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Although Tom and his wife were physically at the great meeting in Morocco, it was Shaun and his wife Clara who were controlling their bodies from the Swiss castle!

Earlier on, the hearts and brains of the Schmid couple had stopped functioning.

Shauns accessories also stopped working.

Claras face was grim as she said anxiously, “Shaun, weve been discovered by the secret families! What should we do now Immediately put up our defenses and prepare to face the enemy”

Shaun shook his head.

“No, if its just the Steele family, Im confident that none of them would make it out of here alive! But all the secret families are attacking us together.

Even the Rong family! The Rong familys strength is unfathomable.

We are definitely not their match.

The only way is to leave this place quickly and hide from them!”

The words made Clara incredibly sad.

Women loved their homes.

Although this was not their real home, they had been here for 10 years.

“Leave Where will we go” Clara asked.

Shaun said fiercely, “I gave Charleston a chance to cooperate with us, but he went back on his word! Charleston is about to turn 80.

He is fated to die before 80! I dont mind helping him to meet his fate earlier! Clara, after leaving Switzerland, Ill go to England and youll go to the US!”

Clara was a little reluctant to separate from Shaun.

“The US”

Shaun nodded.

“Jordan is living in the US now.

Hide in the US first and analyze Jordans situation there.

After I deal with Charleston, Ill come and join you, then we can settle our scores with him!”


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Without even packing their luggage, the couple immediately left the castle.

Standing outside the castle and looking at the place where he had lived for 10 years, Shaun clenched his fists.

“Jordan, you are the one who forced me to leave my home.

I will make you pay for this! I swear it on my life!!”

A few hours later.

The secret families arrived outside the Swiss castle.

However, they did not go in directly.

The Rong family used high-tech technology to scan the interior and exterior of the castle.

They discovered that other than a few cats, there was no sign of life.

Thereafter, the Rong family sent more than 10 robots to navigate the castle.

This was to uncover any traps that Shaun might have laid down for them.

They also tested the air inside and outside the castle, as well as any nooks and crannies that could pose a threat.

After confirming that all was safe, the members of the secret families walked into the castle.

“Looks like Shaun has already escaped,” Chairman Rong said.

Geng Anli said, “Hes smart.

He knows that fighting us head-on will only lead to death.

However, as long as we dont capture that man, we wont be able to sleep at night.”

Chairman Rong nodded.

“He knows too many of our secrets.

As such, they must be eliminated as soon as possible.

Everyone, I hereby announce that from now on, all the major families will assign men to search for Shaun Handley and his wife.

Once found, they will be executed immediately!”



Chairman Rong asked.

“Tom, this castle is empty.

Why is there no one here Where are your original people”

Tom shook his head weakly.

“My other family members and subordinates were all killed by Shaun.”

Charleston said, “But fortunately, Shaun didnt touch the Schmids wealth and research team.

Tom still has vast assets and high-end technology.

Its only a matter of time before the Schmid family can recover their former glory.”

But Chairman Rong pointed out.

“The Schimds are only a family of three now and dont have any trusted aides to protect them.

What if Shaun comes back How about this Ill send 200 people over, as well as the Rong familys most advanced technology to build a safety protection device for the castle.

I guarantee that no matter how capable Shaun is, he wont be able to enter!”

Chairman Rong sounded like he was being very kind and generous.

He was offering to help the Schmid family.

But Tom wasnt smiling.

Neither were the other families.

They were not stupid people.

They could tell that Chairman Rong wanted to send his men to guard this place because he wanted to occupy it.

They wanted to take over the Schmid familys assets and research!

Likewise, Jordan could tell what Chairman Rongs intentions were.

Jordan said, “Im afraid that if you do this, Shaun wont be the only one who cant enter.

Apart from the Rongs, the rest of the other families would be barred too, right In that case, lets just call this place the Rong Castle from now on.

Would I need your permission to come and visit Lota”

Charleston quickly spoke up.

“Jordan, dont spout nonsense.

Chairman Rong didnt mean that.”

Chairman Rong lifted his head arrogantly.

“Im just trying to help the Schmid family.

As a member of the eight great families, we have a responsibility to protect them.

Unless you have a better way, I will not shirk my responsibility!”


The Schmid familys research on quantum invisibility cloaks was above the Rong familys.

Chairman Rong was obviously interested in their research and wanted to take it for himself!

Tom Schmid felt fatigued and desperate.

He had just jumped out from the boiling pot only to land in the fire! He no longer wanted to be someone elses puppet.

But he and his wife had been tortured by Schmid all these years.

Their minds and bodies were now on the verge of collapse.

On the plane earlier, Chairman Rong had used an AI doctor to perform a physical checkup for both of them.

He discovered that their brains were severely impaired and could no longer be treated.

Now, the two of them had to rest for at least 20 hours a day.

They could only be clear-headed for about two to three hours per day.

That was why the Rongs had the intention to occupy the Schmid family.

Tom suddenly said, “Thank you for your kindness, Chairman Rong.

Youre right.

We are only a family of three now.

I do need protection.

However, Ive already asked the Steeles to protect us.

Theres no need to trouble you, Chairman Rong.”

Chairman Rong was stunned.

“What The Steeles Do you mean that the Steeles can protect you better than we can Hehe, the Steele family has indeed made everyone look at them in a different light this time.

Theyre superior in terms of medical aesthetics and strength enhancement.

“I believe they must also be very powerful in terms of security technology.

The Rong family is looking forward to competing with the Steeles in this aspect!”

Charleston was in a difficult position.

The youth-enhancing medicine and Mirakuru serum were all lies.

If they competed against the Rongs, the Steele family would definitely lose!

Tom smiled.

“Chairman Rong has misunderstood.

I chose the Steele family not because they are stronger than the Rong family.

Its because the Steeles are…”

Chairman Rong interrupted.

“Your saviors Hmph, I also had a hand in saving you! I used my AI doctor to save you and your wife! The Steele family made poison soup to kill you!”

Tom knew the whole story so he continued in a mild tone.

“No, I wanted to say that the Steele family is our in-laws!”


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