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“Its good that youre fine.” Jordan had just woken up.

His limbs felt weak and he had to use a lot of effort to slowly stand up.

And the moment he stood up, he felt his legs go limp.

He could not stand steadily and almost fell.

“Jordan, be careful!”

Fortunately, Lota caught hold of Jordan in time.

Jordan was a little embarrassed.

Had he gotten old A mere 24 hours without food and he was already so weak.

Jordan said, “This lousy place made me have several erotic dreams.

Lets get out of here quickly.”


Jordan and Lota walked out of the room together.

A few men were standing outside.

Jordan became very vigilant.

He thought that they might be Shauns men.



The men immediately bowed respectfully toward Jordan.

Jordan looked at them carefully and realized that they were subordinates under the Steele family.

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“Did Grandpa send you here” Jordan asked.

The first man replied, “Yes, Mr.

Steele arranged for us to come over and protect the Schmids.”

Jordan smiled at Lota.

“Looks like Chairman Rong and the others have agreed to this!”

Lota nodded happily.


The two of them quickly went to the living room.

They saw that only the Steeles and Schmids were left.

Everyone else had gone back.

“Grandpa, where are Chairman Rong and the others” Jordan asked.

Charleston smiled at the two of them.

“They all left after you two were in the room for 12 hours.”

Tom stepped forward and said, “Jordan, were family from now on.

The Schmid family business will be handed over to you in the future.”

Jordan hurriedly said, “No, no.

I dont have any ulterior motives toward the Schmid family.

Anyway, I was asleep for the past 24 hours with Lota.

Nothing happened between us.”

The Schmids were shocked.

“What Lota, is that true”

Lota nodded.

“Um, well, yes.”

Tom sighed.

“Sigh, it seems that our family isnt lucky enough to have a son-in-law like Jordan.”

Jordan quickly said, “Uncle, dont say that.

Although Lota and I cant be husband and wife, we can be friends.

Ill help your family with anything.”

Tom said gratefully, “Thank you, Jordan.

No matter what, you saved our lives.

Youre a great benefactor to our family.

Ive decided to give you the quantum invisibility cloak that our family is researching.

I hope it can help you!”

Quantum Invisibility Cloak!

This would make him invisible after wearing it!

Jordan was overjoyed.

“Thank you, Uncle!”

After that, the Schmids arranged a sumptuous banquet for Jordan.

The next morning, Jordan went to bid farewell to the Schmids.

“Lota, this meeting took up a lot of my time.

I have to return home to spend time with my wives.”

Lota was reluctant to see Jordan leave.

“Will you still come to Switzerland to visit me”

Jordan smiled and said, “Of course, your parents are still quite fragile.

You will have to take over and manage your familys research.

You have to work hard.”

Lota nodded vigorously.

Jordan looked at Lotas determined gaze and realized that this little girl had suddenly matured.

Meanwhile, in the parking lot of the Heurich Building in the capital.

A beautiful woman was driving a red Porsche.

She parked the car gracefully and skillfully.

As soon as she got out of the car and her high heels landed on the ground, her long legs attracted everyones attention.

She casually flipped her hair, causing a man who had just parked beside her to be dumbfounded.

“Damn, this woman is really beautiful.

She looks like a beautiful CEO!”

The man couldnt help fantasizing.

He wanted to rush over and ask for her number.

This beauty was none other than the former number one CEO Beauty, Victoria Clarke!

Victoria had come to work at Ubereats, which was under the J Corporation.

This building was Ubereats headquarters in the capital.


Victoria locked the car and strolled away in a white suit.

“Um, hello.”

The man who had just parked beside her mustered his courage and greeted her.

“Whats the matter” Victoria asked.

The man looked at Victorias face and realized that she was truly very beautiful.

He felt even more nervous.

“Um, beauty, can I have your number”

Victoria replied coldly, “Sorry, I am married.”

With that, she walked away.

“So cool.

I wonder who her husband is.

Such an outstanding woman.

Just one night with her and I can die happy!”

The man was infatuated with Victoria.

At this moment, there was another woman in the parking lot who was secretly looking in their direction.

“Thats Victoria Clarke!”

This woman was ugly and dull.

It was Shauns wife, Clara!

After she came to the capital, she had already heard about Jordans two wives here.

One was Lauren from the Howard family in the capital, and the other was Victoria Clarke.

Lauren was from the Howard family and not easy to deal with.

As for Victoria, her hometown was Houston.

She didnt have many relatives or friends here.

Therefore, Clara decided to target Victoria first!

She had already prepared a new accessory that could control a persons mind.

She wanted to occupy Victorias body!

An hour later.

Victoria finished her work meeting and went to the toilet.

“Hello, Ms.


“Hello, Ms.


The employees all greeted Victoria as she walked past.

Victoria had returned to her former life as a CEO.

She was a strong woman and the corporate world was her natural environment.

She was not suitable to be a stay-at-home wife.

Just as she reached the washroom, a mop hit Victorias high heels.

“Oh no, Im sorry.

Im sorry.

I dirtied your shoes.

Let me wipe them for you.”

A middle-aged woman had been mopping the floor.

She apologized profusely.

Victoria glanced at her and realized that the woman was fairly ugly.

She had never seen this woman before.

“No, no.

Its fine.”

Victoria quickly stopped her from wiping her shoes and asked, “Are you the new cleaning lady”

The other party replied, “Im a replacement.

My cousin is supposed to be here but shes not feeling well today and asked me to cover her.”

“Oh.” Victoria didnt think too much about it.

“You can leave first.”

The woman nodded.

“Alright, this bathroom is a little smelly.

Ill spray some scent so that its not so unbearable.”

With that, the middle-aged woman took out a spray bottle without any logo and sprayed it at Victoria.

“Hey, look where youre spraying!”

Victoria quickly retreated.

“Im sorry, Im sorry.

I sprayed all over your face.

I didnt mean to.”

The middle-aged woman apologized again.

Victoria frowned.

Seeing that the woman was ugly and dressed shabbily, she knew that she must not have an easy life, so she did not make a fuss.

“Forget it.

Go out.”

“Alright, alright.”

The middle-aged woman walked towards the door with her mop.

Suddenly, she turned around and looked at Victoria again.

Victoria had only taken a couple of steps when she fainted on the ground.

“Hehehe, Victoria Clarke Tsk tsk tsk, with that face and that figure, shes truly a beautiful CEO! Shes really amazing! Young lady, tough luck.

Dont blame me for hurting you.

Who asked you to be Jordans wife!”


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