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Jesse smiled.

“Of course.

After all, you were the one who provided the information!”

The Park family was going to stand by and watch as the Steeles charged in.

If the Steeles succeeded, they would split the credit equally.

If the Steeles failed, the Parks could easily escape.

If Jordan were present, he wouldnt have agreed to such a request, but Jesse was eager to please and willing to be at a disadvantage.

Of course, the Park family was just putting up an act.

They knew that there would be no intense battle or danger later.

The Park family and Shaun had already discussed everything.

The Park family brought the Steeles to a very remote place.

From afar, it looked like an “ice factory”.

Park Sang-jun said, “Shaun is inside now.

Thank you for taking the risk.

I hope you can come back alive!”

Worried that Park Sang-jun and Shaun might have set a trap inside, Charleston instructed Jesse, “Put on your invisibility cloak.

Be careful!”

Jesse nodded.

“Dont worry, Grandpa.

I know what Im doing.

I will personally kill Shaun!”

Jordan had already made so many contributions.

It was inevitable that Jesse was very jealous! He couldnt wait to gain recognition among the eight great families for killing Shaun.

With that in mind, Jesse led Chimera and a hundred other elites into the factory!

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Putting on his invisibility cloak, Jesse entered the factory, realizing that it was no ordinary factory.

The “workers” here all wore special uniforms and looked very knowledgeable.

They did not look like factory workers, but more like scientific researchers.

“What are they doing”

Jesse couldnt figure out what they were researching.

But he didnt have the time to ponder over this now.

He slowly went upstairs with Chimera to find Shaun.

Chimera suddenly spotted a middle-aged man.

He looked gloomy and gave off a creepy vibe.

“Shaun Handley!”

Jesse had seen the photo of Shaun and his wife that Lota had given to the eight great families.

Jesse immediately recognized him.

That man was Shaun!


A cat suddenly flew towards Chimera.

Jesse knew that the Handleys were very good at using cats to kill people, and he was afraid that his best subordinate would be killed, so he immediately picked up his gun and aimed at Shaun.


Shaun seemed to have been prepared.

The shot missed him.


Jesse was surprised.

He was invisible, so Shaun couldnt have seen him.

He was just too lucky.

Shaun seemed to have realized a bullet had appeared from nowhere.

He was very wary and jumped out of the window from the third floor.

“Chase after him!”

Chimera and the others tried their best to chase after Shaun, but they couldnt find him even after searching a radius of more than 10 kilometers.

By now, Jesses men had taken control of the whole factory.

After asking around, Jesse was surprised to find that this was a “human cryonics” laboratory set up by Shaun.

He had come here to hide from the eight great families!Fortunately, the Park family discovered this in time.

We will never be able to find him after he is successfully frozen!

Jesse silently rejoiced.

Jesse immediately called his grandfather to report.


“Jesse, how are you Are you alright!”

“Im fine, Grandpa.

I saw Shaun.

Its a pity that he ran away.

However, we have control over his human cryonics laboratory.”

“Human cryonics laboratory”

“Yes, Grandpa.

It turns out that Shaun has been developing human cryonics technology for the past 10 years.

His technology in this area has probably surpassed the Rong and Geng families.

Im wondering if we should take over this laboratory and not tell the Park family.”

Charleston said, “Ill handle this matter.

Stay here for the time being.”

After hanging up, Charleston walked over to Park Sang-jun.

Seeing Charlestons relaxed expression, Park Sang-jun smiled.

“Looks like nothing happened to your grandson.

How was it Is Shaun dead”

Charleston said, “Sorry to disappoint you, Mr.


Shaun escaped.”

Park Sang-jun snorted.

“What trash! It wasnt easy for me to find out his location.

I sacrificed more than a dozen of my subordinates for this, but you guys let him escape!”

Charleston apologized.

“Its Jesses fault.

Im sorry, but Jesse discovered Shauns secret human cryonics laboratory.

Should we go over and take a look”

Park Sang-jun was shocked.

“Human cryonics Our family has always wanted to research this area! Quick, lets go take a look!”

The two of them went to the laboratory together.

After interrogating the researchers in the laboratory, the Steele and Park families both concluded that the progress made here was far superior to that of the other families.

Park Sang-jun laughed.

“Looks like I did gain something after all.

With this human cryonics technology, I can live more than a hundred years! Mr.

Steele, Jesse, Ive troubled you to come all the way here.

You can leave now.

If theres any news of Shaun next time, Ill definitely inform you.

Dont let him slip away again.”

Charleston and Jesse looked at each other.

Park Sang-jun clearly wanted to monopolize this laboratory!

Jesse said, “Uncle Park, I was the one who discovered this laboratory.

Its not right for you to monopolize it, right”

Park Sang-jun snorted.

“If I hadnt given you the information, would you have discovered this place”

Charleston said, “If I hadnt told you about what Jesse found and just secretly occupied this place, you would never have known that the factory was actually a human cryonics laboratory, right”

“Thats right, Mr.

Park,” Jesse said.

“We could have easily kept this laboratory a secret and taken it for ourselves.

But since were all working together, we should split the benefits equally, dont you think”

Park Sang-jun had been putting up an act.

Of course, he didnt plan to monopolize this place.

Park Sang-jun pretended to be deep in thought.

“Alright, since you have been playing fair, Ill agree to split this place equally with you!”

“Thank you, Uncle Park!”

Park Sang-jun said, “Our two families will each leave 100 men here to guard this place.

Apart from us, no one else can enter, not even the Rong family! Agreed”

Charleston nodded.

“Alright, in that case, Ill take my leave first!”

Jesse politely asked, “Uncle Park, dont you want to know more about human cryonics”

Park Sang-jun replied bluntly, “Im only in my 50s, I am not nearing 80 years old and about to die.

Why should I bother to learn about it now”


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