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Victoria cried in fear.

She was a woman who paid a lot of attention to her image and others judgment of her.

She was the number one CEO Beauty in Orlando.

After arriving in New York, she was also the number one CEO Beauty there.

No matter where she went, she was respected, admired and praised.

How could she accept being cursed by the entire society for being a “murderer”!

Especially since she was innocent.

She didnt kill anyone at all.

She didnt even know what had happened!

This truth was too strange.

No one would accept it.

A person controlled her body to commit murder.

Now she had to suffer the consequences.

Even if she tried to explain to society and the judge, no one would believe her.

Jordan patted Victorias back and comforted her.

“Victoria, dont worry.

With me around, nothing will happen to you.”

Lauren also comforted her.

“Thats right, Victoria.

Whether its our husband or hubbys family, we wont let you go to jail.”

Victoria knew that Jordan and the Howard family were very powerful in the country.

If they wanted to send her overseas now, no one could stop them.

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Victoria sobbed.

“I dont want to leave the US.

I dont want to hide overseas for the rest of my life.”

Jordan said, “Victoria, I already have a solution to this matter.

Do you still remember that woman who looks like you”

Victoria nodded.

“I remember.

That woman from New York who had plastic surgery”

Jordan nodded.

“Thats right.

Although your photo has been posted online, theres a woman in this world who looks like you.

Now, Ive arranged for her to work at my entertainment company.

Shes one of my subordinates.

Ill have her admit that she was the one driving.”

Brad smiled.

“This move is foolproof.

Even if the public opinion online cant be suppressed, this matter can be resolved perfectly.”

With the Steele and Howard families power, it wouldnt be a problem to keep this matter a secret.

Moreover, there was a perfect solution now.

Who could tell if that car was driven by Victoria or that woman who had plastic surgery

Victoria knew that the woman looked exactly like her.

Outsiders would never be able to tell.

However, she still felt very uncomfortable.

“But no matter what, I still feel very guilty that someone controlled my body to kill someone.

Who died Was it an old man or a child”

Jordan said, “It was a biker.

Weve found out his identity.

Hes a drug dealer.

The police even managed to arrest a group of drug dealers when they were trying to verify his identity.

Youve done a meritorious deed!”


Hearing that the victim was a bad person, Victoria finally gave a small smile.

Jordan nodded.

“When the accident happened, that motorcycle man had just done some drugs.

He ran a red light and didnt wear a helmet.

Even if he didnt meet you, he would have been killed by someone else.

So, honey, you dont have to feel too guilty.”

Victoria finally felt better.

After calming herself down, Victoria continued to ask, “What happened after that After crashing into the biker, where did I go Was I brought to the police station”

At this moment, Jordan, Lauren and Brads expressions were a little grim.

“Whats wrong Why do you all look so grim That bad woman, what did she do with my body this time” Victoria asked anxiously.

She had been unconscious for the past 10 hours.

She didnt know what she had done.

This was terrifying!

Lauren said, “Victoria, dont be anxious.

When the car crashed, Russell happened to be across the road and saw it.

He brought you away.

Not long after, Jordan rushed over to negotiate with that woman.

After that, she went to the cinema to watch a movie.

We just brought you back from the cinema.”

Victoria heaved a sigh of relief.

“You scared me to death.

I thought that bad woman would do something evil.”

Jordan caressed Victorias forehead and said, “Victoria, dont think too much.

Its fine.

With me around, I wont let anything happen to you.”

Victoria nodded gratefully and asked, “Hubby, you said that you killed that woman just now.

Will her people take revenge She doesnt look like an ordinary person.”

Lauren also became worried.

“Thats right, Hubby.

Didnt you say that that woman has a husband If her husband finds out, will he take revenge on you”

Brad said, “I sent someone to block the news of her death and prevented that woman from being sent to the morgue.”

Jordan said indifferently, “Its alright.

Her husband already hates me.

I killed his mother and snatched the girl he had groomed for many years.

Even if I didnt kill his wife, he wouldnt have let me off!”

Victoria immediately became nervous.

“What should we do then”

In response, Jordan tried to comfort her.”Its fine.

The secret families are hunting him down.

I believe he will be caught soon.

Besides, Im still useful to him.

Even if he finds me, Ill be fine.

Anyway, dont worry about me.

I have many people protecting me.

As for you guys, you must be very careful and not let anything happen to you.”

At this moment, Lauren brought over a bowl of hot soup and handed it to Victoria.

“Victoria, have some hot soup.”

Victoria shook her head.

“Thank you, Lauren but I have no appetite now.

I feel that after being possessed by that ugly old woman, my body is very dirty.

I want to take a shower.”

Lauren nodded.

“Okay, go ahead.”

Victoria had just stood up when Jordan stood up as well and hugged her from behind.

“Honey, can I shower with you”

Although Victoria blushed shyly, she nodded.

She needed Jordan right now.

Jordan also knew that Victoria just had a nightmarish experience.

If she was alone in a confined space, her imagination would run wild.

Lauren was not jealous.

Instead, she teased them.

“Victoria, Im so envious of you.

When our husband comes back, the first person he dotes on is you.

I dont even have a chance.”

Jordan hooked Laurens nose.

“Dont worry, I wont neglect anyone tonight.”

Meanwhile, Charleston, who was in England, held a video conference with the other secret families in his bedroom.

The images of seven people appeared on a holographic projection against a white wall.

As the leader of the eight great families, Chairman Rong was the first to ask, “Mr.

Steele, you suddenly called for this video conference.

Is there something you want to announce”

Park Sang-jun yawned.

“You better have something important to say.

Otherwise, you would have disturbed my rest for nothing!”

Charleston looked at the other family members and said, “Yes, I have good news to announce.

My grandson, Jordan, just told me that he has killed Shaun Handleys wife, Clara.

They are the ones who were controlling the Schmid family!”


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