

He warned him, “You better behave yourself here.

Otherwise, my Zephyr Three will instantly destroy your place!”

The Handley family had all kinds of bizarre methods.

Jordan was still a little worried.

After Jordan brought Lota out of the room, Charleston smiled politely.

“My grandson is young and impetuous.

Hes insensible and offended you.

Please dont mind him.

Kindly have a seat.”

“Thank you.”

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After Tom sat down, Charleston asked, “Mr.

Handley is from New Orleans”

Tom looked surprised.

On one hand, it was because Charleston called him Mr.


That meant Charleston already knew that Tom Schmid was actually Shaun Handley.

On the other hand, he was surprised that Charleston managed to correctly deduce his origins.

Tom laughed.


Steele is indeed impressive.

Thats right, Im from New Orleans.”

Charleston was a little surprised that Shaun would admit it so quickly.


Handley, arent you afraid that Ill record your admission”

If Charleston was recording their current conversation and handed the recording to the Rong and Geng families, the Handley family would be in deep trouble.

Shaun smiled.


Steele has always been open and aboveboard.

You wouldnt do such a sneaky thing.

On the other hand, your descendants are unscrupulous, especially your grandson, Jordan.

He cursed me the moment he saw me.

Hes detestable!”

Charleston said, “Mr.

Handley, you seem to know the Steele family very well Did you also consider controlling my family back then and making us your puppets”

Ever since Charleston knew that Shaun was controlling the Schmid family, he had thought of this question.

Like the Steeles, the Handley family was from the US.

The Steeles should be their first choice if they wanted to take over one of the eight great families! As both families were Americans, it would be easier to copy their ways.

As a result, Charleston concluded that Shaun had definitely considered targeting the Steeles in the past.

Shaun smiled but did not answer.

Of course, the Handley family had designs on the Steeles!

However, Charleston was no ordinary person.

The Handley familys sorcery abilities were not as developed back then.

They would not have been able to fool Charleston at all.

Charleston suddenly asked, “Are you responsible for my third sons death”

Shauns expression immediately changed.

He hurriedly said, “Oh, oh, oh, Mr.

Steele, your imagination is too much.

I only admitted that I am from New Orleans, and you are suddenly pinning your sons death on me Cut the crap.

I believe you know very well why Im here today.

The great meeting cant be held in my castle.

The secret families cant come to Switzerland.


Steele, you and the Park family already know of the Handleys and the secret of the Schmid family.

You should be like the Park family and remain silent.

This will be beneficial to everyone!”

Charleston snorted.

“Are you threatening me Hmph, do you think the Steeles will be afraid of a rat like you, who scurries in the dark!”

The words “scurries in the dark” were a huge blow to Shaun.

It was even more provocative than Jordans colorful vulgarities.

After all, Shaun was controlling Tom and using his body to talk to Charleston.

Meanwhile, the real Shaun was currently hiding in a dark corner.

He was truly hiding in the dark and could not face the Steele family directly.

Currently, Shaun was researching a technique similar to “possession”.

He could directly move his mind to a new body.

Once the research was successful, Shaun would no longer need to hide in the dark.

However, this technique was too heaven-defying.

Without the help of a D, it was very difficult to have a breakthrough.

This was why Shaun did not kill Jordan.

Jordan might be a new Deity who could help him advance his technique.

After Shauns anger subsided, he chuckled.


Steele is a smart person.

You are so much wiser and more experienced than me in the ways of the world.

I wouldnt dare to offer you advice on how to protect yourself.

I know why youre doing this.

Actually, youre not doing it for Lota at all.

Youre doing it for your grandson, arent you!”

Charleston narrowed his eyes.

He was nearly 80 years old and was a sly old fox.

On the surface, he appeared very noble, daring to go against the Handley family for the sake of an outsider like Lota.

In reality, Charleston was doing this for his grandson, Jordan.

Shaun said, “You believe that your precious grandson killed someone from my family so I definitely wont let him off.

Therefore, you are striking first.

Since our two families will never reconcile, you want to join forces with the other families to get rid of me first”

Charleston didnt answer.

He was silent for a moment before saying, “Mr.

Handley is indeed impressive.

No wonder you could climb to your current position from a place like New Orleans.

Im impressed!”

In Shauns opinion, Charleston was even more impressive.

He could actually guess that Shaun came from New Orleans.

Shaun said, “Your grandson killed my mother.

However, I have no intention of killing Jordan.”

Charleston did not believe him.

“The murder of a parent is a major grudge.

Do you think Im a fool who can be easily deceived!”

Shaun smiled.

“I admire Mr.

Steele so much, would I dare to underestimate you Would I dare to lie With your cunning and experience, which lie can escape your eyes Didnt Jordan tell you how my mother died”

Charleston was indeed a veteran when it came to judging people.

He was the one who had taught Jordan everything he knew.

Looking at Shauns expression, he didnt seem to be lying.

Charleston said, “Jordan only told me that he killed an old woman in your castle.

He didnt elaborate on how she died.”

Shaun smiled.

“Hehe, is that so It seems that Jordan doesnt even trust his own grandfather!”


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