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Geng Weilun was very young, even younger than Jordan.

In addition, his family had a very high status among the eight great families, second only to the Rong family.

Therefore, he was very supercilious and held no regard for Jordan at all.

Seeing that Geng Weilun and Jordan were about to have a conflict, Geng Anli, who was drinking at the side, hurried over and pulled her sons arm.

“Weilun, why are you arguing with Jordan Dont be so insensible!”

Geng Weilun said stubbornly, “Mom, why do you keep defending Jordan”

Geng Anli paused for a moment before replying, “Today is Jordans grandfathers birthday party.

How can you snatch his dance partner”

Geng Weilun was indignant.

“I didnt snatch her.


Park asked me!”

“Alright, stop talking.

Come and sit down with me.”

With that, Geng Anli took her sons hand and left.

Geng Weilun snorted coldly at Jordan in disdain.

“How useless! The woman you like took the initiative to ask another man to dance.

All you can do is stare at her with jealousy!”

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“Enough, stop talking!”

Geng Weilun covered Geng Weiluns mouth to stop him from speaking.

Jordan was very angry with Weilun, but since his mother was friendly toward the Steeles, he kept his temper in check.

However, Jordan still felt humiliated!


Why did Park Anya ask Geng Weilun to dance instead of Jordan

Jordan couldnt take it anymore and asked her directly, “Why did you ask him to dance You knew that I was waiting for you!”

Park Anya was very cold.

“Who I dance with is my own business.

It has nothing to do with you.”

Jordan said angrily, “Then what happened the day before yesterday You clearly expressed your love for me! You even said that you wanted to go to bed with me! Why are you suddenly treating me like this”

Jordan felt that Park Anya was too strange.

When they met that night, Jordan was 100% sure that Park Anya wanted him to be her man.

But now, she had become like a stranger to him.

Park Anya smiled.

“Youre thinking too much, Mr.


I dont have any feelings for you.

I have never liked you and I still dont like you.

Excuse me.”

With that, Park Anya left.

Park Anyas coldness made Jordan incredibly upset.

He escaped to the washroom alone and couldnt help punching the wall.

“Park Anya! You arrogant woman! You wanted to please Geng Weilun just because of the Geng familys high status! When you find out that Im a Deity and all the secret families have to rely on me, lets see what youll do then! I want you to kneel and beg me to be your man!”

Jordan believed that Park Anya still looked down on him.

She must have felt that the Steele familys status was still too low and not as good as the Geng family.

At this moment, Jordan received a message from Lota.

“Jordan, you have to be careful! Nothing must happen to you!”

Jordan had informed Lota about his plan tonight.

Lota had maintained a low profile for the past few days, and it was not appropriate for her to appear today, so she could only wait at home for news.

Seeing the message from Lota, Jordan felt a warmth in his heart.

He didnt feel as upset now.

Although Park Anya was beautiful, Lota was younger.

She also liked Jordan and treated him much better.

However, humans were strange creatures.

The better someone was to them, the less appreciative they were of that person.

In contrast, the more unattainable someone was, the more they would desire to obtain that person.

Jordan sighed.

“Its time to get down to business! Shaun, you must be curious why I didnt hit you just now.

Thats because Im planning to kill you!”

15 minutes later.

At the birthday party, Shaun held a glass of fruit juice and clinked glasses with Geng Weilun.

He smiled happily.


Geng, great minds think alike.

I fully agree with what you said to Jordan just now! Jordan isnt good enough to ask Park Anya for a dance.

Why is he venting his anger on us”

Geng Weilun immediately agreed.

“Thats right! I wasnt the one who asked Park Anya.

She came over to ask me herself! I ended up being scolded by my mother!”

Shaun smiled.

“Its a pity that Madam Geng stopped you.

Jordan would be hopping mad if you danced with Park Anya.


Let me tell you a secret.

Park Anya is really a top-notch woman.

When dancing with her earlier, I held her waist and it was an unforgettable sensation!”

Geng Weilun instantly regretted not dancing with Park Anya.

He looked at her and slammed the table.

“What a pity! What a pity!”

Shaun said with a wicked smile, “Park Anya took the initiative to ask you to dance just now, which means that shes interested in you.

Just go over and exchange numbers with her.

Im sure youll be able to bed her one day.”

Geng Weilun thought about it and agreed that this would work.

As a playboy who had played with many women, he was very confident in himself and his family status.

But on second thought, Geng Weilun was slightly apprehensive.

“I dont know if its a good idea.

If Mr.

Park finds out, Im afraid…”

Shaun waved his hand.

“Im very familiar with Mr.

Park Sang-jun.

He would be thrilled that you have taken a fancy to his daughter!”

“Hahaha, thats great, Mr.




“Hey, why are you drinking fruit juice”

Geng Weilun suddenly realized that Shaun was drinking fruit juice, not wine.

Shaun smiled.

“Oh, Madam and I are both unwell.

Its not suitable for us to drink alcohol.”

The real reason why the Schmids couldnt drink was that once they did, it would affect the nerves in their brains.

Shaun was controlling Toms mind through the accessories.

If Tom drank too much wine and became drunk, it would be very difficult for Shaun to continue controlling him.

“Oh.” Geng Weilun didnt say anything to that.

At this moment, they suddenly realized that Jordan was walking toward Charleston with a bowl of soup.

“Grandpa, why are you drinking alcohol!”

Jordan panicked.

It looked like a very serious matter.

Charleston held up his wine glass and said, “Its just one glass with Chairman Rong.

Its fine.”

Jordan said anxiously, “If you drink alcohol, you wont be able to drink this soup.

Now is the best time to drink this soup!”

Shaun was very curious.

What kind of soup had to be drunk under such specific conditions

“Grandpa, come here.

I need to talk to you.”

Jordan asked Charleston to put down his wine glass and led him to a spot where no one was around.

“What does Jordan have to say that he cant let anyone else hear him”

Shaun was becoming increasingly curious.

He immediately took one of the beads from his wrist and placed it on the ground, letting it quietly roll toward Jordan.

He then put on a wireless earpiece.

That bead was a listening device!


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