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Clara, a middle-aged woman who lived in the dark all year round, wanted to use Victorias body to have fun in a bar

She was delusional!

Although Jordan could not send people to follow and stop her, he could still prevent her from succeeding!

Jordan thought of someone and immediately called him.

Lionel from the Black Ops Team!

“Captain Lionel, I have something very important that I need you to do.

Lock down all the nightclubs and bars in the capital immediately!”

“No, not just nightclubs and bars.

Even restaurants and 24-hour convenience stores have to be closed! In short, I want all-night entertainment and F&B venues in the capital to be closed!”

Lionel was stunned.

“This… this is the capital of the US.

To shut down all-night entertainment venues in the capital… well, this…”

“Cant you do it” Jordan asked.

Lionel paused for a moment and said, “I can do it!”

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Although this matter was very difficult and he had to ask his superiors, no matter what negative consequences would result, it was nothing compared to the benefits the country could obtain from the Steele family.

Jordan said, “Theres one more thing.

I want you to help me investigate someone.

A middle-aged woman named Clara…”

Jordan asked Lionel to close all the night entertainment venues in the capital, not giving Clara a chance to ruin Victorias body.

Meanwhile, Jordan also had to find out where Claras main body was as soon as possible.

Victoria would be saved the moment he found Claras main body and killed her!

Soon, Clara took a taxi to a bar on 14th Street.

Arriving at the entrance of the bar, Clara especially looked around to see if there was anyone who looked like they were sent by Jordan to follow her.

If Clara discovered any, she would have cut off one of Victorias fingers without hesitation.

“Oh No one is following me Haha, looks like Jordan really cares for his wife.

Its a pity that your wife is going to cheat on you.


I want you to feel disgusted with her for the rest of your life, Jordan! Hahaha…”

Clara laughed wickedly.

She felt very pleased with herself!

It was all thanks to Jordan that she had to flee from Switzerland.

However, Jordan was a Heavenly God, and they could not kill him.

And people like Clara and Shaun were demons who loved to kill people.

They would feel very uncomfortable if they did not kill.

Therefore, Clara wanted to pick up a man at the bar and have a one-night stand with him.

This would be her revenge on Jordan.

After entering the bar, Clara was attracted by the luxurious and alluring sight of men and women chatting and laughing.

“This is what being young feels like.

How nice!”

Clara walked to the bar counter and sat down.

“Give me a cocktail.”

“Victoria” had just sat down but her figure and beauty already attracted many men in the bar.

However, because a beauty like Victoria was clearly not an ordinary woman, no man dared to approach her.

“Damn, this woman is so gorgeous! Shes too beautiful!”

“Thats right.

I really want to go up and flirt with her, but her aura is a little scary.

Does she have a husband”

“She definitely has a husband and he will definitely not be an ordinary person.

Its best not to provoke him!”

No one approached Clara, which made her a little angry.

“Seriously, with Victorias figure and face, she still cant attract men Why hasnt anyone come to buy me a drink”

She thought about it and realized it might be because Victorias vibe was too strong.

She had the aura of a domineering female CEO.

In addition, she was already 30 years old and not some childish 18-year-old girl.

Ordinary boys might not dare to approach her.

In addition, Victorias clothes and bag were all branded and expensive.

Normal men wouldnt dare to chat her up.

Thoroughly frustrated, Clara took two sips of her drink and said loudly, “Im so bored.

I dont even have anyone to drink with me.

Im so lonely.”

When the men beside her heard this, they couldnt sit still anymore.

“Damn, this woman is so promiscuous! She must have come to the bar to have a romantic encounter while her husband is away!”

“No way This woman is so beautiful.

She must have a lot of admirers by her side.

Why would she come to a bar to have an affair”

As the crowd discussed, a refined-looking man walked over.

“Hello, beautiful.

Can I buy you a drink” The man asked politely.

Clara looked up at him.

He was about 30 years old and wearing glasses, a white shirt and an expensive watch.


But you must take care of me if you get me drunk.”

Clara liked this man very much.

She decided that he would be the one!

The two of them drank and chatted happily.

Clara even took out her phone and took a photo of the man.

She then sent the photo to Jordan and said, “Jordan, this will be the man who slept with your wife.”

After sending it, Clara happily continued to drink.

“Hahaha, Jordan, you must be furious, right This is the price for interfering with the Schmid family and provoking us!”

After a few glasses, Clara grabbed the mans hand and said, “Lets go.”

The man was a little startled.

“Where… where are we going”

Clara smiled.

“To a hotel.

Why Dont you want to”

The man was a little taken aback.

A man hitting on beautiful women in a bar had certain intentions.

Everyone in bars knew this.

But a woman would never take the initiative to say it out loud.

If Clara acted coy, the man would try to trick her into going to a hotel.

But Clara was being so proactive.

This made the man suspect that there might be a trap.

At this moment, the music in the bar suddenly stopped.

A middle-aged man stood up and said, “Everyone, Im the owner of this bar.

Im sorry, we have to close.

Everyone, go home and rest.

Im sorry.”

“Close Why Its not even midnight yet.

Why are you closing so early today”

“Yes, I havent finished my drink!”

The bar owner said, “Its an order from my superior.

I can only tell you that it has something to do with someone very powerful.

This is the capital.

Everyone, think about it.

Dont refuse to cooperate, or you will have to bear the consequences.

As for the drinks you are having now, theyre on the house.

Hurry up and leave.”

Upon hearing that the drinks were free, the customers stopped fussing and left.

Clara smiled charmingly.

“Now that the bar has closed.

We can go to the hotel now.”

However, the man said, “Um, Im sorry, beautiful.

I have something on tonight.

Lets meet another day.


With that, the man fled.


Clara stomped her feet in anger.

She was ugly, so it was fine if she couldnt seduce a man.

How had she failed even with Victorias perfect body and face

“Damn it, I dont believe that I cant find a man with Victorias body!”

Storming out of the bar, Clara was about to go to another one when the scene outside left her dumbstruck.

All the bars on the street were closed!


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