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The Schmids had arrived late and they were clearly not that interested in celebrating Charlestons birthday!

The Park family also arrived late.

The Park family alighted from a luxurious Rolls-Royce.

When Park Sang-jun saw the Schmids, he smiled and greeted them.

“Tom, wait for me.

Well go in together.”

Shaun turned around and saw the Park family, including Park Sang-jun, his two sons and his daughter.

Shaun had already seen the Park family before, but this time, he finally noticed Park Anya and was dumbstruck by her.

Park Sang-jun and his two sons were dressed in suits and leather shoes.

They looked very handsome and dashing.

Meanwhile, Park Anya was also dressed to the nines.

She was wearing a black gown with a plunging neckline!

This dress was very revealing.

It was similar to the one Jennifer Lopez wore to the 42nd Grammy Awards ceremony.

For the great meeting, Park Anya wore a white suit that covered her entire body.

No one could believe that Park Anya, a woman who was almost 40 years old, had such a devilish figure! She was not at all inferior to any sexy female celebrity!

Shaun was also stunned!

Shaun hurriedly walked forward and shook hands with Park Sang-jun.


Park, what a coincidence.

We should have driven over together.”

Park Sang-jun smiled.

“Looks like our families are in sync.

We arrived at the same time, hahaha.”

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Park Chan-young and his siblings also bowed politely.

“Hello, Uncle.”

Shaun couldnt help but size up Park Anyas graceful figure.

He didnt try to be discreet at all.

He walked up to her and said, “Miss Park Anyas outfit today can drive any man crazy.

I wonder if I can have your first dance later”

There would be eating, drinking and dancing at Charlestons birthday party today.

Park Anya glanced at the blonde woman beside Shaun.

“If Mrs.

Schmid doesnt mind, it will be my honor.”


Schmid smiled.

“Of course I wouldnt mind Tom dancing with such a beautiful woman.”

The Park family knew very well that the Schmids were currently being controlled by the Handley family.

At first, they found it a little scary and kept their distance.

However, after getting used to it, they felt that it was necessary to get closer to them and possibly learn their skills.

If the two families managed to gain control over the Rong and Geng families, wouldnt the entire world be completely within their grasp

Therefore, Park Sang-jun was very happy to see that “Tom Schmid” was interested in his daughter.

Soon, the two families arrived at the hotel lobby.

The moment they entered, they realized that everyone from the other families was already present.

The venue was full of music and laughter.

Jesse and Jordan stood near the door to welcome the guests.


and Mrs.

Schmid, both of you are dressed so elegantly tonight.

Please come in!”

Jesse invited the Schmids in.

At the same time, Jordan approached the Park family.

Although Jordan hated the Park family, today was his grandfathers birthday party.

Since they deigned to show up, Jordan was well-mannered enough to welcome them with a smile.

Jordan said, “Welcome, Park family, please come in and have something to eat.”

The three Park men nodded at Jordan and walked in without saying anything.

Jordan then stopped Park Anya, who was trailing behind.

At this moment, the romantic English song “Promises Dont Come Easy” started to play.

Jordan and Park Anyas eyes met the moment this classic love song came on.

One was a handsome young man, while the other was an outstanding woman with an elegant aura.

The two of them stood facing each other.

With their stunning looks and regal aura, they were a match made in heaven.


Jordan greeted Park Anya with a smile.

His voice was gentle, low and magnetic.


Park Anya responded softly.

Jordan couldnt resist sizing up her gown.

He was shocked.

He didnt expect Park Anya to wear this to his grandfathers birthday banquet!

This was too… resplendent… and revealing!

Just like how a peacock spread its wings to court a mate, Park Anya must have dressed like this to attract the opposite sex!

Who was she trying to attract

Miyamoto Masaki was now the lackey of the Steele family!

Of course she was trying to attract Jordan!

‘She must have put on this dress for me! Hehe, Madam is almost 40 years old.

Why does she still look like a young girl in love Shes really cute!

Jordan was overjoyed!

It was still the same for him.

He didnt really want to marry or bed Park Anya now, but he still wanted her to fall in love with him!

The last time they met, Jordan already sensed that Park Anya now recognized him as worthy of being her man.

Jordan smiled happily.

“Sweetheart, your dress is so revealing.

If you were my wife, I would never let you go out dressed like this.

How could I bear to let other men admire my womans good figure”

Park Anya flipped her long beautiful hair and said nonchalantly, “Im not your wife, so you dont have the right to dictate my outfits.”

Jordan was momentarily taken aback.

Why was Park Anya speaking to him in such a remote manner It was as if she was deliberately distancing herself from him!


Jordan wanted to say something else.

However, Park Anya, who was carrying an exclusive LV bag, cut in, “Excuse me.”

With that, she walked in.

Miyamoto Chujiro saw the Park family coming over and immediately said, “Park Sang-jun, youre so late.

Weve already finished a round of drinks! You said you would bring a wonderful gift for Mr.


I wonder what it is”

At this moment, there were already a lot of gift boxes in front of Charleston.

Every gift box was probably worth millions!

Park Sang-jun knew that their gifts to Charleston would be a display of the familys strength.

The other families would also look down on you if your gift was too lousy.

The gifts given by the eight great families were completely different from those given by other wealthy families.

Usually, one would be able to tell at a glance how valuable a gift was.

For example, those famous branded luxury goods.

However, each of the eight great families had limitless assets.

Branded luxury goods were nothing to them and it would be considered vulgar to give them as gifts.

Park Sang-jun shot Park Chan-young a look.

Park Chan-young immediately walked up to Charleston with a gift box.

He opened it in front of Charleston.

There were four golden dragons inside the gift box!

Park Sang-jun said, “In ancient mythology, there were four dragon kings who ruled the seas.

Our gift to you is the Four Sea Dragon Kings!”


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