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One full day and one night!

That was 24 hours!

Chairman Rong was certain that with the bewitching fragrance in this room, no matter how determined Jordan and Lota were, they would not be able to endure it for 12 hours.

If the time was extended to 24 hours, the two of them would definitely have sex!


Lota was very happy.

Did Jordan finally like her

However, Park Chan-young began to regret it.

He cursed himself in his heart.

‘Park Chan-young, you idiot! Why did you doubt Jordan! You ended up pushing the woman you like into Jordans bed!

Since all were in agreement, Jordan held Lotas hand and walked into the special room.

The door was locked from the outside.

Jordan and Lota could not leave before the 24 hours was up, even if they wanted to.


After Lota entered the room, she immediately threw herself into Jordans arms.

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Jordan pushed her away and explained, “Lota, listen to me.

I had no choice but to agree to their request.

I cant have sex with you.

Its not fair to you because I dont like you.

And I wont marry you in the future.

Lauren and Victoria are my only wives.

Although they are not from one of the secret families, they are extremely noble women.”

The smile on Lotas face gradually disappeared.

She was the “Holy Maiden of Switzerland” but she wasnt even qualified to be a third party.

Lota was beautiful, had a great figure and had a good character.

If Jordan was a playboy, with his high status in this world, it would not matter if he married another woman.

Moreover, if Jordan married Lota and their families became in-laws, they would become second only to the Rong and Geng families.

However, Jordan had to consider the feelings of Lauren and Victoria.

They were women with their pride and dignity and they would probably not accept Jordan getting another wife.

Moreover, Jordan had always treated Lota like a younger sister.

Lota said, “But the fragrance here makes people have amorous thoughts.

Do you have a way to neutralize the effects”

Jordan shook his head.

Lota didnt understand.

“Then… do we have to endure for 24 hours Jordan, I know you have a strong will, but even you might not be able to withstand this.”

Jordan: “…”

“Uh, youve misunderstood.

Even with my willpower, Im afraid I wont be able to resist touching you after just one hour.

If we really stay here for an entire day and night, well probably end up going several rounds.”

“Hehehe…” Lota giggled shyly.

Jordan took a box from his pocket and opened it.

There were various colored pills inside.

Jordan said, “I have a drug.

After taking it, you can immediately fall asleep.

It can last for 24 hours.

Here is one pill for each of us.

After taking the medicine, well just sleep for 24 hours!”

Only then did Lota understand why Jordan took the initiative to extend Chairman Rongs 12 hours to 24 hours.

It wasnt because he wanted to spend more time with her, but the drug lasted 24 hours.

Although Lota was a virgin, she had someone she liked now and had been looking forward to this.

She was very disappointed after hearing Jordans plan.

“Oh,” Lota said, looking down.

Looking at Lotas disappointed expression, Jordan held her hand and said, “Im sorry Lota.

Youre definitely a great beauty who can bring down an entire nation.

Im very attracted to you.

If it were my second brother, even if he didnt marry you, he would definitely spend the night with you.

However, I cant do that.

Your first time should be reserved for someone you like and who also likes you.

“For my ex-wife Hailey, I was very angry when I found out that she didnt save her first time for me.

Lota, I want you to be happy in the future.”

Lota nodded.

“Jordan, youre such a good man.”

Patting Lotas head, Jordan smiled at her.

“Alright, lets not waste any more time.

The fragrance is very powerful.

If I talk to you any longer, I probably wont be able to hold myself back anymore.

Come, lets each take one.

Swallow it down.”

Jordan handed one of the pills to Lota.

However, Lota hesitated.

“Jordan, are there any side effects I wont die after taking this medicine, right”

Jordan smiled in exasperation.

“Do you think Ill drug you and kill you I treat you like my own sister.

Why would I harm you”

However, Lota still looked worried as she held the pill.

Seeing this, Jordan realized that Lota had been living under Shauns control over the past 18 years.

His parents had been controlled for so many years.

It was only right for Lota to be cautious.

Jordan smiled.

“Alright, Ill take it first.

Watch me.”

Jordan swallowed his pill first.

“Look, Im still fine!”

Lota asked curiously, “Jordan, did you feel any discomfort after eating it”

Jordan replied, “None at all.

This pill is just like a normal vitamin B tablet.”

Lota continued to ask, “Will you be woken up by any movement after you fall asleep”

Jordan smiled.

“Dont worry.

As long as the room doesnt collapse, you will remain asleep.

However, you will still be inhaling the fragrance in this room while sleeping, so you might have some erotic dreams.


But you dont have to be shy, because I will be asleep too.

I wont see anything, haha.”

Lota continued to ask, “But a whole 24 hours… wont we need to use the toilet”

Jordan was becoming increasingly sleepy.

“This… you dont have to worry…”

Jordans medicine took effect and he fell to the ground.

“Jordan, Jordan!”

Lota kept shaking Jordan but he was sound asleep and gave no reaction.

“This pill works so fast.”

Lota sighed.

She looked at the pill in her hand but did not put it into her mouth.

24 hours later.

Jordan slowly opened his eyes.

The room was still filled with the bewitching fragrance.

He had slept for 24 hours.

It took him a long time to open his eyes and see everything clearly.

“Jordan, youre awake!”

He saw Lota standing beside him and in high spirits.

“Lota…” Jordan slowly sat up from the floor.

“I didnt expect you to wake up earlier than me.

Are you alright Did you feel any discomfort after taking the medicine”

Lota shook her head.

She was extremely cute with her twin ponytails.

“No discomfort at all.

Im very… good!”


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