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Ever since they found out that the Schmid family was being controlled, the eight great families had been in a panic and regarded Shaun and his wife as the most terrifying threat.

They had barely been able to sleep well after returning home.

As long as Shaun and his wife were not eliminated, the secret families would not be able to live in peace.

They had even temporarily suspended their research and development.

They did not want their research to end up in Shauns hands.

The most important thing for the eight great families now was to get rid of Shaun and his wife.

The Rongs were shocked to hear Charlestons report.

“Are you serious Jordan killed Mrs.

Handley Oh my god, how did he do it”

Madam Geng also praised him.

“I can tell that Jordan is not a simple child.

Till now, we couldnt even find a single trace of Shaun and his wife, but he already managed to kill one of them.

Tsk tsk, Jordan is really capable.

Most importantly, hes also handsome.


Park Sang-jun was in disbelief.

“Impossible! Mrs.

Handley is good at all kinds of strange demonic techniques.

Shes not an ordinary person.

How could a mere boy like Jordan kill her! Is Mr.

Steele trying to fool us!”

Charleston said, “How could I lie about such an important matter Ill share the photo of Claras corpse to the group very soon.”

Miyamoto Chujiro supported Charleston.

“I believe that Mr.

Steele is not lying! Mr.

Jordan has been injected with the great Mirakuru serum.

Why cant he kill Mrs.

Handley! The Steeles have made a great contribution again.

I sincerely thank the Steele family!”

To obtain their so-called “Mirakuru serum” technology from the Steeles, the Miyamoto family blindly sided with the Steeles.

For this video conference, the Schmid family had sent Lota instead of Tom Schmid.

Although Lota was young, she was already the head of the Schmid family.

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When Lota heard this news, tears welled up in her eyes.

“Thank you.

My parents will cry tears of joy when they hear this news! Please thank Jordan for everything he has done for us!”

The other families also thanked the Steele family and praised Jordans ability.

Chairman Rong was in a very good mood now.

“Now, we just have to deal with Shaun.

Our families must unite and set up an inescapable net all over the world.

We must capture Shaun Handley!”

“Yes, Chairman!”

The video conference soon ended.

At Park Sang-juns house in South Korea, Park Sang-jun slammed the table in anger.

“Damn it! The Steeles have stolen the limelight again! Why The Steeles should have been expelled from the eight great families by now, but Jordan has boosted his familys status.

They are even more respected than the Rongs now!”

Park Sang-jun was furious.

He never liked the Steeles to begin with.

In addition, the Steeles had pretended that the Park familys medicine was theirs and even gifted the medicine to Chairman Rong and Madam Geng.

No one believed Park Sang-juns explanation.

Picking up the phone, Park Sang-jun immediately punched in the numbers.


A gloomy voice sounded from the other end of the line.

It was Shaun!

The Park family and Shaun had secretly colluded.

All along, the Park family knew about Shauns whereabouts and deliberately kept it a secret!

Park Sang-jun said, “Mr.

Handley, I have some very unfortunate news for you.

Jordan killed your wife!”

Shaun was incensed.

“What did you say Jordan killed Clara Impossible!”

Park Sang-jun said, “Just now, the Steele family… hello…”

Park Sang-jun wanted to continue, but he realized that Shaun had already hung up.

Park Sang-jun wasnt upset, instead, he chuckled.

“He must have gone to verify my news, right”

Since Shaun and his wife could control others remotely, Shaun might have placed something on Clara so that they could keep in contact.

In less than five minutes, Shaun called back.

He was in a manic rage!

“Ah!! My wife is dead! Clara is dead! Clara is really dead! Jordan, was it Jordan The murderer! Was it Jordan!” Shaun shouted crazily.

Park Sang-jun said, “Mr.

Handley, Charleston just held a video conference with the eight great families and personally reported that Jordan killed your wife!”

Shaun was furious.

“Damn you, Jordan! How dare you kill my wife Ill tear you into pieces!”

Park Sang-jun hurriedly said, “Mr.

Handley, the Steeles are too despicable.

They killed your wife and slandered our Park family.

We should destroy them! How about this You have the ability to control people.

Im willing to help you get close to Charleston.

Control Charleston like how you controlled Tom Schmid and his wife!

“As Charleston, the Steeles will be under your control.

You can kill Jordan with just a command! However, lets make things clear first.

After this is done, we will each get half of the Steele familys assets!”

This was also the reason why Park Sang-jun had called Shaun.

He knew that Shaun had abilities that none of the other secret families had, so he wanted to use him to get rid of the Steeles.

What he didnt know was that Shaun would not really kill Jordan.

If Shaun wanted to kill Jordan, he would have done so long ago.

Park Sang-jun did not know Jordans value to Shaun.

Calming his rage, Shaun simply replied, “No.”

Park Sang-jun frowned.

“You are rejecting me Mr.

Handley, all the secret families are all looking for you.

With our technology, no matter how well you hide, we will find you sooner or later! Now, among the eight great families, only I can help you.

I advise you to reconsider!”

There was already a hint of threat in Park Sang-juns words.

His determination to get rid of the Steele family was very strong!

Shaun replied calmly, “Charleston is a dying man.

Whats there to control What if he dies soon after we spend so much effort controlling him Will it be worth it”

Park Sang-jun gasped.

“Are you referring to the curse of the eight great families Thats indeed true.

None of the members of the eight great families can live past 80 years old.

When my father was 79 years old, his health was very good, but he suddenly died a few days before he turned 80.”

Shaun said, “Even your father couldnt avoid it, how can Charleston survive However, he still has six months before turning 80.

Letting him live for another half a year is going too easy on him.

I want to speed up the curse!”

“Speed up the curse How” Park Sang-jun asked in surprise.

Shaun said, “When I was in control of the Schmid family, I had a secret laboratory in Iceland researching human cryonics.

The research on this technology has been very successful.

For now, the human lifespan is still limited, but we can safely freeze human bodies for many years until we can revive them.

I want you to lure Charleston to that place so that we can freeze his body.”

Park Sang-jun interrupted.

“Will he die”

Shaun smiled.

“If the curse exists, he will definitely die!”


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