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Only then did the man understand who Jordan and Salvatore were here for.

The man was secretly glad that he didnt agree with that goddess proposition just now.

Otherwise, he would have been chopped into pieces by her husband!

Everyone liked to eat forbidden fruits.

Everyone liked goddesses.

But not everyone had the ability to consume them.

If one didnt have the capability, they would be in trouble.

Men were still quite wise in this area.

The man knew that he hadnt done anything wrong, so he said slowly, “Youre talking about Ms.

Clarke, right Thats right.


Clarke and I had a drink at the bar.

However, the bar was about to close soon, so we parted ways.

We didnt even exchange numbers!”


Salvatore punched him again.

“F*ck you! Ms.

Clarke is so beautiful.

You treated her to a drink at the bar without any ulterior motive Who would believe your nonsense”

The man said innocently, “Im really not lying.

I have no feelings for Ms.


Youve misunderstood!”


Salvatore was impatient.

He knew that Jordan was anxious, so he stopped using his fist and shot the man in the leg.

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The man cried out in pain.

Salvatore continued to ask, “Are you going to tell me or not!”

The man held his leg and insisted.

“Im really not lying.


Clarke and I parted ways at the bar!”

Jordan looked at the mans expression and felt that he was probably telling the truth.

“Damn it… its been an hour and we still cant find Victoria.

Victoria, where are you Please be fine!”

The scene from that terrifying dream appeared in Jordans mind.

He could not accept Victoria dying and leaving him!

Just as Jordan was feeling anxious, Lauren called.

“Hello, Hubby, Ive found Victoria!” Lauren said.

The worry on Jordans face instantly disappeared.

“Really Where is she”

Lauren replied, “Ive already brought Victoria home.

Come back quickly.”

Jordan said, “Okay, Ill be right there!”

Jordan left the mans house and went straight to the West Villa District.


Jordan rushed into the house.

He saw Victoria lying on the sofa.

She seemed to be unconscious and was wearing a feminine-looking jacket.

It was likely Laurens.

Lauren probably saw that Victoria was in very revealing clothes, so she covered her.

When Lauren saw Jordan, she hurriedly said, “Hubby, Victoria has been unconscious the entire time.

We cant wake her up no matter how hard we try.

Should we take her to the hospital”

Jordan waved his hand and said, “Theres no need.

Shes currently being restrained by Claras accessories.

As long as we take off her accessories, shell be fine.”

With that, Jordan immediately took off all the ancient accessories on Victorias neck, ears and hands.

He threw them to Salvatore.

“Burn these things.

Burn them down to ashes.

Dont leave any remains behind!”

Salvatore said, “Yes!”

Jordan kept patting Victorias face to wake her up.

As he tried to wake Victoria, Jordan asked Lauren, “By the way, where did you find Victoria”

Lauren answered, “In a movie theater in a mall.”

“A movie theater” Jordan was a little surprised.

He never expected that Clara would go to such a place.

“Was the theater open Was there anyone else with her when you found her” Jordan asked.

Lauren replied, “It was closed, but that woman gave the cinema a large sum of money and booked the entire venue.

She was probably bored and wanted to watch a movie.

When we found Victoria, she was sitting alone in the theater.

There was no one else.”

Jordan heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats good.”

About two minutes later, Victoria finally woke up.

“Victoria, youre awake!”

Jordan held Victorias hand happily.

Over the past 10 hours, Jordan had been so worried that his dream would become reality.

He had been so worried that Victoria would die!

Now, it was finally proven to be a false alarm!

‘Id rather not have the ability to predict the future.

Id rather not be a Deity than have anything happen to Victoria!

This was what Jordan kept thinking to himself.

“Hubby… youre back”

Victoria was still in a daze when she saw Jordan.

Jordan smiled and nodded.

“Im back.

Honey, Im sorry.

I didnt protect you well.”

Victoria scratched her head and suddenly exclaimed.

“Oh right, theres a cleaner in the company.

Shes very strange.

She drugged me with some gas!”

Jordan held Victorias hand and comforted her.

“Dont be afraid, honey.

Shes already dead.

She cant harm you anymore.”

Victoria was a little shocked.

She hurriedly stretched out her left wrist and looked at the time.

“Its almost midnight I was unconscious for more than 10 hours” Victoria asked.

Jordan told her the truth.

“Victoria, what Im going to tell you next might be a little frightening.

The old lady you met took control of your body.”

“What She controlled my body How did she do that!” Victoria was shocked.

Jordan said, “I dont know how she did it.”

Victoria hurriedly asked, “Then what did she use me for”

Jordan and Lauren looked at each other.

They couldnt bear to tell her the truth now.

“Victoria, why dont we talk about this tomorrow” Jordan was a little worried that Victoria wouldnt be able to bear the truth.

But was Victoria the type of woman who would wait

Victoria said, “Hubby, you know me.

Im a very strong person.

You dont have to worry about me.

Tell me honestly what happened to me over the last 10 hours!”

Jordan sighed.

“You killed someone.”

Victoria was dumbstruck.

She trembled in fear.

“I… I killed someone”

Victoria was about to cry.

Jordan held Victorias hand and said, “Honey, youre not the one who killed her.

Its that old woman called Clara.

Dont blame yourself for this.”

Victoria covered her face.

“But Im the CEO of a listed company.

If I kill someone now, how can I go back to the company in the future How can I face anyone The entire society will think that Im a murderer.

My life is over!”

On the side, Brad said, “Although Russell suppressed this matter immediately, someone still posted the photos online.

Our people reported that they cant suppress this news anymore.”

Victoria immediately hugged Jordan like a child.

“Hubby, please save me.

I didnt kill anyone.

Tell them that I wasnt the murderer.

I dont want to go to jail.

I dont want to go to jail.

Will anyone believe me No one will believe me, right Hubby… I didnt kill anyone… sob sob…”


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