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Jordan told his grandfather everything that happened that night.

Charleston was shocked.

“What did you say Shauns mother said that youre a Deity!”

The reason why the eight great families could stand above the world was because of the Deitys help.

Ever since the death of the Deity, the eight great families had been wondering if a second Deity would appear.

A second person who could predict the future!

And now, Charleston found out that his grandson could be that person!

Charleston was so agitated that he couldnt speak and he started coughing.

“Grandpa, dont get so excited.

That old woman is an evil witch.

You cant believe what she says.”

Jordan hurriedly supported Charleston and patted his back.

But Charleston couldnt help feeling excited!

Because the truth of this matter concerned the future of the Steele family!

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Charleston knew that he did not have much time left.

He was worried that after he passed on, the other families would target his descendants!

If Jordan was a Deity, the Steeles would become the head of the secret families and the ultimate ruler of the entire world!

Charleston shook his head.

“No, although that old woman practices evil techniques, I believe her judgment of you is true! You said you saw images of her death in your mind before she died.

That means you have powers of prediction! Moreover, she tried to control you with her evil techniques, but she just ended up suffering a backlash.

This also means that your body is not ordinary! I remember that the first Deity dreamed of the future in her sleep.

Child, tell me.

Have you ever dreamed of things that eventually came true”

Jordan shook his head.


Charleston probed.

“Are you sure You have to think about it carefully! This concerns your life! And the fate of the Steele family!”

Jordan paused for a moment before continuing.

“I dont have any at the moment.

However, Ive been having two recurring dreams in the past year.”

“Oh What dreams Tell me now.” Charleston was very impatient.

Jordan told him.

“The first is of Hailey and I having our wedding on a beach.

As you know, when I married Hailey back then, I didnt have money to hold a wedding.

The Camdens felt the marriage was an embarrassment so they didnt offer to hold one for us either.

So the dream is not a memory, we never had a wedding.

The second dream is of Victoria getting shot and bleeding a lot.

She was about to die.”

Charleston frowned as he thought about those two dreams.

“Those are not good dreams for you.”

Of these two dreams, one was of him marrying his ex-wife again.

Hailey, that bad woman who betrayed Jordan three times in the past.

No one would marry such a woman again.

Moreover, Jordan had two beautiful and virtuous wives now.

The other dream was an utter nightmare for Jordan.

Victoria was one of the two women he loved the most!

Jordan sighed.

“Thats right.

Thats why Ive been very conflicted recently.

I hope that these two dreams will come true to prove that Im a Deity and have the ability to predict the future.

But at the same time, I dont want them to become reality.

I cant bear either outcome.”

Charleston understood Jordans dilemma.

He patted Jordans shoulder.

“Child, dont think too much about it.

Sometimes, fate will decide everything.

If the heavens really arranged for you to be the new Deity, you wont be able to escape even if you wanted to.”

Jordan nodded.

“Im not thinking too much about this now.

What I want to do now is to rescue Lotas parents.

Grandpa, I respect your choice.

However, even if I have to do it alone, I will continue fighting the Handley family.

I cant just stand by and watch that b*stard Shaun control Lotas parents!”

Charleston was gratified to see how loyal Jordan was.

He knew that this child was even kinder and more righteous than him.

“Jordan, I support you.

Shauns methods are too sinister.

I originally wanted to keep a respectful distance from such a person and not provoke him.

However, now that he knows that you might be a Deity, even if his mothers death has nothing to do with you, he will not let you off!”

Overjoyed, Jordan hurriedly asked, “So Grandpa, you wont rescind your proposal tomorrow”

Charleston shook his head.

“Since Ive promised Shaun, Ill do as he says.

We can think of another way.

Didnt you speculate that they are controlling the Schmids through those accessories We just have to think of a way to remove these accessories from their bodies!”

Jordan was in full agreement!

As long as he could remove those accessories that could control the human brain, Tom would return to his normal self! By then, he would tell the truth to the other secret families.

Together, they would definitely be able to defeat the Handleys!

With the current technology level of the eight great families, no matter how powerful the Handleys were, they would be able to overcome them!

However, Charleston was worried.

“Shaun is a very cunning person.

Moreover, they are pretty powerful and their techniques are bizarre.

Just like what you saw previously, they can kill someone just by using a cat.

Even for you and Dragon, it will probably be very difficult for you two to get close to them and take off those accessories!”

Jordan nodded.

Although he hated Shaun, he had to admit that this fellows strength was unfathomable!

At the very least, Jordan was no match for him!

As Jordan started to think of a solution, he paced back and forth in the room.

His mind raced.

For Lotas sake, Jordan had to think of a way to remove the accessories on Tom!

After thinking for a long time, Jordan said slowly, “Shaun is sinister and cunning.

Im afraid we have not yet seen everything hes capable of.

We have no chance of winning against him.

Besides, we only have one chance to retrieve the accessories.

If we dont succeed the first time and they realize what we want to do, he will flee immediately.”

Charleston sighed.

“Yes, you are right.

Ive thought about it for a long time, but I cant think of a solution.

Poor Lota.

It looks like she wont be able to reunite with her parents.”

Jordan suddenly said, “No, Grandpa, I have an idea.”

Charleston was puzzled.

“Didnt you just say that we have no chance of winning”

Jordan smiled.

“We have no chance of winning if we try to remove the accessories while Tom is still alive.

But we can kill them first!”


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