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Everyone from the eight great families was stunned.

Including Jordan!

Tom smiled and held his daughters hand.

“On the way here, my daughter told me that she likes Jordan.

I know that Jordan has always taken good care of my daughter.

Therefore, Im prepared to use our familys quantum invisibility cloak as a dowry to officially propose marriage to the Steele family!”

Quantum Invisibility Cloak!

Everyone was stunned.

This was something that every family wanted to have!

This invisibility cloak was not just for peeping at beauties.

If used on the battlefield, on aircraft and cannons, it would be an invincible existence!

Miyamoto Chujiro gave his support.

“If the Schmids and Steeles become in-laws, they will be family.

It is indeed more suitable for the Steeles to send their troops to protect them!”

Chairman Rong was speechless.

If the two families were really in-laws, it would be inappropriate for him to send anyone over.

Tom asked Jordan with a smile, “Jordan, are you willing to marry Lota”

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While Charleston was full of smiles, Jesse was insanely jealous.

However, Jordan said awkwardly, “But, Uncle, I already have two wives…”

Tom smiled.

“I know that.

Its fine because your two wives are not from the eight secret families.

The men and women of the eight great families are considered separate from your average folks.

Just like how Ms.

Park Anya has a husband, but as he is not from one of the eight great families, we still view her as a single woman.

The same goes for Mr.

Miyamoto Masaki.”

The others agreed.

In their worldview, they did not treat people outside of the eight great families as human beings!

But to Jordan, although Lauren and Victoria were not from the eight great families, he still regarded them as his true loves! He would not neglect them or divorce them for a woman from the secret families!

He would not let these two women suffer.

Seeing Jordan hesitate, it was obvious that he didnt want to agree to this marriage.

Park Sang-jun shot Park Chan-young a look.

Park Chan-young immediately knelt in front of Tom!

“Uncle! Auntie! Ive liked Lota for a long time! I dream of being with her! And Im unmarried! Since Jordan is unwilling, please let me be your son-in-law! I swear that I will treat the two of you as my biological parents.

I promise not to let that demon Shaun harass you again!”

The Park family was too shameless.

They had taken a fancy to the Schmids invisible cloak technology and shamelessly knelt to beg for Lotas hand in marriage.

A few hours ago, they were still chummy with that demon Shaun.

But now, they were vowing never to let Shaun harass them.

What a joke!

Jordan would never let the Park family take over Lotas family.

Although he wanted to refuse, he had no choice now.

“Who said Im unwilling Park Chan-young, are you worthy of taking my woman Ask Lota who she likes.”

“I like you, Jordan!” Lota replied happily.

Lotas reply was a heavy blow to Park Chan-young, who was already on his knees and proposing to her!

Jordan smiled at Park Chan-young.

“Did you hear that”

Park Chan-young stood up awkwardly and pointed angrily at Jordan.

“Jordan, stop pretending.

Youve known Lota for so long.

If you liked her, you would have been together long ago! You dont like her at all.

Youre lying to all of us!”

Chairman Rong was surprised.

“Oh Is that so”

Chairman Rong was surprised.

Although Lota was young, her figure was already that of a mature woman and she was undeniably attractive.

Even he felt tempted by her.

“I hope that you two families are not working together to deceive us.

You must prove that youre really lovers!”

Jordan paused for a moment.

If he didnt show them now, they wouldnt believe him.

Therefore, Jordan walked up to Lota and kissed her.

“Is this enough” Jordan looked at Chairman Rong.

Park Chan-young retorted.

“What does a mere kiss mean! You must sleep with her! Can you bear to betray your two wives and sleep with another woman Hehe, Jordan, I understand your feelings for Lauren and Victoria.

You definitely cant do it! Stop pretending.

If Lota marries me, I can make her happier!”

Jordan was furious.

It seemed that Park Chan-young had secretly investigated him.

He knew so much about Lauren and Victoria.

“Shut up!” Jordan shouted at Park Chan-young.

But Chairman Rong was also insistent.

“Park Chan-young is right.

Your actions are not convincing enough.”

Tom suddenly spoke up.

“Jordan, theres a special bedroom on the top floor of the castle.

It was personally built by Shaun.

That b*stard always had improper thoughts about Lota, and he planned to bring Lota to that room on her coming-of-age ceremony and have her then.

Although the room was built for an evil purpose, it is very well-constructed.

Why dont you and Lota go over and take a look”

Miyamoto Masakis interest was piqued.

“Thats a good idea.

Lets all go and take a look!”

The eight great families came to the room on the top floor of the castle.

After opening the door, the room was lit by an atmospheric red glow.

At the same time, there was a very sensuous fragrance.

Chairman Rong immediately tested the fragrance in the room.

“This fragrance has a bewitching effect on both men and women.

If two people stay in this room for too long, they will end up sleeping with each other even if they are mortal enemies.

How about this Jordan, Lota, since you said that youll be together, youll both stay in this room for 12 hours.”

“If you refuse, the Rong family will take over security for this castle.

How about that”

Lota was naturally willing.

Her heart already belonged to Jordan.

Now, it all depended on whether Jordan agreed.

If Jordan agreed, he and Lota would definitely end up having sex after staying in this room for 12 hours.

They would be bewitched by the rooms fragrance.

This would save the Schmid family, but Jordan would end up betraying his wives.

If Jordan refused, the Schmid family would be controlled by the Rong family.

Jordan thought for a moment and opened his mouth to speak.


Charleston believed that Jordan would refuse.

However, Jordan said, “12 hours is not enough for me with a top-notch beauty like Lota.

We must stay here for at least a full day and night!”


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