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Jordan hung up the phone, leaving Russell dumbfounded.

How would he know that Jordan had very advanced tracking technology, such that he already knew Russells location the moment he picked up his call

Soon enough, Jordan arrived at Russells villa.

Russell was also very smart.

He specially unlocked the doors so that Jordan could enter.


Jordan charged in with Salvatore and the others.


When Clara saw that it was Jordan, she immediately threw herself into Russells arms to provoke him.

She even said sweetly, “Hubby, why are you only here now I already did it with Russell just now.

You know that were old lovers.

Im sorry for cheating on you.

Will you forgive me”

Although he knew that Shauns wife was controlling Victorias body, Jordan was still very upset by the sight of Victoria acting this way and saying those words!

It was as if Victoria had said those things herself!

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Jordan clenched his fists and his face turned red.

He wanted to kill someone!

Salvatore and the others were dumbstruck.

“Victoria” cheated on their master

Did she want to become the second Hailey

“Russell!” Jordan roared as he stared at him.

Russell trembled in fear.

“Jordan! Dont listen to Victorias nonsense.

We didnt do anything at all! I swear, I didnt even touch her hand!”

“Victoria” held Russells arm flirtatiously.

“Russell, why dont you dare to admit it You even praised my beauty and figure just now.”

“Enough!” Jordan shouted as he glared at Victoria.

“Who are you! Are you Shauns wife”

Russell was bewildered as he looked at Victoria.

Jordan spoke as if this person wasnt the real Victoria Was this person someone else

Clara snorted and smiled.

“Youre quite smart.

Jordan, youre right.

Im Shauns wife, Clara!”

Russell looked at Victoria in a daze.

He didnt know why Victoria was claiming that her name was Clara.

“Jordan, Victoria, what… whats going on” Russell couldnt help asking.

Jordan glanced at him.

Russell was the richest man in Houston.

But even if he was the richest man in the entire US, he was not qualified to know about the matters of the eight great families.

Jordan instructed Salvatore.

“Bring Russell out and give him this medicine.

Then, ask him if he took advantage of Victoria.

If he did, kill him!”


Salvatore immediately went up to take Russell away.

Russell shouted, “I didnt! I swear, I didnt even touch Victorias hand!”

After Russell was brought out, only Jordan and Clara were left in the villa.

Clara teased, “Why do you have to kill him Russell treats Victoria quite well.

Why Are you jealous Cant stand the thought of your wife cheating on you I heard that your ex-wife, Hailey, cheated on you before.

You should be very experienced in this aspect, haha.”

Jordan was furious.

“Clara, come at me if you dare.

Why target my wife!”

Clara snorted.

“Jordan, you forced us to leave Switzerland which had been our home for ten years.

We worked so hard to bring the Schmid family under our control, but you ruined that for us! You deserve to die! If you werent still useful to us, I would have killed you long ago!”

Jordan said, “Pfft! How shameless! You still have the cheek to say such things.

Is Switzerland really your home You occupied someone elses home and controlled the Schmid family.

You have no shame.

You should have been kicked out of Switzerland long ago! Now, I order you to let Victoria go.

If you do so, I can spare your life.

Otherwise, I guarantee that you wont be able to leave the capital alive!”

Jordan saw that Victoria had many ancient accessories on her.

Clara must have personally come over to the capital to place them on her.

Clara was definitely in the capital now!

“Hahaha…” Clara laughed loudly.

“Rascal, I have complete control over your wife, yet you still dare to bargain with me! Ive already made Victoria a murderer.

Even if I let her off now, shes destined to be jailed for the rest of her life!”

Jordan clenched his fists in anger.

This woman was too hateful!

Rushing over, Jordan tried to take off Victorias accessories forcefully.

However, Clara suddenly took out a gun!

It was not aimed at Jordan, but herself.

To be precise, it was aimed at Victorias body!

“Dont come over! If you dare to come over, Ill kill Victoria!” Clara pointed the gun at herself and threatened Jordan.

Jordan stopped in his tracks, not daring to take another step forward.

He suddenly remembered his recurring dream.

Victoria had been shot and was covered in blood, on the verge of death.

If Jordan was a Deity, then this dream would become reality!

Jordan hurriedly said, “I wont go near you.

I wont move! Dont hurt Victoria! Please! If you want revenge, you can hit me! Dont hurt her!”

Seeing that Jordan had become so nervous, Clara smiled and said, “Hehe, I didnt expect a mere mortal woman like Victoria to mean so much to a future Deity.

You will be very sad if Victoria dies, right”

“Today, I want to see you lose the woman you love!”

With that, Clara pointed the gun at herself to shoot Victoria.

“No!” Jordan was extremely terrified.

He had never been so terrified in his life! “Mrs.

Handley! I can help you! Im a Deity! I can help you do anything you want!”

Since Clara had said that Jordan was useful to her and Shaun, Jordan could guess what they were plotting.

As expected, Clara stopped.

“You Hmph, even if youre a Deity, your abilities havent been fully activated yet.

How can you help us”

Jordan said, “I can.

Ive researched a method that can predict the development of various industries.

Tell me what you want to do.

Ill definitely be able to predict their future development and help you achieve your goals!”

Of course, Jordan was lying.

Clara was from a poor town and didnt study much.

She said happily, “Really Can you really help us have a technological breakthrough”

Jordan nodded.


As long as you dont hurt Victoria, I can help you do anything!”

Clara was overjoyed.

“Shaun has been thinking about the mind-exchange surgery.

He would be very pleased if we could have a breakthrough for this technology!”

Mind-exchange surgery!

Jordan shuddered when he heard this!

To think that Shaun had been developing such a terrifying procedure!


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