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Clara slapped Laurens face.

Lauren was completely caught off guard.

Lauren was stunned.

“Victoria, why did you hit me”

Clara said angrily, “You b*tch! How dare you snatch my man Are you worthy of being in this house!”

Lauren held her cheek, not understanding why Victoria was suddenly behaving this way.

Ever since the two of them moved into this new house together, they had gotten along well.

They chatted until midnight every day, and they had become even closer than biological sisters!

Lauren said aggrievedly, “Victoria, did I do something wrong and offend you”

Clara snorted.

“Of course you offended me! Im Jordans only wife! Ill kill you now and make you disappear from this world forever!”

With that, Clara reached out to pick up a knife on the kitchen counter.

Lauren panicked.

She knew that Victoria had some combat skills.

If the two of them fought, Lauren would definitely not be able to defeat her.

“Go to hell, b*tch!”

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Clara was about to stab Lauren with the knife.

After Lauren died and Jordan returned only to see her corpse, he would definitely cry bitterly!

This was what Clara wanted!

However, just as she raised her hand, a green iPhone smashed into Claras wrist.


Although Victoria had some combat skills, she was still a slender woman and had weak wrists.

The moment the phone hit her wrist, she immediately dropped the knife.

Clara immediately turned around and saw a man who looked a little similar to Lauren.


It was Laurens younger brother, Brad.

Lauren had invited Brad to come to have lunch with her.

As soon as he arrived, he saw Victoria trying to stab Lauren with a knife, so he quickly threw his phone at her hand.

Brad was furious.

“Victoria! You already agreed to share a husband with my sister.

Now, youre going back on your word Do you think youre worthy of sharing a husband with a woman of the Howard family Look at your own background! You should be eternally grateful that my sister is willing to share her husband with you! But now, you are trying to kill my sister with a knife”

Lauren hurriedly ran behind Brad.

“Victoria, Jordan called just now.

Hell be back soon.

If anything is bothering you, lets wait for him to come back first, okay” Lauren pleaded.

“Jordan is coming back”

Clara narrowed her eyes.

Since Jordan was about to return, she had to make her move fast.

She picked up the knife again and rushed toward Lauren.

“Hmph, you still dare to continue attacking!” Brad snorted coldly.

“My legs have completely healed now.

But even if I was still crippled, dealing with a woman like you is still childs play to me! Victoria, dont think that just because you can behave so audaciously just because you know some combat skills!”

Would Clara care about a young man in his early 20s

She charged forward and stabbed him.



Brad was indeed someone who had grown up in the military.

He knocked away Claras knife and kicked her.

“Dont hurt Victoria!” Lauren warned Brad.

Brad snorted.

“Victoria, do you know the difference between us now Let me tell you, if you dare to mess around again, even though youre Jordans woman, I wont let you off easily!”

Clara was furious.

This young man was simply too detestable! Not only was he obstructing her grand plan, he even kicked her!

“Reckless brat, since you want to die today, Ill fulfill your wish!”

A vicious expression appeared on Claras face.


The sound of a cat meowing suddenly rang out in the room.

Clara grabbed the cat.

Brad and the cat looked into each others eyes.

Brad felt like he had been attacked.

There was a burning pain in his eyes and he had an ominous feeling.

“Oh no!”

But it was too late!

Grabbing the cat, Brad clutched at his neck.

He couldnt breathe!


When Lauren saw this, she was completely shocked!

Victoria had tried to stab her with a knife earlier.

It was confusing but there might still be some kind of logical explanation.

But there was no way to explain this scene.

Victoria was just an ordinary girl.

At most, she knew a little Taekwondo.

But she had never dabbled in the occult!

“Oh no.”

Lauren realized that something was very wrong now and immediately shouted, “Help! Help!”

Lauren knew that Brad would definitely bring bodyguards with him, so she shouted.

Hearing her cries for help, two tall men immediately walked in.




Brad, whats wrong”

The two bodyguards saw Brad grabbing at his neck, his expression ferocious and in agony.

They had no idea that someone was strangling him.

Brad pointed at Victoria with a flushed face.

“Kill… kill her.”


Lauren cried out.

However, the two bodyguards only listened to Brad.

Hearing their boss instructions, the two bodyguards immediately took out their guns and aimed at Clara!

“F*ck, whats going on There are guns!”

Clara was shocked.

She didnt expect there to be guns in Jordans cozy home with his two wives.

She still wanted to use Victorias body, so she could not let her die.


A shot was fired!

Clara rolled to the ground and dodged it, letting go of the cat.

The moment Clara let go of the cat, Brad no longer felt suffocated.

Clara tried to escape.

Just as the bodyguard was about to fire a second shot at her, Lauren cried out again, “Dont kill her!”

Since he was fine now and seeing that Victoria was about to flee anyway, Brad instructed his bodyguard.


Clara quickly drove away.

Brad looked at the cat in fear.

He had never been so afraid in his life.

“Lauren, where did Victoria learn this evil technique” Brad asked.

Lauren shook her head.

“I dont know.

I have a feeling that shes not the Victoria I know.

I have to call Jordan now!”

Lauren called Jordan.

Jordan was onboard Zephyr Three.

Seeing that it was Lauren, Jordan answered happily, “Honey, did you miss me I am flying to the capital and will be there in an hour.

Prepare some food and wait for me.”

Lauren replied anxiously, “Hubby, something bad happened! I dont know what happened to Victoria just now.

She came back and tried to kill me with a knife.

Luckily Brad was here and he stopped her.

However, she used some kind of evil technique to strangle a cat, causing Brad to nearly suffocate!”

Jordan was so shocked when he heard this that he dropped his phone!



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