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Brad took out his phone and showed Jordan a picture.

In the picture, Victoria was standing in front of a man who had collapsed on the road.

A fallen bike lay nearby.

“After Victoria left the villa, she crashed into a motorcyclist and killed him.”

“What Victoria killed someone!”

Jordan was feeling a little flustered.

It would be very difficult to cover up something like that in the capital.

“The Handleys turned Victoria into a murderer!”

Jordan clenched his fists in anger.

Those evil demons were indeed despicable!

“Where is Victoria now The police station” Jordan asked.

Brad said, “No, after she killed the motorcyclist, she got into a Mercedes-Benz sedan.

Ive already asked my men to check the license plate of that car.

They reported that the car belongs to Russell Miller.”

Russell Miller!

Jordan did not expect Russell to be dragged into this matter.

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Brad said, “I received news that Russell is using his connections to help Victoria settle this matter.

I guess with his ability, he should be able to suppress this matter for the time being.

However, its hard to say if he can completely cover it up.

After all, there were too many witnesses.”

Lauren chimed in.

“Luckily Victoria encountered Russell at the crime scene and he helped to suppress the matter in time.

Otherwise, things would become very troublesome.”

However, Jordans mind was now full of troubling thoughts!

It was naturally a good thing that Victoria encountered Russell at that time! However, the person with Russell now was not Victoria!

“Hubby, what are you thinking about” Lauren could tell that something was wrong with Jordan.

Jordan was troubled by a nagging question.

Who was the one controlling Victorias body

Was it Shaun or his wife

‘Its fine if its Shaun.

Hes a man and wouldnt do anything with Russell.

However, if its Shauns wife whos controlling Victoria and this woman doesnt reject Russell, the consequences would be…

Jordan did not dare to imagine the consequences!

Jordan hurriedly asked Lauren, “Did you manage to speak with Victoria just now”

Lauren nodded.

“We exchanged a few words.”

Jordan asked, “Did she behave more like a man or more like a woman”

A womans intuition was very accurate, especially for a smart woman like Lauren.

Lauren recalled the scene just now and said, “I think she behaved more like a woman.

The way she looked at me and spoke to me was quite feminine.

Her gestures were not like a mans at all.”

Brad added, “I also think that the person possessing Victoria is a woman.

She was wearing high heels at that time but she could still run very quickly.

Its obvious that she is a woman who is used to wearing high heels.”

“Oh no!”

Hearing their deductions, Jordan fell into a deeper panic!

It would be fine if it was Shaun.

Shaun was a straight man and it would be impossible for him to kiss an old man like Russell.

Even if it was via Victorias body, he would still find it disgusting.

However, if it was Shauns wife, something very bad might happen!

From what Jordan understood about Shaun and his wife, he realized that they were not the kind of couple who would be satisfied spending their entire lives together.

Otherwise, Shauns wife would not have allowed him to “groom” Lota.

Therefore, it was not impossible for Shauns wife to have an affair with another man.

Furthermore, she was using Victorias body so it would not be considered an actual affair.

“No, no, I cant let this happen!”

Jordan absolutely could not accept Victoria having sex with Russell!

Victoria was Jordans wife now! Although they had not held an official wedding, the two of them were already husband and wife.

Victoria and Lauren were both Jordans wives!

“Russell, you old dog.

If you dare to touch Victoria, Ill castrate you!”

Jordan hurriedly took out his phone and opened his contact list.

He found Russells number and called him!

Meanwhile, in Russells private villa in the capital.

Russell looked at “Victoria” in surprise.

“Victoria, are… are you… you… sure”

Clara smiled charmingly.

“Of course.”

However, Russell still didnt dare to make any rash moves.

“What… what happened between you and Jordan”

It was no secret that Russell wanted Victoria.

When they were together, Russell would have immediately pounced on Victoria by now.

But now, Russell didnt dare to act recklessly!

Clara was a little impatient.

“Jordan and I are finished.

Hes a b*stard.

I dont love him anymore.

Now, I just want to be with you… come, let me make it up to you.”

Clara extended Victorias slender hand toward Russell.

However, Russell took a step back and dodged her hand.

“No, we cant!”

Russell sighed as he retreated.

Clara was very annoyed.

“Why not”

Russell said, “Youre Jordans wife together with Lauren, who is the daughter of Mr.


Unless there is an official public announcement that you and Jordan are through, I dont dare to touch you!”

Clara scolded, “Russell, you good-for-nothing.

You dont even dare to kiss the woman you like.

You have to bow down to Jordan and the Howard family How could I have fallen in love with a piece of trash like you!”

What on earth was wrong with the man Clara was very annoyed.

She felt that Russell was just an old man and he should be honored that she wanted him now.

How dare he reject her

Clara had the face and figure of a goddess now.

It was just a matter of time before she found herself a young and handsome hunk! If not for the fact that sleeping with Russell would thoroughly infuriate Jordan, Clara wouldnt bother about an old man like Russell.

Russell didnt say anything.

“Ill call and ask how your matter is progressing.”

With that, Russell went to the washroom to wash his face and calm down.

“What happened to Victoria I thought she doesnt love me anymore Why is she suddenly…”

Ring ring ring.

Russells phone rang.


“Im Jordan! Russell, did you touch Victoria!”

The first thing Jordan asked was whether Russell and Victoria had physical contact.

Russell was stunned.

How did Jordan guess that something might happen between him and Victoria

Russell quickly denied it.

“I didnt! Shes your wife.

Why would I touch her!”

Jordan persisted.

“Do you swear”

Russell confirmed.

“I swear! But Victoria is behaving very strangely.

She just killed someone in a car accident and isnt nervous at all.

Shes in my villa now.

Come over.

My location is…”

“Say no more.

Ill be there soon!”


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