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Russell brought Clara to a private villa in the capital.

Along the way, he made all sorts of calls and used his connections to find someone to help Victoria resolve this matter.

Clara could feel that Russell was not an ordinary person.

The man was burning with anxiety in the villa as he paced back and forth.

Although money could make the world go round, the internet was so rampant nowadays that the rich and powerful were constantly monitored by society.

This was a scandal that could not be easily resolved with money.

Meanwhile, “Victoria” looked relaxed and calm even though she had just killed someone.

Russell brought Clara a cup of hot coffee.

He comforted her.

“Victoria, dont be nervous.

Dont be afraid.

Ill try my best to help you deal with this matter.

Lets see whats going on with the surveillance cameras.

If we can confirm that the person driving the motorcycle ran a red light, that would be easy.

If he didnt, we can manipulate the video and make it look like he ran a red light.

“As for the witnesses, Ive already gotten someone to pay them out one by one.

Ive also informed the major news and social media outlets not to let this news attract attention.

Once a user posts a photo or video of the accident, they will delete it immediately! Time.

We just need enough time to help you resolve this matter!

“By the way, did you have a conflict with Jordan because of Lauren Hows your relationship with the Howard family If you have a good relationship with the Howard family, we can ask Mr.

Howard to resolve this matter.

After all, he is more powerful than I am in the capital!”

Russell kept talking and walking nervously.

Clara looked at this mature, handsome middle-aged man with a hint of admiration in her eyes.

A middle-aged man of high social status was very attractive to women.

Holding the warm coffee cup, Clara looked at Russell with a smile.

“Youre so anxious for me.

Do you still like me”

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Russell found it a little strange when he saw “Victoria” sitting cross-legged in a relaxed manner as if nothing had happened.

However, he was the one who groomed Victoria into the powerful woman she was today.

He knew that this woman had a strong fortitude.

He sighed again.

“Lets not talk about this at a time like this! Victoria, dont think that this is a small matter.

If things go wrong, you might be jailed for the rest of your life!”

Clara sneered.

“Spending the rest of your life in jail after killing someone is how things are supposed to be, right Hehe.

By the way, how do I usually address you”

Only then did Russell feel that something was really wrong.

Why would Victoria ask such a question

“You used to call me by my surname Miller.

But now, you usually call me Russell,” Russell replied.

‘So his name is Russell Miller. Clara finally knew Russells identity.

Putting down her coffee cup, Clara stood up and walked towards Russell.

Her hands grabbed his shirt as she said with a smile, “Russell, I regret it so much now.

If only I had married you back then.

Do you remember why I didnt marry you then”

Russell said, “How could I forget! You came to me because of your fathers situation and said that you wanted to marry me and draw a clear line between you and Jordan.

We had the whole wedding planned and were just about to exchange rings!

“But right before that, Jordan barged in and snatched you away from me! You guys even kissed on our wedding day! Victoria, do you know how much you hurt me!”

Even the thought of Jordan and Victoria kissing at their wedding was infuriating.

Which man could stand such humiliation

Moreover, Russell was the richest man in Houston.

He had become a laughingstock in his hometown.

Clara said sweetly, “Im sorry, Russell.

I was fooled by Jordan then.

I only realized how much of a b*stard he was after I got together with him.

Russell, do you… still like me”

Through Victorias body, Clara looked at Russell affectionately.

Russell responded.

“Of course! Ive liked you for so many years.

How can I forget you just like that! Ive always believed that we will be together forever.

But after you went to Orlando and met Jordan, you refused to even acknowledge me.

During our wedding in Houston, you even refused to kiss me, your fiancé.

How can I not feel frustrated about that!”

Clara smiled and suddenly had an evil thought.

‘Looks like Jordan and Russell are love rivals.

If I use Victorias body to cheat on Jordan with Russell, Jordan will definitely go crazy with anger.


Clara had come to the US to take revenge on Jordan.

Using Victorias body to murder someone was nothing.

She had a new plan now.

Reaching out, Clara touched Russells face and said gently, “Im sorry, Russell.

I was too harsh on you previously.

You have always wanted me to come back to you, right Today, Ill make it up to you!”

Russell was dumbstruck.

He stammered, “Victoria, are… are you… you… sure”

“Victoria” nodded.

Not long after, Zephyr Three landed at the West Villa District.

Jordan rushed into the house.

“Lauren, how are you Are you alright”

Jordan immediately went to check on Lauren.

He was very worried when he heard on the phone that she had nearly been stabbed.

Seeing that Lauren looked fine, Jordan heaved a sigh of relief.

Lauren immediately felt very secure now that Jordan was here.

“Hubby, Im fine.”

Brad snorted.

“Fortunately, I came in time.

Otherwise, Victoria would have killed my sister.”

Victoria was also Jordans wife and she was a woman whom he loved deeply.

Lauren hurriedly said, “Brad, dont spout nonsense!”

Brad insisted.

“Im not spouting nonsense.

Im telling the truth.

If I had come a second later, even if you didnt die, you would have been seriously injured.

Also, when did Victoria learn those occult techniques She almost strangled me to death using a cat!”

Jordan explained, “The person you saw earlier wasnt the real Victoria.

She has been possessed.”


Lauren and Brad were shocked.

This was beyond their understanding.

“Isnt possession something that only exists in fantasy novels” Brad asked.

Jordan replied, “Actually, its also a type of technology.

Its not as mysterious as you say.

Ill explain to you how it works when I have the time.

Now, I need to know Victorias whereabouts.

Where is she now Who is she with What is she doing”


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