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Although Shaun was born in a small, rural town, he had occupied the Schmid family for many years and had studied a lot.

As such, he would plan carefully to kill Charleston.

He did not want to take any personal risks to kill the man.

This was because he firmly believed that everyone from the eight great families had been cursed by the Deity.

No one could live past 80 years old.

But if Charleston could be successfully frozen, he would be able to escape this curse.

Shaun was certain that Charleston would choose to be frozen, and in doing so, he would trigger the curse in advance and die earlier!

Early next morning, Charleston was wearing thin clothes as he strolled in the garden of Steele Castle.

Butler Frank chased after him with a coat and put it on him.

“Master, why are you up so early”

Charleston smiled and looked at the distant sky.

“I dont have many mornings left.

I want to enjoy as many sunrises as I can.”

“Master, youre worrying too much.

You are in very good health.

Youll be fine.”

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A sigh left Charlestons wrinkled lips.

“Butler Frank, do you think I should prepare my will now After I die, who do you think I should hand the Steele family over to Jesse or Jordan”

Butler Frank replied very frankly, “Mr.

Jordan is smart and capable.

Hes the best candidate.”

Charleston nodded.

“Jordan is indeed more outstanding than his other brothers.

But if I hand the family over to Jordan, Jesse will definitely be indignant.

Im really afraid that he will do something extreme.”

Butler Frank asked, “Are you worried that Mr.

Jesse and Mr.

Jordan will become enemies”

Charleston nodded.

At this moment, Charlestons phone rang.

It was Park Sang-jun.


Park, why are you calling so early in the morning” Charleston immediately answered the call.

Park Sang-jun said anxiously, “Mr.

Steele, my men have found signs of Shaun in Iceland!”

“What Shaun went to Iceland Thank you for informing me Mr.

Park, Ill immediately send my men to join up with the rest of the eight great families.

Together, well exterminate Shaun!” Charleston said.

However, Park Sang-jun said, “Mr.

Steele, youve misunderstood.

I didnt tell the other families about this.

I just want our families to complete this matter.”

Charleston was a little surprised.

Park Sang-Jun didnt want to tell the other families But on second thought, Charleston realized that this was indeed in line with the Park familys style.

They always wanted to claim sole credit for things.

But then why did the Park family choose to tell only the Steele family After all, to say that the relationship between the Park and Steele families was strained would be an understatement.

Charleston smiled.


Park, please forgive me for being blunt.

When your father was alive, the relationship between our families was quite good.

But now, I am sure you know what it is like between us.

May I ask why you chose to join forces with the Steeles for such an important matter”

Park Sang-jun replied with a smile, “Mr.

Steele is indeed straightforward.

I will be direct too, then.

Indeed, I dont like the Steeles! Your family is a big threat to us! Thats why I wanted to get rid of you previously! However, my family doesnt have the confidence to settle this matter alone.

Shaun is different from ordinary people.

He can control people.

We wont be able to defeat him unless we just blow up the entire Iceland.

“We are not confident in successfully sending people in to capture him! But the Steeles and Shaun are both from the US, so you might be more familiar with his habits.

In addition, Jordan already killed Shauns wife, so your family has some experience.

Of course, more importantly, your family has the Schmid familys quantum invisibility cloak now.

Thats why I want to cooperate with you and have shared this information with you!”

Charleston chuckled.

“Its really not easy for the Steeles to obtain Mr.

Parks recognition.

Thank you for the information.

Alright, Ill tell my grandson Jordan to go to Iceland with your people to capture Shaun!”

But Park Sang-jun said, “No, you cant send Jordan!”

“Why” Charleston asked.

Park Sang-jun said angrily, “You know very well what your grandson did at the great meeting! He stole my familys medicine and lied that the Steeles invented it.

Not only that, he was disrespectful to our family.

I dont want to see that person! Mr.

Steele, I hope that you and I can personally go to Iceland to capture Shaun!”

Charleston hesitated.

He could understand why Park Sang-jun did not want to see Jordan.

After all, Jordan had humiliated the Park family at the great meeting.

It was impossible for the Parks to forgive him so easily.

However, if Charleston had to do it himself…

“Why Is Mr.

Steele afraid Are you afraid of being controlled by Shaun” Park Sang-jun smiled.

How could Charleston admit defeat

Charleston chuckled.

“If Mr.

Park isnt afraid of being controlled by Shaun, what do I have to be afraid of I am already an old man just waiting to be buried.

If Shaun had to choose between us, he would definitely not choose me.

Alright, Ill bring my other grandson Jesse to Iceland.”

Park Sang-jun snorted.

“Ive already set off.

See you in Iceland!”

After hanging up, Charlestons face was filled with worry.

His intuition told him that Park Sang-jun had ulterior motives for asking him along to Iceland.

When Butler Frank heard about this, he hurriedly advised, “Master, you cant go.

What if Shaun takes control of your body I think the Park family is up to no good!”

Charleston waved his concerns aside.

“Is there anything in this world that isnt risky With Jesse protecting me, Shaun cant get close to me.

Immediately inform Jesse that we are setting off for Iceland!”

Butler Frank replied, “Yes!”

Not long after, the Steele familys Zephyr arrived in Iceland and met up with the Park family at a pre-arranged meeting point.

Park Sang-jun teased Charleston.


Steele, your plane flies too slowly.

Ive already had a seafood feast while waiting for you!”

Jesse stepped forward and said respectfully, “Hello, Uncle Park.

My grandfathers health isnt very good, so we didnt fly too fast.

Im sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Park Sang-jun glanced at Jesse.

“Jesse, youre a good boy.

Youre more sensible than Jordan.

I like you!”

Jesse was delighted.

“Thank you for your praise, Uncle Park.

I heard you found Shaun.

Where is he now”

Park Sang-jun waved at him.

“Follow me.

Hes hiding in a remote location now.

You have the quantum invisibility cloak provided by the Schmid family, so Ill leave the actual infiltration to you! However, the credit for killing Shaun must be split equally between our families when we report to Chairman Rong!”


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