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Charleston was speechless.

Had he heard wrongly

Kill the Schmids

Their ultimate goal was to save the Schmids!

Of course, they could easily remove their accessories after they were dead.

But wasnt this putting the cart before the horse

“Child, dont be too hasty.

The Schmids might become your in-laws in the future.

Dont mess around…” Charleston said.

Jordan smiled.

“Grandpa, I know what Im talking about.

The last time I went to the capital, I found Doctor Zielinski from our familys traditional medicine team.

I asked him if the Steeles have any powerful traditional medicine.

He told me about one.

Its called the Life-Severing Soup.”

Charleston immediately understood.

“Life-Severing Soup.

I know this.

This soup looks sweet and delicious, but less than a minute after drinking it, it will stop the persons heart and have him enter a state of suspended animation.

If the person takes the antidote within half an hour, he will return to normal without any side effects.

But if he isnt rescued within half an hour, he will die.”

Jordan nodded.

“Thats right.

We can trick Tom and his wife into drinking this soup.

After they enter a state of suspended animation, Shaun wont be able to control them anymore.

We can take this opportunity to take away their accessories before giving them the antidote.

In this way, we can successfully save Lotas parents!”

A smile appeared on Charlestons face.

“Yes, not bad, child.

As expected of someone with the aptitude to become a Deity! Even as a child, I could tell you are a clever one.

Only you can think of such a solution! But Shaun is a cautious person.

He will definitely be suspicious if we suddenly offer him some soup.”

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Jordan nodded.

“Grandpa, arent you going to be 80 soon Why dont we hold a party here as sort of an early celebration for your 80th birthday We can make it a grand affair and invite the other seven families to attend.

When the time comes, Ill find a chance to drug the Schmids at the party!”

Charleston was taken aback.

“Celebrate my 80th birthday here I wonder if the other families will attend.”

In all honesty, Charleston was not confident that the other families would respect him enough to attend.

Previously, the other families consistently refused Charlestons offers to meet up for tea and the like.

Jordan snorted.

“Would they dare to refuse Apart from the Parks, the other families now view the Steeles in a different light.

Grandpa, dont worry.

Ill mention this at the meeting tomorrow.

Theyll definitely be willing to attend!”

The next day at the great meeting, the family representatives discussed the environment and banking industry.

After the meeting ended, Tom Schmid gave Charleston a look.

Charleston said, “Everyone, yesterday, I suggested that next years meeting be held at the Schmid castle.

I said that Tom took the initiative to propose it.

I went back and thought about it.

I think I recalled things wrongly.

Tom never said he wanted to hold the meeting at his place.

Were all secret families.

Every family has the right to their privacy.

Its indeed inappropriate to hold our meeting at his place of residence.

Therefore, I suggest we choose another venue.”

Tom Schmid smiled smugly.


Steele finally remembered correctly.

Thank you for your understanding.

I hope everyone else can understand too.”

Park Sang-jun said, “Yesterday, I already thought that this suggestion was extremely ridiculous.

I agree to another venue!”

Chairman Rong guessed that the two families must have had a private discussion about this.

He said, “Alright, well choose another avenue.

We will let Mr.

Steele decide the location.”

Jordan suddenly spoke up.

“Why dont we go to the US next year Orlando is a wonderful city and we can play host.”

Now that the Steeles were on his side, Tom Schmid agreed.


Jordans suggestion is very good! Orlando is indeed a great city.

I agree with Orlando!”

Park Sang-jun quickly echoed, “Thats right.

Ive been there before.

I agree.”

The other families also agreed.

Chairman Rong said, “Alright, then well go to Orlando next year.

Jordan, since you chose the venue, you have to prepare good wine and food for us next year.”

Jordan smiled.

“Theres no need to wait until next year.

Tomorrow night, I will prepare the best food and wine to entertain everyone.”

Tomorrow night

Everyone was confused.

Jordan said, “Everyone knows that my grandfather will be 80 years old soon.

We must hold a grand celebration for this.

Since everyone is gathered here now, I want to hold a party to celebrate my grandfathers 80th birthday in advance.

I hope that everyone can attend!”

Geng Anli was the first to express her opinion.

“I love parties.

Ill definitely dress up for it.”

Miyamoto Chujiro, who was now a loyal follower of the Steeles, hurriedly said, “The Miyamoto family will definitely attend and prepare the best gift for Mr.


Even Tom Schmid smiled.

“80 years old.

Hehe, its indeed a milestone.

We should celebrate this.

My wife and I will be there.”

The other families also agreed to attend.

Only the Park family remained silent.

Charleston smiled at Park Sang-jun.


Park, you must be very busy every day.

I wont mind if you dont come tomorrow night.”

Park Sang-jun said, “Mr.

Steele, you make it sound like the Park family is heartless! No matter what, you had a good relationship with my father and you were kind to me when I was young.

Dont worry, the Park family will also attend and prepare a wonderful gift for you!”

Park Anya looked very relieved after hearing Park Sang-jun agree to attend Charlestons birthday party.

Charleston stood up and smiled.

“In that case, thank you for agreeing to attend.

Ive already booked the Kasbah Tamadot Hotel.

Ill be waiting for your arrival at 7 pm tomorrow!”

7 pm, at the Kasbah Tamadot Hotel.

The hotel was situated in the beautiful Atlas mountains, exuding an irresistible sense of luxury that was present throughout the entire hotel.

The seven major families arrived at the entrance of the hotel in luxury cars.

Dressed in a suit and leather shoes, Tom Schmid held his wifes hand as they approached the entrance of the luxurious hotel.

Tom snorted in disdain.

“Damn old man, you only have a few days left to live, yet you still have the mood to hold a birthday party!”


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