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By swapping minds, one could completely take over the other person!

It was similar to “possession”!

Shaun and his wife definitely needed this technology.

All along, they had only been able to control Tom and his wife remotely.

They were unable to completely replace them.

Like this, Shaun and Clara could only hide in a dark corner and were unable to personally attend the great meetings.

They were like rats who couldnt appear in broad daylight.

However, if the mind-transplant procedure was successful, they could exchange their minds with the Schmids and completely replace them!

Jordan couldnt help but think of the movie “Get Out”.

It was about a white man taking a fancy to a black mans body.

Using this kind of technology, he possessed the black mans body and started a new life.

Shaun was going to turn the premise of this fictional film into reality!

Clara believed Jordan.

She took out her phone and said to him, “Turn on your Bluetooth.

Ill send you our current progress of the mind-transplant procedure.”

Taking out his phone, Jordan soon received a large number of medical documents.

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Clara asked, “How long will it take for a breakthrough”

Jordan looked at the various documents and panicked.

He could not understand all those medical terms at all!

Collecting himself, he said, “I think it will take three days.

Although I have the ability to predict, I am no expert in the medical field.

I will need to do this with my familys medical team.”

Although Jordan did not understand the medical terms, he was delighted! These medical documents on the mind-transplant procedure were the result of decades of research by Shaun.

They were priceless!

These documents would definitely be very useful to the Steeles medical department!

Clara said, “Sure, do it as soon as possible.

I dont care even if your family also obtains this technology.

I only care that our goals can be achieved.”


Jordan did not say anything else and immediately started to work on it.

Clara went upstairs.

Soon, several hours passed and the sky gradually darkened.

It was already 10 PM.

After Clara finished her dinner, she changed her clothes and came down.

Jordan was stunned when he saw her.

Clara had changed into a short mink velvet dress, revealing her legs and shoulders.

It was a very sexy outfit, completely revealing Victorias good figure.

‘F*ck, why is Clara dressed so provocatively Is she trying to seduce me Damn it! Although its Victorias body, when I think about how the person controlling her body is a vicious woman, I completely lose interest!

Jordan was having those thoughts.

However, Jordan was not Claras target.

She sashayed to the door in her sexy get-up.

Jordan immediately stopped her.

“Its so late.

Where are you going”

Clara turned around with an annoyed expression, “Just do your job.

Do I have to report to you where I go Who do you think you are Youre just my tool!”

Jordan did not back down.

“Im your husband! I have the responsibility to ask my wife where shes going and what shes doing!”

Clara laughed.

“Take a guess Im dressed so sexily and its late at night.

Where do you think Im going Hehe.”

Jordan could tell that Clara was up to no good.

“Clara! What are you planning to do! Dont forget that you have a husband! If you betray Shaun, I will definitely tell him! He will kill you!”

Clara smiled.

“Jordan, I dont think you know much about my relationship with Shaun.

We are indeed husband and wife, but we grew up in the same village and our families are interlinked.

We got married for practical reasons, not for love.

I can accept Shaun with Lota, and he also accepts me going out to bars to have fun.”

Jordan was shocked.

“Youre going to a bar”

Clara played with Victorias beautiful long hair.

“Thats right.

Unlike Victoria, Ive never been pursued by men.

I also want to know what its like to be a goddess.

Tonight, there will definitely be many men wooing me.

I will choose one I like and spend the night with him.”

“How dare you! Clara, youre courting death!”

Jordan was furious and immediately rushed over.

However, Clara instantly took out her gun and aimed it at Victoria.

“If you take another step forward, Ill shoot Victoria!”

What choice did he have Jordan had to retreat.

Clara said sternly, “Jordan, dont keep challenging me like this! If you dont want Victoria to die, behave yourself! As long as you give me a breakthrough in the mind-transplant procedure, I guarantee that Victoria will be safe and sound.

I can give her a good time too! Hahaha, Jordan, I wonder if youll still be with her after I use her body to sleep with other men”

Jordan clenched his fists.

He wanted to kill Clara.

He wanted to tear off all the accessories on Victorias body and smash them!

However, he didnt dare to take the risk.

The scene of Victoria being shot kept appearing in his mind.

“Also, tell your subordinates not to follow me.

If I find anyone following me, Ill cut off one of Victorias fingers! Shes your wife after all.

If you can bear to see her fingers cut off, go ahead!”

With that, Clara opened the door and walked out.

Jordan was furious.

“Clara, you vicious woman, I will definitely kill you!!”

For Victorias safety, Jordan did not let anyone follow Clara.

He had no way to interfere with her actions.

And Jordan knew very well what Clara planned to do.

She wanted to use Victorias body to go to a bar and have sex!

Actually, bars and nightclubs were just a place for most people to have fun.

People didnt necessarily go to such places for one-night-stands.

However, for a good-looking woman like Victoria, things were different! With her looks, she would definitely be harassed by countless men at the bar!


Triggered by Claras earlier words, Jordan couldnt help wondering what he would do if Victoria ended up having sex with other men.

Would Jordan still want to be with Victoria

Of course Jordan wouldnt abandon Victoria just because of this!

However, Jordan was worried that Victoria would feel that she was already tainted after she woke up, and take the initiative to leave him!

“No, I cant let that happen!”


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