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Chairman Rong said, “Your life is not worth anything!”

He didnt have to explain himself to anyone.

His words represented unquestionable authority.

The Rong family had always been the head of the eight secret families.

They found two tables and placed the Schmids on them.

An AI robot suddenly appeared.

This AI robot was completely white.

Its eyes were blue, and it was tall and thin.

It looked a little like Marvels Vision.

The AI robot slowly moved toward Tom Schmid and his wife.

“Chairman Rong, what is this robot”

Park Sang-jun was puzzled.

Chairman Rong explained.

“Its an AI robot doctor.

The operating table Im talking about isnt dozens of kilometers away.

Its right here.”

Park Sang-jun was dumbstruck.

“You can set up an operating table anytime and anywhere Using an AI robot as an attending physician Oh my god, the medical technology of the Rong family is actually so outstanding!”

Miyamoto Chujiro also opened his mouth wide.

“Chairman Rong is so great!”

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Charleston and Jordan were likewise stunned.

This was the first time they had seen the power of the Rong family!

An AI doctor!

This was the technology of the future.

It was something that only the top family possessed!

Not Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or Jack Ma.

Compared to the Rong family, these people were just trash.

They were just peasants living at the bottom!

The greatest benefit of an AI doctor was that there were no limitations to location or time.

A patient could be treated anytime, anywhere.

But just how capable was this AI doctor

The AI doctor kept taking things out of a box.

Soon, it was surrounded by various medical instruments.

Chairman Rong ordered, “Check the condition of the two people on the table.”

The AI doctor performed a physical examination and replied, “No signs of life.

Their hearts have stopped beating.

Do you want to resuscitate them”

“Proceed immediately…”

“Wait a minute!”

Jordan stepped forward and said to Chairman Rong, “Chairman Rong, I know that your family is a level higher than the other families in terms of medicine, as well as many other aspects.

Your AI doctor will definitely be able to neutralize my medicine.

However, if you treat them now, our efforts will be in vain!”

Lota stepped forward as well.

“Chairman Rong, if you dont remove those accessories from my parents first, they wont be my real parents even after they wake up!”

“Oh There are really such magical accessories in this world”

Chairman Rong was a little surprised.

He had always boasted that he knew all the most advanced technology in the world, but this thing was clearly beyond his understanding.

Geng Anli also walked over and said, “I believe these two children wont lie to us.

The Geng family will check these accessories to see if theres anything special about them!”


“Yes, Mom!”

Geng Weilun walked forward and carefully took off all the accessories on the Schmids.

Geng Weilun then took out another AI robot.

This robot was much smaller than the Rong familys.

It was about the size of a doll.

Geng Weilun handed the accessories to the robot and said, “Jarvis, analyze these accessories.”


The robot immediately scanned the accessories, spewing out a list of information as it did so.

“Detected: Target object contains a miniature camera, a miniature listening device, a miniature sensory nervous system…”

Jarvis reported a lot of things that no one could understand, but one thing was clear: those accessories were not just simple decorations!

Geng Anli said, “Jarvis, find the location of the people listening in on the devices!”

Jarvis reported.

“Tracking… target location found: Switzerland.”

Park Sang-jun exclaimed.

“The technology of the Geng family is amazing! They are able to find the location of the people responsible for the listening devices.”

Miyamoto Chujiro was just as impressed.

“The technology level of the Rong and Geng families is indeed far superior to ours!”

Geng Anli instructed, “Cut the signals from the devices.”


Wisps of smoke suddenly drifted out from the accessories.

Jarvis announced.

“The signals have been cut off.

The other party will no longer be able to listen in, track and control remotely.”

Chairman Rong ordered.

“Immediately resuscitate the patient!”

Charleston spoke up.

“Chairman Rong, I have the antidote here.

As long as they take this medicine, they will be fine.”

But Chairman Rong waved his hand.

“No need!”

On one hand, Chairman Rong did not trust the Steele family.

After all, the Steeles had acted on their own accord and planned this without informing him.

This made him very displeased.

On the other hand, Chairman Rong also wanted to take this opportunity to show off their strength in front of the other families.

The Rong familys medical skills were indeed impressive.

They only needed an AI doctor to instantly resuscitate the Schmid couple!

Tom Schmid and his wife gradually woke up.

“Daddy, Mommy!”

Lota held Tom in one arm and her mother in the other, tears streaming down her face.

Tom opened his eyes.

When he saw Lota, he too burst into tears.

“Lota! My baby! Oh my god, youre okay.

Thank god!”

Although Tom looked quite weak, he still hugged Lota in desperation.

So did Lotas mother.

Seeing the family of three finally reunited, the others were very touched, especially Jordan!

“Phew… I have finally fulfilled my promise to you.”

Jordan smiled at Lota.

He was very happy for her.

After hugging for a while, Lota wiped her tears and said to her father, “Daddy, Its all thanks to Charleston and Jordan that you were saved today.

It was the Steele family who saved us.”

Tom and his wife came to Charleston and knelt on the spot.

“Oh, theres no need for this.

Tom, please get up,” Charleston hurriedly said.

Toms face was covered in tears as he knelt on the ground.

He said to Charleston and Jordan, “I thought that my wife and I would become the puppets of the Handley family for the rest of our lives and never see the light again.

The Steeles have saved us.

We will definitely remember this great favor! Our family is willing to do anything for the Steele family!”

Charleston smiled as he helped Tom to his feet.

“Tom, youre being too polite.

Were all from the eight great families.

How can I not help when I know that youre in trouble”

At this moment, Park Sang-jun was filled with regret.

‘Damn it, the Schmid family has been released.

Once they regain their former power, they will treat the Steeles as their savior.

By then, it will be even more difficult to get rid of the Steeles!”


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